SAP Lumira - Building visualizations


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4th lesson about SAP Lumira

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SAP Lumira - Building visualizations

  1. 1. SAP Lumira Building Visualizations
  2. 2. Sort, rank, calculate and filter 2 In the Visualize workspace you can modify the measures and attributes that have already been added to the visualization o Open the Retail document o Create new Column Chart showing Quantity sold by Category o Sort Quantity sold in Descending order o Add Lines filter and keep only Trousers and City Trousers o Rank the 2 bottom categories. You can edit or remove the ranking using the same menu o Remove the ranking o You can create calculated measures as well. Add a Running Average for Quantity sold o Save your changes to the visualization and save the document Note that the filter has not been applied to the dataset lavel
  3. 3. Create a trellis effect 3 o Open the Sales Revenue by Year and Lines visualization in Retail document o Change it to Vertical column chart and drag the Year attribute to Trellis – Columns to show each year in different chart rather than as unique colors. You can also add other attributes to further breakdown the values o Save your changes The result should look like this:
  4. 4. Change chart formatting 4 You can change the chart formatting globally using the program preferences (File -> Preferences) o Change the Color Pallet for the visualizations to Monochrome Blue o Now switch the Template to Flashy o Finally increase the Font size by 50% and save your changes Note, that the format has changed for the chart:
  5. 5. Use a custom HTML5 chart extension 5 To use the sample HTML5 chart extensions copy and unpack the applicable file folders from C:Program FilesSAP LumiraDesktopsamplesextensionscharts to C:Program FilesSAP LumiraDesktopextensionsbundlesvizext o Create a new document by acquiring a dataset based on the sample Excel file “Olympics Data.xls” o Enrich the Country attribute by creating the geographic hierarchy By Name o Remove the Year measure o Create a new measure “Quantity of medals” that counts all medals o Create a Flag Bar Chart showing Quantity of medals by Medal Type and Country (use hierarchy) o Add the filters Country (to keep only Russia and China) and City (to keep only Beijing) o Save the document as “Olympics”
  6. 6. Use a custom HTML5 chart extension 6 The result should look like this: