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Verve Nms

  1. 1. NetDruid Communication Server
  2. 2. REMOTE SERVER MANAGEMENT • Easy manageability of continuously growing network. • To reduce dependency on computer networks and automated systems • Adapting to rapid changes in technology and applications • Proactive monitoring, management of the entire network • Compliance to their respective industry standards • To avoid the consequences of increasing attrition rate of IT Manpower • Reduce cost of 24x7 Support and dedicated infrastructure for all locations
  3. 3. Traditional Vs New service Model A shift from traditional way of service delivery to now a one stop shop for providing services at the lowest end of delivery chain like support and maintenance to the higher end offerings such as consulting services. BPO Services IT Consulting Business Consulting System integration IT Consulting Discrete Outsourcing IS Outsourcing & Managed services Support & Maintenance IS Architecture design and System Services Integration Support & Maintenance Services
  4. 4. Managed Services Eco System The Managed Services Echo System today comprises of • Remote Infrastructure Management. • Network management • Security Management • Application Management • Mail Management Some of the commonly deployed IT Infrastructure that need to be managed are LAN, WAN, storage area networks (SAN), wireless networks, VPN, virtual local area networks (VLANs), Internet, intranet etc. n
  5. 5. Advantages to the End Customer  Easy manageability of continuously growing  Reduce cost of 24x7 Support and dedicated network. infrastructure  Proactive monitoring, management of the entire  Avoid the consequences of growing attrition rate network and cost of IT Manpower  High network availability  Reduced capital outlay - Migrate from a focus on  Adapting to rapid changes in technology and capex to opex applications  Lower cost of ownership  Proactive planning for IT resources and future  Save bandwidth cost by identifying and requirements as per trend reports. analyzing the underutilized resources / links  Bandwidth optimization through various reports.  24x7 monitoring of your network providing you  Easy tracking of service level agreements prompt identification of problem and responses  Compliance to their respective industry to network events standards
  6. 6. Architecture Polling and Traps from Fault Backup/Patch Servers and workstations Management Management Module Module NSM Module Customer Service Desk & Web Portal window Polling and Traps from Performance Security network Management Management devices Module Module Module Integration Polling and Portal Integration Traps from Security Polling and Trap from devices end devices
  7. 7. NMS Modules System Management Asset Management Network Management NMS Modules Back Up Security Management Management Service Desk Trouble Ticketing Continue...
  8. 8. Network and System Management Monitoring parameters • Network Devices (Routers, Switches, Passports): CPU / memory statistics etc • Networks (Lease Lines, ISDN, WBB): Bandwidth Utilization, latency, packet Loss, jitter etc • Servers: Hardware performance like CPU, RAM, Physical Disk • Application Monitoring: Mail Servers, Database Servers, Web Servers, ERP’s Performance Management • Reporting and Alerting of Performance based parameters • Real-time monitoring for the health & availability of the network devices and performance data for trend analysis of their performance • Pro-active monitoring and alerting of your network, Business Critical Servers and Applications based on the configured thresholds • Quality of Service (QOS) measurement for your network. • Bandwidth provisioning and analysis with in depth and exhaustive reporting up-to the port level
  9. 9. Network and System Management • Report Generation : Top N Trend , At a Glance reports. • Integrated with Service Desk for Ticket Generation and Reporting • SMS / Email alerts for performance issues Fault Management • Detection, alerting and reporting of Link / devices failures • Root Cause Analysis of the occurred failure • Pro-active monitoring and alerting based on the configured thresholds • Impact Analysis in case of a major network failure • Auto Discovery of Network and Devices based on ping or SNMP request. • Configuration Management of various network devices • Integrated with Service Desk for Ticket Generation and Reporting • SMS / Email alerts for Link Failures
  10. 10. Security System Management • Centrally monitor all network devices for any security breach and escalate any violation incidents to relevant authorities. • Provide reports for analysis. • Single console for Monitoring all Security based software's and hardware devices. • Customizing and correlation of alarms and events from different security devices and alerts sent to appropriate team • Monitors both SW and HW based Firewalls, Antivirus, IPS/IDS etc. • Analyze the events based on S/W and H/W vulnerability.
  11. 11. Back Up Management • Centralized backup management console for provisioning & monitoring backup processes across enterprise. • Reports for all backup activities. • Supports Multiple Applications and Operating Systems. • Supports compressing data before backup (.tar format) . • Centralized Management of Backup Data. • Backup scheduling depending upon the Server Load. • Provision of complete or partial backups.
  12. 12. Service Desk / Trouble Ticketing • Helpdesk solution for ticketing and auto assignment of calls. • Centralized service desk with an end-to-end complete ITIL compliant service desk. • Web based user interface along with facility to register incidents provided by NMS tools. • Integration with Service Delivery tool to provide live and historic Service Level Agreements. • Customer’s access to view current and historic call data • Provision to log online calls Continue...
  13. 13. Asset Management • Asset management for different OS and devices such as windows desktop  and server OS and Linux platforms. • Collects hardware & software inventory details with version levels • Proactively performs patch management functions incase required for a specific version level. • Enables administrators to generate reports on all patch deployment activities. (This solution will be applicable to windows environment only.) • IP based automated discovery i.e OS, Mac Address, IP, Subnet, applications or  open ports. • Maintains hardware and software inventory based on above discovery. • Maintains a complete list of Microsoft Hot-fixes and integrate with software delivery. • Asset history and trend analysis reports.     • Aggregated view of all assets that shows their usage level across various departments.
  14. 14. Screen Shots
  15. 15. At a Glance Report Screen shots
  16. 16. BPV’s
  17. 17. END TO END SERVICE SOLUTION Experience in VERVE Customized handling large Consultative Solutions Approach projects Building Next Generation Communication & Security platform Supply and End-to-end Integration Service Assurance of end equipments 24x7x365 Managed Single Window- Help Desk Service Project and Operational Management
  18. 18. Clients Corporates : Continue...
  19. 19. Clients Government Organisations : Continue...
  20. 20. Clients Educational Institutes : GH Raisoni College of Engineering & Management, Pune, Maharashtra Media & Entertainment :
  21. 21. Inspire. Motivate. Create
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