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Chemical ltd in navi mumbai

  1. 1. Eskay Fine Chemicals.,Plot No. 7, TTCMIDC, Turbhe NaviMumbai (WHO- GMP)112. Pfizer Ltd., TTC MIDC, Turbhe, Navi Mumbai (WHO- GMP)113. Elder Pharmaceuticals Ltd. D-220, TTC MIDC Nerul, Navi Mumbai. (WHO- GMP)114. Flamingo Pharmaceuticals Ltd., TTC MIDC, Rabale, Navi Mumbai (WHO- GMP)115. Galentic Pharma India Pvt. Ltd., R-673, TTC MIDC, Rabale, Navi Mumbai (WHO- GMP)116. Kilitch Drugs India Ltd., Capsules-301/2, TTC MIDC, Pawane,Navi Mumbai (WHO- GMP)117. Vardhaman Exports, A-188, TTC MIDC, Khairane, Navi Mumbai (WHO- GMP)118. Sanjivani Parenterals Ltd., R-75, TTC MIDC, Rabale, Navi Mumbai(WHO- GMP)119. Hemkish Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., A-731, TTC MIDC, Khairane, Navi Mumbai120. Aviat Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., D-115, TTC MIDC, Shiravane, Navi Mumbai (WHO- GMP)121. Shreechem Pharamceuticals Pvt Ltd.,Ramlagan Ramavadh Pande. -Accused No 5-915, TTC MIDC, Rabale, Navi Mumbai (WHO- GMP)122. Gopaldas Vishram & Co., A-690-691, TTC MIDC, Turbhe, Navi Mumbai (WHO- GMP)123. Sandoz Pvt. Ltd.,
  2. 2. D-31/32, TTC MIDC, Navi Mumbai (WHO- GMP)124. Sandoz Pvt. Ltd.Plot -8A/2 &8B, TTC MIDC, Navi Mumbai(WHO- GMP)125. Svizera Labs Pvt. Ltd., D-16/61, TTC MIDC, Turbhe,Navi Mumbai (WHO- GMP)126. Varun Medico Labs Pvt. Ltd., R-698, TTC MIDC, Rabale, Navi Mumbai127. Gelnova Labs Pvt. Ltd., C/125, TTC MIDC,Mahape, Navi Mumbai (WHO- GMP)128. Manish Exports., D-16-17, TTC MIDC, Turbhe, Navi Mumbai129. Golden Pharmaceuticals, Plot No. A-562, TTC Indl Area MIDC Opp. Shil Mahape Road, Navi Mumbai130. Great Pacific Exports Pvt. Ltd.,Plot No. D-5/8, TTC Ind. Area MIDC Turbhe, Navi Mumbai131. N B Z Pharma Ltd., R-905, TTC Indl. Area, MIDC, Rabale, Village, Navi Mumbai132. Supra Chemical, W-58 D, MIDC Rabale, TTC Navi Mumbai133. Sanjeevanee Pharmaceuticals Ltd.,R-75, TTC Rabale , Thane Belapur Road, Navi Mumbai134. Sayanj Pharma Pvt. Ltd., PAP-A, 76-77, MIDC, Pawane,Navi Mumbai135. Unique Chemicals, (A Division of J.B. Chemicals & Pharma Ltd.),Shiv Mahape Rd,Navi Mumbai(WHO- GMP)136. Riocare India Pvt. Ltd.,
  3. 3. R-39, TTC Indl. Area,MIDC, Rabale, Navi Mumbai137. Precise Chemi Pharma Pvt. Ltd., C-409, TTC Indl. Area, Pawane,Navi Mumbai138. Satramads Gases Pvt. Ltd. R-56, TTC, MIDC, Rabale, Navi Mumbai139. Padarsh Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.C-451, TTC MIDC, Pawane, Navi Mumbai140. Maharashtra Ind. Chemicals, C-406-407, TTC MIDC, Turbhe, Navi Mumbai141. Savita Chemicals Ltd., 17/A, TTC MIDC, Pawane, Navi Mumbai142. BMK Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., R-465, TTC MIDC, Rabale, Navi Mumbai143. Chittori Biotech Pvt. Ltd., W-57, TTC, MIDC, Rabale, Navi Mumbai144. Nicholas Piramal Ltd., C-302, TTC MIDC, Pawane, Navi Mumbai145. True Care Hygiene Pvt. Ltd., W-17, TTC MIDC, Pawane, Navi Mumbai146. Deevesh Mfg. Co. Pvt. Ltd., Capsules-467, TTC MIDC, Pawane, Navi Mumbai147. Associated Oxygen Co., R-211, TTC MIDC, Rabale, Navi Mumbai148. Pharmaceuticals Coating Pvt. Ltd. C-318, TTC MIDC, Pawane, Navi Mumbai149. Yashraj Biotechnology Pvt. Ltd., C-232, TTC MIDC, Pawane, Navi Mumbai150. Inox Air Products Ltd., A-2, TTC MIDC, Pawane,Navi Mumbais
  4. 4. 151. Apar Industries Ltd., 18, TTC MIDC, Rabale, Navi Mumbai152. Phoenix Gases Pvt. Ltd.,TTC MIDC,Turbhe Navi Mumbai153. Satyam Pharma Pvt. Ltd R-22, TTC, MIDC, Thane Belapur Rd. Rabale, Thane.154. Bharat Dye Chem Ind. W/249, MIDC Indl. Area, Thane Belapur Road, Rabale, Navi Mumbai155. NGL Fine Chem Ltd. W-142, (C), TTC MIDC Indl. Area, Pavane, Navi Mumbai156. Anicare Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. A/143/5, TTC, MIDC, Khairane, Navi Mumbai157. RP Industries, R-68, TTC Indl. Area, RAbale, Thane Belapur Rd., Navi Mumbai158. Ruby Organics Pvt. Ltd., D/79, TTC, MIDC, Turbhe, New Bombay159. Spa Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., R/104, MIDC, TTC, New Bombay160. Elder Healthcare Ltd. R-28, TTC Area, MIDC Rabale, Thane Belapur Road, Navi Mumbai161. Elder Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Plot No. C 21/2, TTC Indl. Area, Pawane, Navi Mumbai162. NGL Fine Chem Ltd. W-142, (C), TTC MIDC Indl. Area, Pavane, Navi Mumbai163. Paras Organics Pvt. Ltd. D/119, TTC Indl. Area, P.O. Nerul, Navi Mumbai164. The Pharmaceuticals Product of India Ltd. D-312, 313, TTC Indl. Area Turbhe, MIDC, Navi Mumbai165. Precise Chemi pharma Pvt. Ltd.
  5. 5. C-384, TTC Ind. Area, MIDC Pawane, Navi Mumbai166. RPG Life Sciences Ltd. 25, MIDC, Thane Belapur Rd.167. Ruby Biotech Pvt. Ltd. A-146/2, MIDC, Khairane, Navi Mumbai168. N.S. Chemicals, Shed No. W-3 & W-4, Pawane Village, T.T.C. Ind. Area, Thane Belapur Road, MIDC, Pawane, Navi Mumbai169. Aarti Industries Ltd. (API) Division), D-277-278, TTC MIDC Turbhe, Navi Mumbai, Dist- Thane.170. Flame Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. W-266A, MIDC, Rabale, Navi Mumbai171. Ganesh Medicament Pvt. Ltd. R- 95, TTC Indl. Area, Rabale, Thane172. Harind Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. R-91, TTC, MIDC Area, Rabale, Navi Mumbai