Yearbook Halifax-Depok CWY 2011-2012 (Page 1-25)


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This is a yearbook that compiled by my team mate: Reyska Ramdhany and inside, you can see the summary of what we did during the 6 months amazing program with Canada World Youth / KEMENPORA RI named Indonesia-Canada Youth Exchange Program 2011-2012.

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Yearbook Halifax-Depok CWY 2011-2012 (Page 1-25)

  1. 1. YEARBOOK 2011-2012Indonesia Canada Youth Exchange Program Halifax (Canada) - Depok (Indonesia) You call it as Journey, I call it as Life Learning ..
  2. 2. Tabel of ContentBackground 03Program Description 04Profile 07Counterpart Relationship 18Group Activities 22 EAD (Education Activity Day) 23 Games and Energizer 24 Volunteering 26 Community Development Projects 27 Mid Projects 30Workplacements 31 Canada 32 Indonesia 36Host Families 38 Canada IndonesiaLet’s Celebrate 42 Celebration of Indonesian Youth 43 Celebration of Halloween 44 Celebration of Idul Adha 45 Celebration of Christmast and New Years Eve 46Be Famous!!! 47 Herald of Community Radio Metro Halifax Station CTVCulture Show 49 Canada IndonesiaNewsletter 51 Canada Indonesia 02
  3. 3. Background You call it a Journey, I call it a Life Learning.. From all of theexperiences that we have been through together, this sentence re-flects what the program was for us. Living amidst different languages,environments, personalities, cultures, backgrounds, dreams, and anew view of life gave us the opportunity for great self-development. This yearbook is created by Bethany Christine Lichti Steinman,Munawir Mukhtar Lutfi, Mark Robert Ruston, Valencia Pierre, AndiMeilia Gista Aulia, Zaldi Harfal, Chitha Manoranjan, Nithya Krishna-moorthy, Christie Victorine Morin, Cody Degerness-Craswell, AryoWiradi Putra, Mayfree Syari, Kaya Tran, Salam Mairi, Scott AndrewMarkotich, Sophie Corriveau, Dini Hajarrahmah, Jacqualyn MarieDowling, and Junus Ludji Djonga. This yearbook is dedicated for all the participants, supervisors,and communities in Halifax - Depok of the Indonesia-Canada YouthExchange Program 2011-2012. Composed by Reyska Ramdhany 03
  4. 4. ProgramDescription 04
  5. 5. CANADA WORLD YOUTH Canada World Youth (CWY) is a Canadian non‐profit, non‐governmentalorganization that provides exceptional nonformal learning opportunities to youth and com-munities in Canada and in countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and East-ern Europe. These programs enable youth to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes nec-essary to enhance their employment opportunities, to become active and productiveleaders in their communities, and to work both internationally and cross‐culturally in an ef-fective and ethical way. CANADA WORLD YOUTH- MISSION Canada World Youths mission is to increase the ability of people, especially youth,to participate actively in the development of just, harmonious and sustainable societies. CANADA WORLD YOUTH- OBJECTIVES On a short-term basis, Canada World Youths main objective is to allow young peo-ple and community members to share an educational experience and training opportuni-ties through which they increase their awareness and acquire knowledge related to localand international development.Based on the knowledge acquired through the CWY program, the long-term objective is toencourage the young people and community members to participate more actively inlocal and international development with respectful concern for the environment and in aspirit of understanding between peoples. Specifically, these objectives are:1. To create among participants from Canada and developing or transitional nations an increased awareness, understanding and appreciation of the socioeconomic and cultural realities of their own country.2. To foster among participants a greater understanding of local and international de- velopment as a basis for meaningful collaboration.3. To instil in participants a sense of mutual responsibility and commitment to the resolu- tion of social and economic problems.4. To engender in participants the conviction that a person can contribute to develop- ment by drawing upon their own resources and local tradition.5. To foster among participants the understanding that they are members of an interde- pendent world.6. To promote among participants the acquisition of skills necessary for effective in- volvement in development.7. To encourage other countries to initiate programs similar to CWY.8. To promote the continued involvement of families and communities in development issues.9. To foster networking among past participants to support their local and global in- volvement. 05
  6. 6. KEMENEGPORA Kemenegpora (Menpora) stands for Kementrian Negara Pemuda dan Olahraga. Thisministry of the Indonesian government is responsible for the development of youth andsports in Indonesia. Their purpose is to organize, plan and conduct a variety of events involv-ing youth. The Indonesia‐Canada Youth Exchange Program is viewed as one of the poten-tial events that impact positively on the young generation. Since this program is not a formaltype of education, the Indonesian government puts this exchange under Menpora`s respon-sibilities. KEMENEGPORA-VISIONIndonesia envisions its youth having national dignity, intelligence, capability, creativity, com-petitiveness and of noble faith. KEMENEGPORA-OBJECTIVES1. To develop and to make Indonesian’s youth as a social category in which they could de-velop youth participation on national development to face globalization challenges2. To enhance the role of youth organizations to enable empowerment of the youth3. To broaden youth empowerment policies which will be used as the guidelines on youthprograms4. To advance youth empowerment policies by strengthen coordination and synergyamong stakeholders 06
  7. 7. Profile 07
  8. 8. Full name : Reyska Ramdhany Nick Name : Rey Origin : Palembang, South Sumatera, Indonesia Place of Birth : Palembang, South Sumatera, Indonesia Date of Birth : April 26, 1989 A word reflects me : Hardthinking? In 10 years I will be : 32 years old living in a happy life with kind hus- band and 2 kids, being a great architect, news presenter, and lecturer. What I will miss from this program: All the participants, supervisor, my coun- terpart, hostfamilies, Halifax community, Depok community, and all the ac- tivities. What I learnt from this program: how to control yourself being more patience, working on a team, understanding each other, respect people’s opinion and de- cision, different cultures, speak up more, and being yourself. Rey If I have another countries to join the same program I’ll go to America or Europe. BethanyFull name : Bethany Christine Litchi SteinmanNick Name : Ka Betni’Origin : Ontario, CanadaPlace of Birth : Ontario, CanadaDate of Birth : September 29, 1990A word reflects me : Fun-LovingIn 10 years I will be : Hopefully employedWhat I will miss from this program: The river and pisang goreng.What I learnt from this program: How to squat and how to think before I speak.If I have another countries to join the same program I’ll go to Peru, Brazil, Crotiaor Egypt. 08
  9. 9. Full name : Munawir Mukhtar Lutfi Nick Name : Nawir, Awwir, Mumun Origin : Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia Place of Birth : Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia Date of Birth : October 29, 1991 A word that reflects me : Human In 10 years I will be : Businessman What I will miss from this program: I will miss all of people, hostfamily, all of the moments with all participants, and teach kids in front of my home.. :) What I learnt from this program: I learnt more about myself, be more confi- dence to speak up, language, new culture, and how to respect each others. If I have another countries to join the same program I’ll go to United States. MumunFull name : Mark Robert Ruston MarkNick Name : MarkusOrigin : Kuujjuaq, Quebec, CanadaPlace of Birth : Montreal, CanadaDate of Birth : September 10, 1988A word reflects me : UnderstandingIn 10 years I will be : International linguist or travelling computer net-work specialist, possibly a mix of both.What I will miss from this program: The friends and laughs. It’s a very uniqueexperience that will be very hard to simulate.What I learnt from this program: Better understanding of the world, the presentand the ability to better cope and adapt to life and living conditions.If I have another countries to join the same program I’ll go to all sorts of places.East China, India, parts of Africa, New Zealand, Central America, andAntartica. 09
  10. 10. Full name : Valencia Geraldine Pierre Nick Name : Chuck Origin : Haitian Place of Birth : Montreal, Quebec, Canada Date of Birth : June 20, 1986 A word reflects me : Infinitife possibilities In 10 years I will be : I will have one or two books out. Best Sellers. I will be a sexologist and on my way to become a psychologist. I will still design for my own brand. I will travel just for fun. I will have a handsome husband. I’ll be RICH. What I will miss from this program: My counterpart and hostfamilies. What I learnt from this program: That’s ok to be me. And life is a process, eve- ryone has their own experiences and learn whatever they want to learn at their own pace. If I have another countries to join the same program I’ll go to Montreal/Quebec Chuck VS South America.Full name : Andi Meilia Gista Aulia MemelNick Name : Memel cantik banget nget nget..Origin : Makasar, South Sulawesi, IndonesiaPlace of Birth : Makasar, South Sulawesi, IndonesiaDate of Birth : May 25, 1991A word reflects me : Talktive, catchprase (loud, panicking,/last minute/complicated person).In 10 years I will be : A successful public relation and a pretty nice housewife/mom.What I will miss from this program: I’ll miss all the people in the group, all thegood and bad times that we have been through, all the craziness, the events thatwe held together, the activities, EVERYTHING !, I’m gonna miss everythingabout this program to death!! Love you all!.What I learnt from this program: About myself a lot through the program. Ilearn that Chunkc Ahoy cookies better than Decadent.If I have another countries to join the same program I’ll go to London or NewYork, please.. And Milan!! 10
  11. 11. Full name : Zaldi Harfal Nick Name : Uzenk (none of you call me this and even I forget, but my friend call me this name) Origin : Riau, Indonesia Place of Birth : Tembilahan, Riau, Indonesia Date of Birth : November 10, 1989 A word reflects me : Fox! :) (smile to one side only) In 10 years I will be : I am travelling overseas for my work, I wish haha- ha.. What I will miss from this program: Everyone and everything. What I learnt from this program: How to live and work with love and sincerity. If I have another countries to join the same program I’ll go to Europe (Italy and Netherland). Zaldi ChithaFull name : Chitha ManoranjanNick Name : ChithaOrigin : Sri LankaPlace of Birth : Dubai, United Arab EmiratesDate of Birth : January 15, 1991A word reflects me : HumanIn 10 years I will be : Somewhere in the world with a meaningful job andenjoying life.What I will miss from this program: I’ll miss the people on the program, all thecrazy fun time, being in Indonesia, and the overall experience.What I learnt from this program: A little more about myself and what I want todo in life.If I have another countries to join the same program I’ll go to Peru! Or anywherein South America or Asia. 11
  12. 12. Full name : Nithya Krishnamoorty Nick Name : Nithya Origin : Toronto, Canada Place of Birth : Colombo, Srilanka Date of Birth : August 19 A word reflects me : Leticia In 10 years I will be : I have no idea… only time will tell!! What I will miss from this program: The friend I’ve made in this program. All the laughs we’ve had, the good times and the bad times!!!. What I learnt from this program: I am . who I am. You are who you are, and we are who we are together. We just have to make it work!. If I have another countries to join the same program I’ll go to Africa or Latin America. Nithya KittyFull name : Christie Victorine MorinNick Name : KittyOrigin : Biak, Papua, (+Sunda, Timor-timor, Manado, Chi-na, for your information).Place of Birth : Biak, Papua, IndonesiaDate of Birth : December 31, 1989A word reflects me : NiceIn 10 years I will be : A leader of company/politics/government office.What I will miss from this program: The crazy jokes happening in this group.What I learnt from this program: About dealing with people, culture, patience,and be myself.If I have another countries to join the same program I’ll go to South KoreaPleassseee!!!. 12
  13. 13. Full name : Cody Degerness –Craswell Nick Name : Coco Origin : Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada Place of Birth : Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada A word reflects me : Complicated In 10 years I will be : Enlightened What I will miss from this program: Counterpart, hostfamily and weather. What I learnt from this program: Perspective If I have another countries to join the same program I’ll go to South Africa. Coco AryoFull name : Aryo Wiradi PutraNick Name : Aryo/Ary/PuputOrigin : Banjarmasin, South Borneo, IndonesiaPlace of Birth : Tanah Grogot, East Borneo, IndonesiaA word reflects me : Funny/sexy, hahaha..In 10 years I will be : Artist and the owner of Indonesian restaurant inHalifax, Canada.What I will miss from this program: Togetherness, sleepover (bocan eh gocaneym) :).What I learnt from this program: How to respect other choices, how to respect andresponsibilities to ourself, and freedom for happiness.If I have another countries to join the same program I’ll go to Europe countries,Japan or South Korea. 13
  14. 14. Full name : Mayfree Syari Nick Name : Mayfree Origin : Lampung, Bandar Lampung, Indonesia Place of Birth : Lampung, Bandar Lampung, Indonesia Date of Birth : May 29, 1991 A word reflects me : Cheerfully indecisive In 10 years I will be : A good wife, mom, daughter, sister, and friends who work as public relation and health promotor in World Health Organization (amin) What I will miss from this program: I will definitely miss the group members and all of the craziness that we enjoyed together. I will also miss host families and supervisors in Halifax-Depok. What I learnt from this program: Compassion, understanding, self encourage- ment and enrichment, and being open minded. This program is a life learning experience. Mayfree If I have another countries to join the same program I’ll go to somewhere in South America and Europe.Full name : Kaya Tran KayaNick Name : Queen of Banana, Google Tran, and DivaOrigin : Vietnam but settled in Toronto, CanadaPlace of Birth : VietnamDate of Birth : November 27A word reflects me : Fashionable and DivaIn 10 years I will be : Have a boyfriend/husband, get married, have 2adopted children, have a house/condo. Travelling around the world with mygood friends.What I will miss from this program: The team, host families, communities,friends, bf, workplacements, the children and boys.What I learnt from this program: Team building, leadership, try to get a longwith everyone, networking, communication.If I have another countries to join the same program I’ll go to Vietnam, Korea, orany countries in Asia, any countries in South America, Africa or any coun-tries in this planet. 14
  15. 15. Full name : Salam Mairi Nick Name : Salam Origin : Padang, West Sumatera, Indonesia Place of Birth : Solok, West Sumatera, Indonesia Date of Birth : December 23, 1989 A word reflects me : Optimistics, Adventure, Success In 10 years I will be : A University professor and owning a company or institution on education. What I will miss from this program: All the part of this program, moments with the group, the activities. Especially all interactions and contacts that I made with community in bith phases, hostfamilies, people at workplacements and everybody that I met and talked to. I learnt a lot from each of them. What I learnt from this program: Respect, respect to the diversity and the uniqueness of the people in the world. I learnt social life in different social level. I learnt culture. I learnt the growth of myself, on how to adapt, mingle, under- stand, and sometimes to disagree and stand for my own. I learnt to care more Salam and to share more. I learnt the importance of youth’s concern and contribution not only to the development of some parts of the world but also the happiness. If I have another countries to join the same program I’ll go to France, I’ve been dreaming about this country since high school. ScottFull name : Scott Andrew MarkotichNick Name : Scotty MarkotiOrigin : Shelburne, Nova Scotia, CanadaPlace of Birth : Halifax, Nova Scotia, CanadaDate of Birth : May 4, 1991A word reflects me : RealIn 10 years I will be : Married with kids, working my dream job and withthe woman of my dreams at my side.What I will miss from this program: The peopleWhat I learnt from this program: People are the same everywhere you goIf I have another countries to join the same program I’ll go to Crotia 15
  16. 16. Full name : Sophie Corriveau Nick Name : Sophie Origin : Quebec, Canada Place of Birth : Quebec, Canada Date of Birth : July 9, 1988 Sophie DiniFull name : Dini HajarrahmahNick Name : DiniOrigin : Kudus, Central Java, IndonesiaPlace of Birth : Semarang, Central java, IndonesiaDate of Birth : March 21, 1990A word reflects me : CrazyIn 10 years I will be : The owner of Eco-Travel CompanyWhat I will miss from this program: The people of course! I’m gonna miss ALLmy friends in team, the memories with them, Haifax-Depok team host familyand friends.What I learnt from this program: Be more mature, open minded, leadershipskill, learning life, helping people, confidence, knowing my self better.If I have another countries to join the same program I’ll go to Europe. 16
  17. 17. Full name : Jacqualyn Marie Dowling Nick Name : Jackie Origin : Halifax, Nova Scotia Place of Birth : Halifax, Nova Scotia Date of Birth : March 7, 1980 A word reflects me : Commited In 10 years I will be : In 10 years... Very good question! When I know, I will let you all know.... What I will miss from this program: I will miss Depok and Herman terribly! I will miss the learning that has occurred during the program on a daily basis! I will miss the individuals that I have shared wonderful experiences with over the program (Junus, other project supervisors, CWY staff, volunteers, host families and community members). What I learnt from this program: A good quote that represents what I have learned during the program is ‘Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right- Jackie doing, there is a field. I will meet you there’ (Rumi). If I have another countries to join the same program I’ll go to Since I have ap- plied for the Tanzania or Ukraine exchanges next year as a project supervisor, I would choose one of those two countries. Both exciting and rich in culture and history. JunusFull name : Junus Ludji Djonga. S.pdNick Name : Junus/MomeOrigin : Sabunese, NTT, IndonesiaPlace of Birth : Waingapu, NTT, IndonesiaDate of Birth : June 23, 1972A word reflects me : RespectIn 10 years I will be : Education SupervisorWhat I will miss from this program: Group dynamicWhat I learnt from this program: How to be around people with very differentcharacteristics and personalities.If I have another countries to join the same program I’ll go to Bahamas. 17
  18. 18. CounterpartRelationship 18
  19. 19. Bethany and Rey “Patient, natural and communication”Mark and Mumun “Tides and weather” Chuck and Memel “Silly, happy, laugh and sharing”Chitha and Zaldi“trust, friendship and mutual understanding” 19
  20. 20. Nithya and Kitty “Independet and sweet, soar”Coco and Aryo “up, down and freedom” Mayfree and Kaya “upside down”Scott and Salam “down,up and unreal” 20
  21. 21. Dini and Sophie “soul sister”Jackie and Junus “trust, commitment and honesty” 6 Months living together.. As more than just a “FRIEND” 21
  22. 22. GroupActivities 22
  23. 23. Education Activity Day (EAD) Volunteers Canadian Phase Indonesian Phase Description : Education Activi-Rey and Bethany Is Access for Clean Wa- Political Systems in In- ty Day is The day for coun- ter a Human RIGHT? donesia and Canada terpart pair to present one topic/issue for a hole day.Sophie and Dini Colonization in The What’s Next? Finding The topic can be anything world Your Own Career Path (local, globalization, environ-Nithya and Kitty Africville Batik ment, health, social, politicsMemel and Chuck Globaliztion and How it Tools to Live Your Best and others). Usually EAD ac- Effect Culture Life tivitiy held on Monday. To make EAD more fun, some-Chitha and Zaldi Social Movement Education times the counterpart pair asMumun and Mark Mental Health Local Culture the facilitator create funKaya and Mayfree HIV/AIDS Nutrition activities during the EAD by giving Energizer or games.Salam and Scott Racism and Power The Food Around UsCoco and Aryo Resetting The Table Beauty and Health (Sustainable Food and Nutrition) 23
  24. 24. Games and EnergizerMafia Have a group of people around 10 or more. Enough people for eachof them to have an interesting character. Make people sit in circle andhand them cards. Make sure they dont show their card to anyone. So eve-ry card has a meaning. For example if you have a King, you are warewolf.Queen (the little girl) which mean you can open your eyes and see who isthe warewolf and influence others when you vote. You can also make up characters. Like a couple. If one of themdies, the other person has to die too. A witch, you has the power to saythat whoever the warewolves decided to kill will not die. Every night (make people close their eyes when the village goes tobed, the warewolf open his/her eyes and kill someone. At sunrise, thevillage wakes up and you tell them who died. Then they want to seek revenge and they kill who they think is thewarewolf. It is important to make the story interesting ang bring peopleagainst each other. The game is over when the warewolf is killed.Pictionary and Broken Telephone Together A game play by 8 people or 16 but it must be couple (8x2). Writeyour name/team on lower of the page. Write the tittle of what you pick.1st write, 2nd draw, 3rd write, 4th draw and so on until its done thepage. Have 30 seconds of timing and pass it to the right when time isup.The Question Write questions, at least 3 for everyone that is going to bethere. Put all the question in big bowl. Make people choose 3 questionseach, give them time to answer them. Put all the questions back thenmake people pick random question into bowl. Read out the answer loud.Then guess who wrote it. 24
  25. 25. Scream On Good Joob Coconut Banana Song Hockey Pockey Catch Phrase Huckle Buckle Clap Your HandMove Your Buts if You.. Zip Zap Zum Guess Who You Are (Stick Name on Head) Guess The People (in Front of You Behind the Blanket) Jungle Toss Telephone (whisper the word)Find Your Friends Stuff Circle On String (appreciate people with 1-3 words) Continue The Song Guess People Move Would you Rather? 25