Download Linux Boot Disk to Fix Linux System problem.

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Linux Boot Disk is a application that is used to repair and fix the problems of Linux system or, you can install Linux OS through it.

Linux Boot Disk is a application that is used to repair and fix the problems of Linux system or, you can install Linux OS through it.

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  • 1. Linux Boot Disk.
  • 2. Linux Boot Disk. Linux boot disk is a diskette that is used to install Linux OS in your hard drive. It contains all the components that are necessary for the Linux installation. Linux Boot Disks are used in several situations like testing a new kernel, Recovering from a disk failure and disk crashing.
  • 3. The Use Of Linux Boot Disk.
    • When there is need to install or reinstall Linux OS, on that time Linux Boot Disk is used. It is a compact disk that includes all the components which is necessary in installation the Linux OS.
    • It also check the new kernel. It repairs the failure and crashed Linux system.
  • 4. How to Create Linux Boot Disk.
    • After following these steps you can create Linux install Disk.
    • Find out the image named boot.img. It can be find out from following places.
    • Red Hat / Fedora Linux : /images/boot.img or
    • Debian Linux:/install/floppy/boot.img
    • Than, to write an Linux install disk, use dd command and type this:
    • # dd if=/images/boot.img of=/dev/fd0 bs=1440k or
    • #dd if=/install/floppy/boot.img of=/dev/fd0 bs=1024 conv=sync ; sync
  • 5. How to use Linux Boot Disk.
    • Insert Linux Boot Disk in to CD-ROM.
    • Double click on .exe file.
    • The installation process will start.
    • Select the drive in which it will be installed.
    • Select that, you have to repair an already existed Linux OS or you have to install.
    • Than, follow the process which would be shown by it.
  • 6. The Process Of Linux Boot Disk.
    • The Linux boot process start by executing the code written in ROM to load the sector from sector 0, cylinder 0 of boot drive. Generally the boot drive is the Floppy drive which is /dev/fd0 in Linux. Then BIOS execute the sector. The sector includes:-
    • Code from a Boot Loader
    • The Start of an OS Kernel like Linux
  • 7. Free Download Linux Boot Disk.
    • You can easily download Linux boot Disk free from the following Website.
    • You will not get any trouble to download this software. After downloading you can repair or install your Linux system.
  • 8.
    • Thank you for visiting.
    • For more information just visit the the following Website.