Moet & Chandon Georges Blanck Profile Southern Beverage Journal


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Moet & Chandon Georges Blanck Profile Southern Beverage Journal

  1. 1. DY: We have heard that you are a per- retaining freshness, only slightly bitter fectionist, what does this mean to the and salty. Favor simple combinations end product? with two to three complementary ingredi- ents. To the forefront, sweet citrus GB: With each vintage I work diligently fruits and white-fleshed fruit. Fat white to create new taste sensations to capti- fish, in particular poached, white meat By Dindy Yokel vate the most discerning and refined and poultry, poached or roasted, in champagne palates. I strive to create creamy sauces. Accompany with contemporary, innovative and subtle sweet, sugary vegetables; season with assemblages and renew existing tastes sweet spices. Contrasting textures; of surprising elegance. I am committed tender, supple, melting and crispy, to Moët & Chandon and to carrying on crunchy, even sticky. A multicolor uni- the tradition of champagne as a proud verse with average contrasts. part of the French heritage. DY: What are your thoughts about pair- DY: Moët & Chandon White Star is ing White Star or champagne in general very popular in the U.S. market. Can with typical American fare such as hot you tell us a little of the history behind dogs and pizza? We have heard that this champagne. champagne does not pair well with tomato sauce, is this so? GB: Moët & Chandon introduced White Star in 1880 as an extra-dry GB: White Star is the most popular champagne for the export market. champagne from France. The softer Upscale, but accessible due to a fruit character and the superb balance thoughtful and natural winemaking found in White Star blends harmo- process with absolute respect for the niously with food, even dishes that fea- fruit, these are the qualities that have ture tomato sauce or flavorful herbs given White Star its place as the leader and spices (not to hot). With tomato in the champagne category today. sauce, I would recommend Brut Imperial Rosé, which is well in balance DY: What are the tasting notes of with the Mediterranean spirit.g White Star? DY: The Miami market is filled with eth- GB: A balanced blend of Pinot Meunier, nic restaurants including Thai, Cuban, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes. Italian, Mexican, Chinese and Japanese. Breathe in and you will discover soft, In your opinion, does White Star pair mature aromas and flavors of white fruits well with these various cuisines? (peaches) and hints of nuts. You will find eorges Blanck, Chef de Cave for Moët a savoury attack, with a smooth and juicy GB: White Star, when paired with food, & Chandon is in Miami to attend the mid-palate, and a clean, crisp and shows a great depth and versatility. It is South Beach Wine & Food Festival and refreshing finish. open to world cuisines and thus able tohost the celebrated Moët & Chandon BubbleQ show its contemporary daring side,on March 5, 2004. This is his first visit to the DY: How can you tell the difference including Thai, Cuban, Italian, Mexican,area and we welcome him with an upraised between the marques from looking at Chinese or Japanese cuisines. Ourglass of bubbly – Moët & Chandon, naturally. the label? approach about wine and food pairing is without preconceptions, knowing that Born in Alsace, France, Georges Blanck GB: White Star has a silver star on the the most unusual associations some-received his degree in Agronomic Engineering label to differentiate it from Brut Impérial times prove to be the most extraordinary!and Winemaking from the Institut Argronomique that features a gold star on the label. TheParis-Grignon. He then went on to the Ecole star has always been featured on the DY: What is the optimum pairing withNationale Supérieure Agronomique de label of all champagnes in the Moët & White Star?Montpellier where he received his degree in Chandon family since the beginning ofViticulture and Oenology. the 19th century to commemorate the GB: White Star pairs well with seafood Georges Blanck joined Moët & Chandon as a appearance of Haley’s Comet in 1811. including crab cakes, lobster or oystersmember of the winemaking team and in this Since this time it has been thought that as well as simple combinations comple- comets appear to announce the grands mented by fresh fruit. A fine balancecapacity he has traveled the world monitoring millésimes. between fruit and acidity bring out theproduction of the champagne portfolio. He characteristics of the champagne. I alsodeveloped blending procedures specific to the DY: Miami is turning into a real restau- recommend white meat and poultry thatterroir of Moët & Chandon vineyards. He then rant town and we have some exquisite has been roasted or poached. Creamybecame the custodian of quality for the various chefs. Tell me your philosophy about sauces and vegetables seasoned withMoët & Chandon cuvées. pairing White Star and food? sweet spices complete the meal. We spent some time with Georges Blanck GB: White Star needs a simple and dou- Dindy Yokel is president and founder ofdiscussing his role at Moët & Chandon, his DindyCo PR & Marketing of Miami Beach, abackground and the best selling marque, Moët ble balance between fruit and acidity: full-service firm known for its innovative con- high richness and sweetness while cepts for national and international clients.& Chandon White Star.