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Animal behavior
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Animal behavior



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  • 1. Animal Movement, Distribution and Behavior
  • 2. Animals are found in every part of the earth, both in land and in water.
  • 3. o The Antartic, around the south pole, is so barren and icy that people cannot live there. But penguins, seals and whales are suited to live there.
  • 4.  A taiga, found mainly in Northern regions, provides home for bears, moose, squirrels, woodpeckers and deer.
  • 5. These are woodlands that are corniferous forests, made up of cone-bearingtrees such as pines or firs.
  • 6. Animals living in deserts in Africa, Asia, North America, and Australia often have certain things in commonMany desert creatures are able to go for long periods without waterDesert regions are very dry, and usually very hot
  • 7.  Many animals have special ways to discourage attackers. Some play a game of “make believe” to fool their enemies Other beasts drive away their enemies with unpleasant smells, or even with smoke screens Most animals use their hoofs,claws and horns as protection against their enemies
  • 8. • A hognose snake flops down “dead” when threatened. This confuses some predators, who then give up the hunt.• Some hares have a brown summer coat. In the autumn this molts and the hare grows white fur for camouflage in snow and ice.• When threatened, an armadillo rolls into a well protected ball. The pangolin from Asia and Africa and some insects can do this too.
  • 9. • Animals such as the cottontail rabbit, raccoon, chipmunk, opossum and flying squirrel live in deciduous forests• Creatures that live in tropical sun and jungles includes the maned wolf and the puma.• Those who live in savannas are the lions, giraffes, vultures and leopards