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Lifepals Global turn key outsourcing services are designed to meet the fast changing needs of new-age businesses and range from one-off marketing projects to end-to-end management of Business, sales and marketing programs and provisioning of outsourced business solutions like back office document, technology solutions, go-to-market for new products and services, new markets entry and management of new or existing business and revenue channels etc.

We are not here to do what they all do, we are here to do what we do.

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Lifepals global outsourcing partner

  1. 1. IntroductionOur vision to deliver transformational business and operational advantages to global organizations andmarketing teams through a combination of strategic advisory, shared services delivery and business-resultsfocused outsourcing.Lifepals Global help develop your business - whether you want to attract new prospects, increase sales,communicate more effectively with existing clients or develop a professional brand identity we can help youto improve your profits.Lifepals Global metrics driven approach to marketing, scalable processes and global best practices centershelp you to accelerate time to market, marketing communications, demand generation and sales, social mediamarketing and marketing program management and shared services, reduce marketing costs or make youmore predictable and variable.Lifepals Global turn key outsourcing services are designed to meet the fast changing needs of new-agebusinesses and range from one-off marketing projects to end-to-end management of Business, sales andmarketing programs and provisioning of outsourced business solutions like back office document,technology solutions, go-to-market for new products and services, new markets entry and management ofnew or existing business and revenue channels etc.
  2. 2. Share risk AccelerateImprove company Obtain world-class Make capital re-engineering focus capabilities available benefits Deal with Obtain a cash Control operating Obtain resources not management or infusion costs available internally control problems Have high quality, senior level, Have meaningful Free up corporate professional control over the costs resources marketing expertise of marketing at your fingertips Your Turn Key Outsourcing Partner
  3. 3. One Stop Outsourcing Partner Sales Process Outsourcing Sales Marketing Process MarketingOutsourcing Business Process Outsourcing BusinessTechnologyOutsourcing Technology Your Turn Key Outsourcing Partner
  4. 4. Market Research Data Analytics Presales and Business Intelligence Inbound Sales Outbound SalesLead Management Your Turn Key Outsourcing Partner
  5. 5. Our main principle is that the quality of online panels should meet the highest industry standards toensure the credibility of the data that we collect. Panel quality and panelists’ engagement are two keydrivers of our success. We have developed our own quality standards for recruiting panelists, verifyingtheir personal data, checking data consistency, stimulating respondents and maintaining the panels inperfect shape. Recruiting Panel Engaging members Respondents Personal Data Panel verification Management and Maintenance Safety of Validity Check Personal Information Your Turn Key Outsourcing Partner
  6. 6. Insight you can do business with Understanding your customers and the ways they behave is crucial to the success of your organization. Exploratory and Insight• Lifepals Global analytics help clients extract Analysis maximum insight and value from their data. Segmentation and Profiling• Were bright and knowledgeable about analyzing Our Expertise data of course. But were also commercially astute and we know how to make our findings clear, Data Modeling meaningful and actionable.• We apply classic and proprietary analytical Predictive Modeling techniques to customer data with clear business goals in mind. And deliver you findings that are both understandable and actionable. Data Planning• Our intelligent analysis and interpretation of Reporting and Key customer and prospect data will enable you to Performance Indicators positively impact customer behavior. Improving financial returns, customer perceptions and standout against the competition. Analytics for the Future Your Turn Key Outsourcing Partner
  7. 7. Target List Building• Lifepals Global target list building service helps you accelerate your B2B prospecting efforts by building multiple lead lists based on various business attributes like type of industry, location & company size.Company Profiling• We prepare in-depth company profiles various business attributes business description, financial information, industry, competition, locations & company structure.Contact Discovery• Our highly experienced research professionals would identify decision makers, find their job titles, phone numbers, email addresses by using a variety of research tools available on the web or directly call your target companies to find contact information and provide your sales team with a comprehensive contact list of decision makers that will help accelerate your sales cycle and identify the reporting structure (organizational structures Your Turn Key Outsourcing Partner
  8. 8. • Inbound enquiries received by phone, web chat, contact us forms & email helps increase sales pipeline as inbound prospects already have a business need for your product/service and have expressed direct interest in doing business with you.• Lifepals Global comprehensive Inbound Sales Solutions are designed to help improve the productivity of your sales team by pre-qualifying all inbound enquiries and passing only well qualified leads to your inside sales and field sales teams• Our solutions help you answer inbound calls, respond to sales enquiries received by email, follow up with prospects who have filled your sales form, handle live chat enquiries over the web and qualify prospects for your sales team • Inbound Telemarketing • Live Answering Service • Bilingual Answering Service • Order Taking • 800 (Toll Free) Number • Customer Service • Up-selling / Cross-selling • Messaging Services • Seminar Registration • Internet Sales Order Entry • Inquiry Service • Catalog Order Taking • Custom-Tailored Telemarketing • Voice Mail Answering Service • Direct Response For National & Cable • Call Patching Direct Response For Web Site • Order Fulfillment • Direct Response For Print Ads & All • Television Commercials Other Media • Troubleshooting For P & S Your Turn Key Outsourcing Partner
  9. 9. Many companies have realized that outsourcing their B2B sales appointment setting and lead qualification services helps themreduce costs and increase sales productivity.Lifepals Global outbound sales solutions are aimed at assisting your sales team penetrate strategic accounts by identifying businesspains, decision makers, budget, timeframe and scheduling sales appointments with qualified prospectsOur solutions help you cold call into target accounts and follow up on leads generated from various online marketing & fieldmarketing events resulting in improved ROI on your marketing investments.Execute a marketing campaign promoting clients services to its target market as defined by clients.• Call on Target Call List to be researched and provided by Lifepals Global• Perform outbound calls on behalf of Client to the target Business Market as defined by Client. Our agent to work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.• Use Call Script provided by either Lifepals Global /Clients AND approved by both parties prior to the start of the campaign.• As discovered, qualify Prospects as appointments / leads based on criteria defined by Client.• Collect Information as defined by Client, when possible for each Qualified Prospect.• Schedule appointments between Qualified Prospects and client’s sales representatives. Scheduled appointments are exclusive to Client’s sales representatives onlySuccess Call Criteria• Prospect must belong to the target industry specified by client.• Prospect is willing to meet with the client sales representative to discuss the product / services being offered.• Appointments must be done with the decision makers.• Other qualifications to be defined by Client. Your Turn Key Outsourcing Partner
  10. 10. Your ability to manage leads effectively is key to your sales success. If a company lacks a good lead management process, it might lose out on potential customers. Prospects might lose interest and go elsewhere if leads are not followed up in a timely manner. Lifepals Global comprehensive lead management solutions like Lead Nurturing, Lead Scoring and Email campaign management are aimed at helping you successfully track & develop leads till they are sales-ready and improve conversion rates. Our advanced reporting and analytics tools help your track & measure results at every stage of the sales process.• We offers sophisticated lead-nurturing Lead Scoring • We can help you run highly effective Email solutions that help you track & develop campaigns that generate new sales leads, leads till they are sales-ready. We do this by educate your audience on your periodically sending personalized & products/services and enhance your brand • Our lead scoring solutions help you improve image. Our reporting and analytics tools relevant content about your offerings which lead to opportunity conversion ratios by scoring would help your prospects make help you track open rates, click- throughs, leads based on predefined attributes like bounces and measure the effectiveness of purchasing decisions faster, build credibility company size, job titles or by prospect activities and trust, improve revenue and most all the campaigns with exhaustive metrics like number of whitepaper downloads & email like lead to opportunity conversion ratios, importantly build strong brand loyalty. clicks. Leads with highest score are qualified and opportunity to new business conversion passed onto your sales team, while leads with ratios & response rates. low scores are nurtured till they are sales ready. Lead Email Nurturing Campaign Your Turn Key Outsourcing Partner
  11. 11. Technical writing Event BusinessManagement writing Traditional Marketing Public Content Relation Writing Your Turn Key Outsourcing Partner
  12. 12. Documentation is an integral part of your product, but first somebody has to write it. Lifepals Global is expert atwriting and translating clear, effective instructions into the languages of your customers.Our professionals provide high quality writing and illustration services for consumer products, software programs,manufacturing processes, or website localization.We can create and deliver documentation in print, html, or PDf for the audience you want to contact: consumers,mechanics, software users, and others. Lifepals Global is dedicated to meeting all of your communications needs.Call us today for a free quote. Technical Writing Business Writing Content Writing User Documentation Newsletters Reports Power point presentations Technical Documentation Web Content Press releases API Documentation Marketing brochures Online Help Copywriting Indexing Services Training Materials Technical writing Web copy Technical Illustration Blogging Abstraction Services Process Documentation Resumes and Job applications Your Turn Key Outsourcing Partner
  13. 13. • Monitor and evaluate relevant online media conversationsMonitor • Engage with key influencers in the blogosphereEngage • Develop corporate blogs, social network sites andDevelop multimedia tools • Plan the design of and develop content for corporate Plan websites • Optimize communications for effective distribution in theOptimize digital space Your Turn Key Outsourcing Partner
  14. 14. Complete solution to increase event attendance and decrease event cost. Bysimplifying the event planning, marketing, manage and Measure. Event Planning Study intricacies of the client Identify the target audience Event attendees list Create customize template Event Marketing Send invitations pre show Personalize communication Different emails to targeted Modify subject lines andCustomize email templates and post show with fields groups content to analyse Managing Event Providing Tell-a-friend functionality encourages Track email open rates and response rates reminders and confirmations invitees to forward the invitation along to colleagues Measure the eventAnalyse metrics across all events with cross-event Track the success of We Pack email campaigns Sort and filter to customize reports in real time reports through real-time reporting Your Turn Key Outsourcing Partner
  15. 15. Search engine optimization Webinar Pay per Click Internet Internet Email advertisingcampaign Marketing management Blog and Website Social media design marketing Website maintenance Your Turn Key Outsourcing Partner
  16. 16. Your website is the gateway to your business in the modern day global village. Websites have garnered more prominence over the last few years. High visibility on the search engines is regarded as a sign of dependability. Lifepals Global offer SEO services, a process of making your prospects easily find your website on search engines. We will help optimize your website in the best possible manner to generate leads through: • SEO Consultancy that gives you a free website analysis using web analytics and competitor analysis • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that pulls pre-qualified• Keyword Ranking.• Website Traffic. visitors to your website from the search engines• Increase in "Share of Traffic" per keyword. • Search Engine Submission (SES) that enrolls your website• Increased Revenue/keyword. to popular search engines and online directories• Lower dependence on Paid Search. • Search Engine Compliancy (SEC) that ensures that your• Lowering the cost per acquisition. website is compliant with the policies of search engines • Search Engine Ranking (SER) that strives to get higher visibility to your website Your Turn Key Outsourcing Partner
  17. 17. Step 1: Discuss business objectives.Step 2: Conduct initial keyword analysis.Step 3: Identify the keyword/landing page combinations.Step 4: Interim Client Approval for Keyword/Landing Pages.Step 5: Baseline Ranking & Traffic reports.Step 6: On-site & Off-site optimization.Step 7: Detailed Recommendation documents.Step 8: Implementation.Step 9: Monitoring and Optimizing: We provide monthly reporting and optimizationrecommendations. The reporting is compared to the baseline (or previous month’sresults) to identify trends and help guide additional adjustments. Your Turn Key Outsourcing Partner
  18. 18. Paying to advertise on the internet is a quick way to reach more of the right people. But as internetadvertising becomes more popular, the number of companies offering pay per click advertsincreases. How can you tell which options will give you the best return for your money?We can guide you through the alternatives and create a range of effective online adverts tailored toyour needs. Online Marketing Our Internet Advertising Service: Plan We offer a full internet advertising management service including choosing appropriate search Traffic- skyrocket General terms, selecting the most important sites toAcquisition Marketing Tactics your sales Strategy advertise on, and creating adverts tailored to each aspect of your products or services. We also monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns and report back regularly with any suggestions for Website Analysis improvements."Paying to advertise on the Internet is a great way of reaching carefully selected people. It can take lessthan half a day to set up a range of adverts tailored specifically to you. The sooner you start, the sooneryour new customers will find you." Your Turn Key Outsourcing Partner
  19. 19. Through profound industry understanding, professional approach and state-of-the-art techniques,web designers at Lifepals Global help global clients in making acquainted and eye-catching customwebsite designs in order to increase websites conversion rate. Our website design services areplanned to deliver end-to-end and affordable website designing techniques from the beginning till theimplementation with complete focus on increasing income and improving business performance.The web designing strategies followed by Lifepals Global are: Your Turn Key Outsourcing Partner
  20. 20. Monthly Website Maintenance Plans In order to have your customers return time and time again, it is imperative tokeep your website as up-to-date as possible. Customers want to know what’s new and to see there is something onyour website they should come back to see. Monthly website maintenance plans help website owners stay on topof their website to attract the highest number of return customers as possible.Lifepals Global website maintenance includes: Adding regular specials, coupons, etc. to attract new customers Adding/Deleting/Updating site products Removing and replacing date sensitive information (eg dates of exhibitions or events your company is attending or arranging through the year) Removing and replacing old news items and press releases Removing and correcting broken links to internal and external sites Replacing and updating images Updating staff profiles or recruitment information Your Turn Key Outsourcing Partner
  21. 21. Social media marketing management encompasses building your brand, loyalty, customer base and much more. LifepalsGlobal offers highly customized social media marketing management services that help companies of all sizes with their ongoing social media marketing needs. With your best interests in mind, we can create an affordable social media plan thatbegins with us learning your business and ends with your satisfaction over the growth of your business.Our social media marketing optimization encompasses many services to help you build your business and get your companynoticed by new consumers. We pride ourselves on the fact that our social marketing company needs no contracts, as webelieve that if we are doing a good job, you will continue to do business with us. Facebook LinkedIn Twitter •Creating Profile •Creating Profile •Creating Profile •Creating Fan Page •Integrating Profile with Other Social •Post Tweets with Site link(content • Integrating Profile with Other Social Media Channels form the site) Media Channels •Add Connections •Following Key influencers •Post Updates with links to the Desired •Join Groups •Use hash tags for Keywords Landing Page •Targeting & Networking with the •Re-tweet influential tweets •Joining Groups & Pages Influencers •Post neutral updates frequently •Adding Members & Fans •Starting Discussions in Groups •Create a Twitter Badge & place it on •Starting Discussions •Active participation in relevant Q&As the Site & Blogs •Sharing Links •Publish Press Releases •Increase the followers base constantly •Create Facebook “Like” button & •Create Polls Badge, to place it in the website & •Submit Feeds blogs •Share Presentations •Run Contests, Promotional Campaigns, •Integrate Blogs to the profile Polls.. •Share Links •YouTube Box (For Viral Campaigns) •Adding FBML Tabs Your Turn Key Outsourcing Partner
  22. 22. Effective business blog management goes well beyond just creating a business blog andwriting. It takes a significant amount of experience, research, time, and effort to launchand maintain a well crafted business blog. Business Blog Creation Business Blog Word press Blogging Experts Writing Blog Monetization Blog Commenting Blogger Outreach Implementation Campaigns ProgramsBusiness blogs are becoming more and more popular and effective for many companiesfor two main reasons. They are a great, cost effective way to develop relationships andcredibility. Customers and clients feel like your business is more open and accessible.Also, blogs tend to generate visitors over time from the major search engines and can bea profit centre of new business and sales. Your Turn Key Outsourcing Partner
  23. 23. Lifepals Global cater to the best of class marketing platform integrated productsthat today’s digital marketer needs. A huge customer-base worldwide relies on usto harness the power of email marketing. • Executing email campaigns • Template creation - Designing HTML Proprietary Email template with Pre-populated embedded HTML form campaign platform designed based on Campaign • Live Tracking - Campaign tracking which includes leads, clicks, email response and research conducted total opens on 25+ email marketers Runs on dynamic IP address to ensure better deliverability • Specify date and time for each campaign • Provide Lifepals Global with the Easy tracking to track templates or Content for each campaign Text • Our email database is completely behavioural pattern of the respondent. Campaign permission based. By sending emails only to people who are willing to receive it, you prevent jeopardizing your reputation Your Turn Key Outsourcing Partner
  24. 24. Business process outsourcing (BPO) is avaluable strategy for companies seeking newways to achieve high performance by Finance andcontrolling costs, reducing risk, fostering accountingcollaboration and increasing transparency Customer Human Service ResourceLifepals Global is one of the leadingproviders of Business ProcessOutsourcing (BPO) services, Businessoffering a wide range of outsourcing Process Lifepals Learningsolutions to clients. Aided by world- Global Outsourcingclass infrastructure, business Servicescompetencies, domain knowledge &expertise and a dedicated group of Recruitment Procurementhighly skilled and trained processprofessionals, we are able to providethe best quality outsourcing services Healthto clients. Administration Supply Chain Your Turn Key Outsourcing Partner
  25. 25. With Lifepals Global IT Outsourcing (ITO) solutions, commercial businesses andgovernment organizations worldwide can focus on their competencies instead of their ITinfrastructure.By designing, developing and delivering customized IT solutions, we help you streamlineyour IT functions and improve your competitive position. Our approach is based on:• Collecting information from you about your specific business needs• Processing and analyzing this information based on our deep technological expertise• Collaborating with you through every aspect of our offerings• Ensuring alignment of your business objectives with round-the-clock support.Throughout our global IT outsourcing portfolio, we:• Infuse thought leadership and innovation• Manage to the highest level of quality for service delivery• Enable you to transform your organization Lifepals Application Technology Technology Network IT consulting Global IT IT Operations Service Solutions Infrastructure Admirations Management Services Outsourcing services Your Turn Key Outsourcing Partner
  26. 26. ContactLifepals Global Technologies Pvt Ltd Dinesh Kumar Vijay Chhabria Director – Business Development Director – Business Development Mobile : +91 7829552557 Mobile : +91 9986018527 vijay.chhabria@lifepalsglobal.comAddress C 302, Nagarajuna Serene, 9th Main, Tulasi Theater Rd, Marathahalli, Bangalore – 560037