The digital landscape


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The digital landscape

  1. 1. The Digital Landscape Discover how the world lives online
  2. 2. “The internet has been the most fundamental change during my lifetime and for hundreds of years. Someone the other day said… ‘It’s the biggest thing since writing’” Rupert Murdoch
  3. 3. When adopted, digital becomes the primary media channel for consumers and is already the leading channel for online users in many rapid growth markets as well. For consumers in these markets, internet access is often a new experience and so these consumers are not tied to legacy uses of the internet. Digital is transformational for these consumers, and offers opportunities to engage in new experiences. It is therefore is more aspirational activity than for consumers in mature markets where the internet has become a more commoditised experience over time. This leads to consumers that are more engaged in the category, and willing to be more active and have a voice in the digital world. As infrastructure improves, consumers in the top tier of rapid growth markets are well positioned to rule the world.
  4. 4. Amongst online users, digital is the primary daily media channel and is already making inroads into rapid growth markets PERCENTAGE WITH DAILY ACCESS S5: How often access / i10: Usage of offline media Bases: All respondents 48804 NAm 82 NWEu 83 DIGITAL 61 SEEu 69 TV 54 DevA 57 RADIO Ch 56 36 NEWSPAPER Ind 22 32 EmA 42 MAGAZINE 14 LAm 53 MENA 62 SSA 23
  5. 5. For the emerging world, digital access is new... % ONLINE USERS WHO STARTED USING THE INTERNET LESS THAN TWO YEARS AGO S6: First use of the internet Bases: All respondents 48804 32 27 22 23 8 9 7 3 4 1 2 SSA NAm DevA NWEu Ch LAm SEEu MENA EmA Ind Global
  6. 6. ...and transformational % ONLINE USERS WHO AGREE THAT: ‘IN THE ONLINE WORLD, I CAN BETTER ExPRESS MY FEELINGS’ L2: Personal values and attitudes Bases: All respondents 48804 81 66 64 61 55 39 34 32 27 19 20 SSA DevA NWEu SEEu NAm LAm EmA MENA Ch Ind Global
  7. 7. This leads to greater engagement in the channel % ONLINE USERS ACCESSING THE INTERNET DAILY HIGHLY ENGAGED IN DIGITAL S5: How often access / Digital Engagement is a composite measure of behaviours and attitudes Bases: All respondents 48804 83 82 69 61 62 57 56 53 42 23 22 Ind NWEu NAm SEEu MENA DevA Ch LAm EmA SSA Global
  8. 8. Discover how the world lives online