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  1. 1. mansarovar comfart stay with usHomeIndia Hotels, India Resorts, India Tour packages Your Informationresources for India Hotels, India Resorts, India Tour Packages, IndiaVacation packages, Online India Hotel Booking, Tour & Travel guide inIndia . International travel guides and sites -Directory of top tourism sites and travel guides from around the world.Whatever your travel plans, you will find something useful here. MANSAROVAR GUESTHOUSEThe Mansarovar Guest House located in Gandhi chowk is a tinyrefurbished section of a100-year old Jaijalmer Haveli. Experience themusty historic appeal that oozes out of the ethnic Haveli walls duringyour stay at this traditional Jaisalmer guest house. Simple and classy,the Mansarovar Guest House offers you a taste of real goldenjaisalmer.MANSAROVAR GUESTHOUSE - RoomsEach of our six rooms is built with the most thoughtful of appointments andcomfort. Comtemplate your moment in time overlooking this medieval city ~sipping a nicely spiced chai from your window seatThe Mansarovar Guest House rooms reflect the quiet ethnic class thatis so integral to rustic Jaisalmer. Fitted with all the contemporaryamenities such as modern baths, running hot and cold water, etc. MANSAROVAR GUESTHOUSE - CuisineWine and dine at the luxurious rooftop restaurant at the Mansarovar
  2. 2. Guest House. Gaze at majestic forts and stunning havelis as youinteract with the warm folk in between mouthfuls of delicious Marwarcuisine. MANSAROVAR GUESTHOUSE - Facilitiesmansarovar Guest House facilities include travel desk, laundryservices, reception desk, safari tour arrangements etc. MANSAROVAR GUESTHOUSE - Reservationonline reservation for hotel booking at -mailto:mansarovarhotel@ymail Room Name Room Type Room Class Room Plan Tariff US$Standard Room Single Non A/C EP 600Standard Room Double Non A/C EP 800Deluxe Room Double Non A/C EP 1000Note: Tariff are inclusive of Taxes.Tariff may vary during festival & peak no.. 9784586502,9928530560,9413216594 ap singh,preethvi raj ,yashpal singh--------------------------------------------------------------------------Jaisalmer Fast Facts:Founder : Rawal Jaisal, a Bhatti Rajput ChiefAlso Known as : Golden City of IndiaLocation : In the western Rajasthan region amid Thar Desert, close toIndo- Pak boarderDistance : Jodhpur (280 km), Barmer (155 km), Gajner (289 km),Khimsar (320 km), Pokran (110 km), Bikaner (330 km), Sam (40 km),Khuri (50 km)Area : 126.27 sq. kmPopulation : 2,324,319 (approximately)Temperature : Max 46 º C, Min 35 º C (summer); Max 14º C, Min 02º C
  3. 3. (winter)Languages : Hindi, Rajasthani and EnglishMajor Attractions : Jaisalmer Fort, Salim Singh Ki Haveli, Patuwon KiHaveli,Excursions : Khuri Village & Sand Dunes, Kuldhara & Khabha Villages,Desert National Park, Pokran, Barmer, Bada Bag, Baisakhi, Luderwa,Mool-Sagar, etcBest Time to Visit : October to MarchJaisalmer InformationSituated on edge of the yellowish sandstone of vast Thar Desert, thedesert city of Jaisalmer is one of the most important cities and traveldestinations of Rajasthan, India. Also known as the Golden City ofIndia, the city of Jaisalmer is crowned by fantastic fort, named SonarKila or Golden Fort which is the major landmark of Jaisalmer,Rajasthan, India. The fort is also called Jaisalmer Fort. The forthouses several splendid palaces and terrific Jain Temples. Jaisalmerplays a vital role in the boom of tourism in Rajasthan, India. Thedesert city of Jaisalmer is the major attraction of Rajasthan Tourism.One cannot imagine complete tours to Rajasthanwithout haveengaging himself in Jaisalmer Tour.During your Jaipur tours you will have opportunity to observe richculture and history of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India. Very interestinglegends and history of Jaisalmer attract the tourists from far and far.The desert city of Jaisalmer was founded in the year of 1156 on theorder of Rawal Jaisal, a Bhatti Rajput Chief after moving his capitalhere from his former capital Lodhurva. Legend of Jaisalmer says that aBrahmin hermit told Rawal Jaisal that Arjuna, one of five Pandavabrothers, had came here and they forecasted that a ruler would oneday build a magnificent fort along the crest known as Trikuta or TriplePeaked Hill. Trikuta Hill is that hill where the magnificent Golden Fortof Jaisalmer proudly stands.Popularly described as the Golden City of India, the desert city ofJaisalmer is also famous for thrilling sand dunes and exciting camelsafaris. During your tours to Jaisalmer as a part of Rajasthantours you will observe that the golden city of Jaisalmer is also rich inits culture and heritage. Arts and architectures, exotic handicrafts andfestivals, all are worth visiting attractions of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan,
  4. 4. India. The city of Jaisalmer is a mesmerizing tourist destination in thevibrant and colorful state of Rajasthan which is waiting your arrival inthe city. Become a part of Jaisalmer tour and indulge yourself inexploring the various attractions of Jaisalmer city with Swagat Tours& Travels. Read more about Jaisalmer tours attractions onthis Jaisalmer City Guide article.Some Major Attractions in JaisalmerJaisalmer Fort: Built in 12th century, the grand Jaisalmer Fort (alsoknown as the Golden Fort or Sonar Kila) is one of the mostformidableforts in the desert state of Rajasthan,India. The fort is located atop the TrikutaHill and surrounded by a 30 feet high wallwith 99 fortresses. This 250 tall imposingfort offers an amazing vista for itsvisitors. There is also Jain Temple withinthis fort complex.Jaisalmer Havelis: Jaisalmer Haveliswere once the home of wealthymerchants. These havelis of Jaisalmer are well-known for theircreative designs and adornments. The fine cutwork, yellow and redstonework treatment, and the bracket-shaped beautification ofpeacocks of these Havelis are worth visiting.Salim-Singh-ki-Haveli, Patwon-ki-Haveli, and Nathmalji-ki-Havei are worth visitinghavelis of Jaisalmer city in Rajasthan, India.Gadsisar Sagar Lake: Gadsisar Sagar Lake is also one of the mostbreathtaking attractions in the city of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India. Thelake is famous as an ideal picnic spot in the city. The lake offers anopportunity to view hundreds of migratory birds during the winterseason. During your visit to Gadsisar Sagar Lake, you will also see abreathtakingly beautiful lush green garden – Bara Bagh which is anoasis in the desert.Tazia Tower: Tazia Tower is also a worth visiting attraction in thesandy city of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India. It rises from the Palace ofClouds (Badal Mahal). The stunning Tazia Tower is well-known for itsbrilliantly engraved galleries on each storey. It is the five storeybeautiful structure.
  5. 5. How to Reach JaisalmeBy Air: The golden city of India, Jaisalmer has its own airport. TheJaisalmer Airport is managed by the Indian Air Force. The city ofJaisalmer is well-connected by air with the cities like Jaipur, Jodhpurand New Delhi. The airport is functional only in the month period ofSeptember to March.By Rail: Being a major travel destination of India, the golden city ofJaisalmer is well connected by rail with the cities like Jodhpur, Jaipur,Agra, Delhi, and Mumbai. Jaisalmer is directly connected to Jodhpurby rail, which is well connected to many major cities of India includingAgra, Jaipur, New Delhi and Mumbai.By Road: The Golden City of India, the city of Jaisalmer has a goodnetwork of roads. The city is well-connected by road with all themajor cities of