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Presentation of IAAS


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This slide is targeted those students who wish to join IAAS at undergraduate level.

This slide is targeted those students who wish to join IAAS at undergraduate level.

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  • 1.
  • 2. Presenter
    Dinesh Panday
    B. Sc. in Agriculture
    Cell no. 9845086056
  • 3.
  • 4. Established 1957
    Type Agriculture Institute
    Dean Prof. Dr. Sundar Man Shrestha
  • 5. Faculty 165 ( Agriculture)
    40 (Veterinary)
    Rampur, Chitwan
    Paklihawa, Rupendehi
    Sundarbazar, Lamjung
    Affiliation Tribhuvan University
  • 6. The main objective of IAAS is  
    to train competent manpower in agriculture and allied disciplines, and to promote research, development and technology dissemination in agriculture
    Under Graduate Program
    Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (B. Sc. Ag.)
    Bachelor of Veterinary Science (B. V. Sc. & A. H.)
    Post Graduate Program
    Doctoral Program
    Dean Office,
    Rampur Campus
    Paklihawa Campus
    Lamjung Campus 
  • 9. RampurCampus
    Situated in Chitwan district
    About 10 KM south-west from Bharatpur
    Programs Offered:
  • 10. Academic Programs:
    1. Department of Agricultural Economics
    2. Department of Agricultural Extension and Sociology
    3. Department of Agronomy
    4. Department of Basic Science and Humanities
    5. Department of Animal Breeding and Biotechnology
    6. Department of Animal Nutrition and Fodder Production
    7. Department of Aquaculture
    8. Department of Entomology
    9. Department of Environmental Science
    10. Department of Horticulture
  • 11. Cont…
    11. Department of Livestock Production and Management
    12. Department of Plant Breeding
    13. Department of Plant Pathology
    14. Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Engineering 
    15. Department of Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology
    16. Department of Veterinary Pharmacology and Surgery
    17. Department of Veterinary Microbiology and Parasitology
    18. Department of Veterinary Pathology and Clinic
    19. Department of Veterinary Theriogeonology
    20. Department of Veterinary Medicine and Public Health
  • 12. Laboratories Library
    Computer Center Farms
  • 13.
  • 14. Total area of Campus is 235 ha with Agronomy (51 ha.), Horticulture (28 ha.), Livestock and fish farms (98 ha.).          
    Girls hostel has a capacity of 100 students & boys hostels accommodate 600 student.
    Students have formed Arts Club, health Club and Youth Red-cross Circle and IAAS Cultural Society.
    IAAS features the first biotechnology laboratory in Nepal; this facility has laboratories which provide DNA and protein based molecular analysis.
  • 15. PaklihawaCampus
    Paklihawa Campus was established in Rupandehi district only 4 km south west of Bhairahawa, head quarter of the district.
    It represents a very significant ecological region of Nepal.
    The campus has moderate level of facilities to carry out undergraduate teaching, farms research in agricultural sciences.
  • 16. LamjungCampus
    Lamjung Campus was established in Lamjung District, only 28 Km away from Dumre and 114 Km from Kathmandu.
    It represents mid hill ecological region of the country.
    The campus is fortified with physical and trained human resources to provide standard agricultural education in this region.
  • 17. Course System
  • 18. EntrancePattern
    I. Sc. Or 10+2 (Science)
    Minimum 50% in total
    At least 100 full marks in English, Chemistry and Biology
    At least 50 full marks in Mathematics and Physics
    3 copies of PP size photos
    Copies of Citizenship, Mark sheets, migration and Character Certificates
  • 19. Entrance Model
    Question includes
    English 25 Marks
    Chemistry 25 Marks
    Physics 25 marks
    Botany 25 Marks
    Zoology 25 Marks
    Mathematics 25Marks
    General Knowledge 10 Marks
    Total 160 Marks
  • 20. Some Information
  • 21. Some Information
    Agriculture Veterinary a. Merit 58 12
    b. Regional 30 5
    c. Dalits 6 1
    d. Adibashi/Janajati 6 1
    e. Madhesi 6 1
    f. Ladies 9 1
    g. Disable 3 1
    h. Shahid 1 1 i. Dwanda pidit 2 1
    j. Staff 6 1
  • 22. Conti…
    IDF (Institutional Development Fund)
    Agriculture Veterinary
    IDF (For All) 36 14
    IDF Staff
    Full 1 1
    Half 1 No
    Total 165 40
    IDF fee in Agriculture Rs. 1 Lac (for 4 years)
    Veterinary Rs. 2.5 Lac(for 5 years)
  • 23. Hope that
    We’ll meet in IAAS
    Thank You
    for joining with Dinesh