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Clear viewhd aprava medical

  1. 1.  The utilization of scanned images to diagnose and treat patients is critical.  Unfortunately, these images are often blurred and difficult to interpret. With ClearView HD, more of the digital data in an image is available to better diagnose, improve treatment regimens, and lead to overall better medical outcomes. Powered by Aprava Tech East 2014
  2. 2.  CVHD enhances everything from surveillance videos to medical imaging. It cuts through fog, sees in the night, and is equally as powerful on land as it is underwater.  The ClearView HD Plug and Play System corrects unusable images making them clear and viable, and it easily integrates with your existing devices – extending the life of your equipment. Powered by Aprava Tech East 2014
  3. 3. Powered by Aprava Tech East 2014
  4. 4. Original With Color Correction With ClearView HD Powered by Aprava Tech East 2014
  5. 5.  The ClearView HD technology works with your equipment to utilize more of the digital content of a scan. Because it enhances images in real time, results are faster, and diagnoses are more accurate.  Use ClearView HD with your existing: X-Ray · CT · PET · Ultrasound · MRI · And Many More Powered by Aprava Tech East 2014
  6. 6.  ClearView HD technology aids in lowering the cost of care through better diagnostics and treatment. ClearView HD system reduces the number of scans needed by revealing greater details from the images.  ClearView HD technology reveals details not visible in the original picture.  Clearer images allow for better interpretation, ultimately reducing exposure and cost. Powered by Aprava Tech East 2014
  7. 7.  In addition to providing clearer images, ClearView HD has the added benefit of tracking changes over time.  Past and present images are viewable side by side to assist in the analysis of scans.  Moreover, in addition to tracking the changes over time, you have the added benefit of tracking the results of treatments; saving time, money, and potentially, lives. Powered by Aprava Tech East 2014
  8. 8.  Automatic Operation  No need to set parameters  Automated Image Sharpening and Enhancement  Enhance Surface and Edge Detail  Change intensity level as desired with Controller Software Suite  Works with live or pre-recorded video and still imagery  Extract and Correct Images with Dark and Bright Regions Simultaneously  Near-real time processing – Delay time within 1 frame, (1/60 second), with HD Video  Four channel SD format (BNC) or HD format (HDMI) Powered by Aprava Tech East 2014
  9. 9.  You can rely on ClearView HD under the most adverse conditions, when there is no room for error; when clarity and the immediate identification of a threat are essential. Rest assured that your images will be utilized to their fullest potential, acting as your most viable witness.  Enhance real-time images as images are collected, (CCTV)  Enhance pre-recorded images  Display original image with enhanced image simultaneously Powered by Aprava Tech East 2014
  10. 10. For details, contact: Aprava Tech East +65 98574665 Powered by Aprava Tech East 2014
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