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departure blvd magazine, UK & US edition, profile

departure blvd magazine, UK & US edition, profile

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  • 1. depar ture blvdTravel the... blvd way and discover the world www.depar ture-blvd.net
  • 2. customs blvd accessories blvd interview blvd culture Acer Ferrari 1100 Clinique Cucci India A Ferrari under your orders Eye favourites Winter’s Avril The cooperation of the Acer with Ferrari continues with a new laptop. The Acer Ferrrari 1100 combines innovative technology from the world of Formula 1 with two The glittering make-up bag of Clinique contains everything needed for the eye before and after the trip. Choose one of 6 color from the The Avril shoes that belongs to the new winter collection Cucci is what Old Delhi The year 1638 the Mogul empire Shah Jahan transferred the capital of its empire from Agra Markets and bazaars of Delhi shadow palette of the “High Impact Eyeshadow” we call “shoe for your library”. It is to the area of Delhi and named it Shahjahana- core processing power. The body of the computer is The capital of the empire If you enjoy bargaining the prices, regardless Colourful, alive, active and “highlight” the uniqueness of the vision an item that is made for supporting bad. At a period of 10 years the red fortress, of the value of the products, or even if you made of carbon, which offers resistance, of Shah Jahan, which Jami Masjid temple and Chandni Chowk trad- and at some places with the black Mascara. After books and decorating shelves. It is enjoy just staring at the benches, you must was build the 17th century ing road were build. The city was surrounded extremely noisy… All these while the weight is reduced to1.7 a trip relax the eyes with the made of black and purple leather definitely visit a market. Bargain without be- by a wall with 14 gates, 3 of which remain until seems to retains its original ing aggressive. State from the beginning the describe the markets Kg. It has a chassis made of “Make up remover” and with silver shades and an today. An elegant way of life was created be- amount you’re willing to pay; if you do not character. cause of the tradesmen, the courtiers and the of the old Delhi… carbon fire, while at the top of the the special product “All 85-mm heel. If not achieve the price you want, just move away artists that filled the area. The year 1739 the about eyes”. The bag also noticed, the back from the store or the bench. wide screen of 12.1 inches is placed 1. Typical picture in old Delhi Persian invader Nadir Shah loot the city, leav- Explore Khari Baoli, the largest spice market contains a “Long Last black background 2. Patchwork of plates in the damaged ing behind him nothing but ruins and count- a web camera Acer OrbiCam. of Asia, Dariba Kalan for jewels, Nai Sarak Glosswear SPF 15” in has the Cucci facade of a building at the old Delhi less victims. The final blow was given the year 1. Young engaged in... shopping! 3. Two-wheeled and three-wheeled rick- for books and paper products and Churiwali info: www.acer.com shades of “Air Kiss”. signature. 1857 when the British covered at the red fort, Gali for glass bracelets at any colour compi- 2. Scenes from the market area 1 saw, pedestrians, cyclists and cars move following an Indian revolt. of Nizamuddin 1 “seamlessly” on city streets lation you can imagine. 3. View of the bazaar The deeply marked face of the old Delhi is On the other hand, if you prefer shopping at Apple’s iPod Cucci Links London seen until today. The western visitor will experi- a western style store, you should visit Khan Ara Starck ence an intense cultural shock, after his/her Watch vividly the sound quality Agendas for signings coming out from the modern metro of the city Market and Connaught Place. Prices there are more or less fixed and you can find local Canon Portobello in Greece to walk to the heavily crowded streets around The new little Apple’s iPod is able to offer more New York, London, Paris, Milan, traditional products and international firms. PowerShot Chandni Chowk. Tottery buildings with elec- T Verne If the piece of men’s watches collection entertainment with music video and video podcasts. Berlin, Barcelona and Tokyo, tricity cables in frond of them, a lot of plates, D10 dominates you immediately, you can countless small shops, outdoors benches wherever you travel you will have Journeys of Art The large screen of 2 inches and analysis of 320x240 CANONized the opportunity to visit one of now get it from Links London. The his year from February 7 to February by the streets, pedestrians, bikes, motor rick- that owns, gives brighter picture by 65% compared diving the famous shops and series of Swiss watches was named by 9, Verne was in her Sunday best, in full harmony with the medieval face of the old Join the carnival shaws and cars, all together literally packed. Things get worse from the strong smells of to the previous models of Apple. Has size of 6.5 mm, the Portobello Road in London, famous search among the district and turned into a vibrant city that various foods prepared outdoors, either for All summer holidays and This year departure blvd decided to become acquainted with weight of 49.2gr, the facade is made of aluminium, travel accessories for for its antique shops and wonderful knows how to intensively celebrate the sale (outdoors “fast food”!...), either for private every extreme activity are The daughter of the famous architect Philippe Starck, has carnival. The canton flags where lowered one of the less famous carnivals in the world, the carnival of use. The same is the case with smells com- while the back cover is made by shinny stainless the one that best suits vintage treasures. The collection captured by the lens of the from the flag staffs of Kramgasse and ing from spices and the always existent noise debuted in the international watches and not followed the footsteps of her father, although she chose Verne. It lasted for two days and took place at the old city of steel. It is available in four beautiful colors attracting first all weather camera: to you. Like, for in their place the blue flag of the carnival coming from the horns of various vehicles example, the black jewellery exhibition of Baseworld 2009 a few a road that led to a surprisingly successful collaboration with was raised. People of all ages wore their Verne, which is protected as a cultural heritage monument used as a means of navigation. the eye and has a capacity of 8 GB (2.000 songs, 8 PowerShot D10. fabric agenda with months ago. Timeless forms, elegant details lend him. Painting won her, just as Paris won her over London and fancy costumes, put on their make-up and by UNESCO. In the following lines, you will have the chance The experience is definitely intense as well as hours video). It can play up to 5 hours of video or up to Dive into the sea in a depth overflew the streets until the early morning unique. Arm yourselves with patience, forget black leather lined contemporary style while withdrawing the retro design. New York. She often combines her trips with exhibitions of to experience for a while through your imagination the colour up to 10 meters, take care of hours. Musicians took their musical about whatever image you have in mind and 24 hours of songs with a single charge. other artists, and shortly she shall be presenting herself and the sounds of this rather singular carnival. falls from climbing that are internally. instruments, the streets were closed and wander around the labyrinth of the old city. info: www.apple.com a collection of portraits in Artegalore in Paris. beer as well as the traditional fondues with more than 1.22m, get out by Chris Oreinos Sony ICD-UX melt cheese became the centre of attention. Tiny Recorder for «mute recording» to the stormy weather with temperature up to -10 οC Grune Erde interview: Dimithris Athanasopoulos It is the 27th carnival organized in Verne, which in its few years of presence has duration of the events. Thus, either through the drummers, at least three in each of the, Citrus benevolence emerged as the third biggest carnival in literally, tens of philharmonic bands that play Sony Media & Peripherals Europe presented a colourful new series and capture the unforget- If you think to travel to Austria or Germany combine the music, or through independent schemes Switzerland. It always starts on a Thursday table moments of your out- playing only percussion instruments, of multifunctional pocketsize digital recorders. These little recorders trip with a visit to the earth paradise of natural skin care. night upon the awakening from hibernation door activities. It is certain rhythm emerges tirelessly from every alley, Grune Erde, the stores known for their products for face of the bear (do not worry, it is an effigy) that of lectures, business meetings, and live music weigh just 48 grams, from every arcade of the old city. that the 12.1 Megapixel reso- is jailed in the prison’s tower (Kafigturm) and body care are based only on nature. An indicative Celebrations essentially start on Friday with the amazing capacity of up to 2 GB or 575 hours recording lution, the 3x optical zoom due to the sound of the drums (Ychublete). range of skin care, is that new one of citrus fruits including with the children’s parade, and climax on The bear constitutes the animal-symbol in LP mode. They offer a stereo recording and playback MP3 and lens, the shock resistance Saturday with the great parade in which shower gel, body moisturizing oil, night and day facial of the city of Verne. Besides, the city is and the shock stabilizer are participate around 60 to 70 schemes, WMA. They are also used for data storing which can be transferred creams and body cream, all made by the zest of citrus named after this animal (bear – Bern!) attracting around 50,000 spectators. Those only some of the features according to the legend which holds that to PC or Mac and that can charge its battery while linked to USB fruit peel, sunflower oil, almond oil, vegetables, green who participate in the parade, the theatrical the first conquerors of the area asserted that can remind you what sketches taking place in several spots as connection. Its operation is very simple and ingenious. Some of tea extract, chamomile, rosemary , peppermint extract themselves on the animal kingdom by happened truly to your ad- well as all those participating in the bands and the miraculous “hazelnut water”. Each one of these killing a bear. the elements that make the new models marvellous are the eligible venture. are wearing costumes with fancy colours products rejuvenates the skin of type, age, regardless of Nevertheless, the rolls of drums do not that amazingly fit the traditional background sensitivity of microphone and the noise reduction. www.canon-europa.com seem to aim only at waking up the bear its sensitivity. They are manufactured under the highest of the old city, creating a unique magical from hibernation; they continue with 2 3 2 3 www.sony-europe.com standards of Austria. undiminished tension throughout the entire atmosphere in the city of Verne.10 departure blvd departure blvd 11 26 departure blvd departure blvd 27 30 departure blvd departure blvd 31 42 departure blvd departur departure blvd magazine, is a travel magazine with over of 100 pages of high quality, updated infor- mation and breathtaking photographs of places all over the world. It covers different places, informa- tion for transportation - places to visit - must see areas – suggestions and details for families and kids – museums and sights, as well as full presentations of places, domestic products, domestic cuisine etc. Also, it covers cultural and athletic events all over the world, design and architecture as well as enviromental issues. Basic characteristics: • Top publication and print quality as far as the paper concern, the larger size of the publication, the carefully chosen photos and of course the vigilantly chosen material which contains information that is unquestionably reliable. • departure blvd magazine provides the reader with detailed features, reports and profiles of destina- tions of all kinds, as well as suggestions for alternative tourism, ranging from leisure and recreation to eco-tourism. • Well-designed material - carefully chosen by our crew “specialists”- will offer the reader not only the necessary information one needs when travelling for leisure, but is also catering for topics like culture, art and sport to name but a few. Distribution In order to reach the target readers, departure blvd has planned a specific distribution in the UK. and US. It will be distributed at WHSmith stores, WHSmith Travel Stores, as well as indepentent news stand all over UK. In USA it will be distributed at first in Borders in all magor cities. Our distribution company is CoMag. Free copy allocation departure blvd magazine will have a free copy allocation to: • 4* and 5* hotels around London & Luxury Health Spas • First and business class airline lounges serving passengers from airlines. • Cruise Ship Terminals • Private Jet Centres • Overseas hotels such as in France, Spain, Italy • In flight placement for specific routes Our distribution company is Gold Key Media. Internet The magazine’s website www.departure-blvd.net is being reformed and redesigned. The new website, in Greek and English provides the travellers with all the information which is necessary in order to organize a trip. The database of the site is monthly updated with the new travel experiences of the journalists and photographers of the magazine, while there will be interactive communication with website users, who will be able to provide information and make personal comments. The next step blvd shopping blvd design Travel the blvd way report blvd gourmet Mendo Pavilion Bridge Water & Sustainable Development Colours & contrasts The capital of India is dynamic, traditional, noisy yet tranquil at some spots, with a developing modern aspect and finally the house of no less than 15 million people. More than one fourth of its residents are below poverty line, yet its industry grows rapidly. It certainly is an attractive destination to those travellers seeking for intense experiences. by Christos Orinos Fiji Islands conut, which has many uses. The market is Its taste is like potato and sweet potato while etables and coconut milk. It was very tasty B S full of all sorts of fresh fruits and vegetables. it gives the taste of celery head. Remarkable and different to what I had experienced till At the kitchen of Pacific Many of them surely can not be recognized was the fact that almost all the children at a then. I was amazed by the combination of [ ooks in abundance. Mendo is a Zaha Hadid, the first ince ancient times, the construction of The extraordinary bridge made by the Ira- by foreigners but it is worthy to try them. Per- small village were carrying to school cassava ingredients, so I asked and got the recipe. bookstore in the center of Amsterdam that a bridge was a challenge and vision as well. nian architect, one of the few in the world sonally speaking, I am delighted when I try in their meal boxes. There I realized the fact Most of the homemade desserts are based woman architect to win the does not only sell books, but also uses At the same time, it brought about significant with sheltered indoors, is joining the two something new. Although I do not like every- that it was their cheap daily food. Like the on tropical fruits. One of the most delicious Mendo ] them as decorative and constructional Pritzker Architecture Prize, changes in the socio-economic structures of banks of the the river Ebro crossing a The cuisine thing I taste eventually the idea of something bread in Europe or the rice in China sweets is the banana pudding with coconut elements. The walls are not made of Endless coasts with white bricks, but of two thousand solid black the design research, discovery, inspiration. Mendo gives a new role to the bookstores as it is more once again manages to a place, contributing to progress, but also act- ing as a landmark. Along with all this, now- small island. The 260 m long pedestrian bridge, with slightly curved shape, looks sand, blue lagoons, magical The cuisine of Fiji is part of the wider South Pacific cuisine based on fresh products avail- new dominates and the experience increas- es. In such places it is good to travel with a lo- Daily local nutrition at the villages milk, which seemed very much to the Greek semolina halva. This dessert was not only transform her work into an books-mendo. The books that are for sale are on bookstore an artistic library than a regular bookstore or at least, tries to promote this idea. That is travel destination of great adays, the inclusion of a bridge in the land- scape is still a challenge for its creators. like a flower stalk. The shape of a rhom- bus, a trademark of 58 years old archi- waterfalls, colorful corals, able in abundance. It has much in common with the recipes of Hawaii and Polynesian, cal guide describing the products that can be found, although the local vendors are always The best way to experience the local cuisine is to make a trip to small villages of the re- exotic but also healthy due to the fat from the coconut and the sugar from bananas. architecture, fashion, photography, design why, Mendos books are not sold online. Its Zaha Hadid could not have refused a chal- tect, characterizes this work, highlighting rare fish, tropical fruits and mainly due to the quantity of raw materials. willing to explain you anything been asked. gion. A taxi driver can also be your personal architectural interest. Ladies and graphic design. Moreover, these philosophy is to give its guests time in order to lenge to her «own» bridge, which will be a her design ability. exotic plants In addition, most local dishes are a mix of The cassava, a large root that is sold every- guide to such a trip. The people are so hos- Tropical flavors and gentlemen, welcome days Medno presents a collection of XL wonder in the bookstore, use the headphones milestone in the «EXPO 2008» in Zaragoza, The original method of constructing the fish or meat with vegetables and rich spicy where, is a key part of the inhabitants’ daily pitable that they propose you not only to try, If you’re looking for paradise on earth, Fiji is books, such as Muhammad Ali, Artists n Mendos’ shelves are full of special modern to listen to music while reading, search, leaf to the Pavilion Bridge, at Spain. Hadid vindicates again her myth by hydraulic foundations Osterberg Cell was sauce with coconut milk, chilli and limes. diet. The root is reminiscent of cooked pota- but to accompany them to their meal. I had definitely a good option that will not disap- Prostitutes etc. Mendo was an inspiration art collections. As a matter of fact, because through the books, travel through the images Zaragosa. creating a bridge-sculpture in full harmony first implemented in Spain, in order to sup- The flour made by coconut and cassava is to, and its leaves look like leeks. It is a starchy the chance to visit a small village at the time point you not even at food! The exotic fla- of the owners of the homonym graphic design agency whose vision was a creative bookstore. of the graphic design agency, you can find many of them in Berenstratt 1 where Mendo 1, is located. The bookstore sees book as and finally find the best book for them. www.mendo.nl with the environment, land lines and the flow of water while forming one of the main entrances of the exposition. port the Pavilion Bridge at 72.5 m. depth, exactly where Zaha Hadid had envisioned the bridge. India - Delhi by Eftichis Bletsas used much in pies, cakes and batter for fried foods, which are made with coconut oil and palm oil. The main product of Fiji is the co- food that is the basis of many local special- ties. They fry or boil it and it is eaten as main course or trimming to fish and meat dishes. of cooking. I met a local young cooker pre- paring the fricassee type meal. It was con- sisted of large fish fillets cooked with veg- vors, the fresh products, the local specialties and menus of fine restaurants will certainly satisfy your gourmet needs!12 departure blvd departure blvd 13 20 departure blvd departure blvd 21 36 departure blvd departure blvd 37 24 departure blvd departur www.depar ture-blvd.net
  • 3. report air photographs, by Jim Wark, www.airphotona.com Bahamas diary a i r p h o t o g r a p h s r Sea & Sky, Bermuda Triangle India The Claridges Hotel - New Delhi H a ve l o c k Ta j M a h a l It is at the city of Agra, approximately 200 kilometres north-eastern of Delhi. It is con- Andaman Islands, India San Francisco sidered one of the most representing sam- a It is one of the most ples of the Mogul architecture. It features Claridges Hotel, extended over a 12-acre area, famous buildings of the elements from the Persian, Turkish, Indian is located near the historical, commercial, diplo- During this winter, a week of free time and Islamic styles. The year 1983 was pro- Full of surprises world. Thus, it needs no matic and entrepreneurial centre of the capital appeared unexpectedly and I decided nounced as part of the International Cultural city. It offers a wide range of choices to its visi- more references… Inheritance by UNESCO; it is considered to find myself in a completely different tors. From accommodating luxurious rooms to be a “pearl of the Muslim art and one of for visitors, who wish to keep the cost at low lev- place. In Havelock, the most developed the masterpieces of the global inheritance”. els, to suites offering all facilities for visitors, who island in a cluster of 36 residential out The 7/7/2007, after a voting to which more seek for quality in their travel. All rooms are spa- than 100 million internet and mobile tel- of over 550 tropical islands belonging to d cious and modern and many of them overlook ephone users took place, Taz Mahal was 1 the swimming pool, or the beautiful garden. India. Few places are permitted to visit pronounced as one of the 7 wonders of the A number of restaurants, operate in the hotel. at Andaman. modern world. From traditional Indian to Chinese, as well as It was build by the emperor Shan Jahan in Mediterranean cuisine and B&Q in a beautifully memory of his fourth wife, Mumtaz Mahal, which died during the birth of their fourteenth decorated outdoor place. Moreover, a 24-hour by Andreas Polydoros restaurant for coffee, tea, snacks, as well as child. It begun the year 1631, at the peak of cooked meals also operates. the Mogul empire, and was completed after In the hotel’s premises, there is also the Aura When you arrive at San Francisco it is hard not to be 22 years, the year 1653. It cost approximate- n Vodka Bar, awarded for the exquisite Vodka- ly 41 million rupees. For its development 500 impressed The beauty of the city, as a result of the based cocktails it has to offer. From light en- kilos of gold were used and twenty thousand combination of the Pacific ocean with the bridges connecting tertainment to exhaustive dance on Friday & workers were used. Its perfect proportions, Saturday evening, it will satisfy even the most Exumas, Bahamas the city, the Victorian houses, the mist surrounding it, the the exquisite craftsmanship with which it was demanding visitors. Lastly, it has the wonder- build and the use of white marble dight with Asian culture, the tenacity in democracy, the Victorian and ful Senate business lounge for the elite of its created what is named as “a prayer, a vision, contemporary architecture and many more, create a cocktail visitors, who wish to enjoy their breakfast in a a dream, a poem, a miracle”. calmer place, with comfortable sofas, eager hardly describable on a tribute, let alone a plain introduction. The tranquillity that this grand work breathes, and very accommodating staff. e its colossal dimensions, the large and fine 12 Aurangzeb Road gardens surrounding it as well as the very by Dimitris Athanasopoulos New Delhi, 110011 thought that you stand in frond of the Taz Tel. +91 11 4133 5133 Mahal make it a priceless experience. It goes Fax +91 11 2301 0625 2 without saying that the visitor of Delhi must www.claridges.com travel until Angra. If you travel by train, you’ll Y be there after 3-4 hours. You must be cau- tious though, because the trains in India start from a destination and reach the end ou must get special permission and same, the vegetation has extreme difference. The most beautiful experience was the diving l of their travel after two or three days. This indicate how long you would remain, should The rain falling endlessly in the summer I made (with a well-organized center), to the means that every delay at the interim sta- you want to visit the area, because it is im- makes the trees and the plants raise uncom- beautiful bed that had the lively reef, about 20 tions is translated into several hours of de- portant that you do not get in touch with monly. At the southern part of Havelock, at minutes away from the coast. lay at the final destinations. It is also recom- the indigenous primitive tribes living in some the 2 / 3 of the island, there is an inaccessi- I felt pleasantly surprised because there were mended that you travel at the first or second islands, who are in danger of extinction. ble rainforest. The rest of the island presents not only tourists on the island (especially seat wagons. Moreover, not even Indians are permitted to only 2 roads. The one, about 15 km, is along those relaxing after a trek of several weeks Send us go southern of Nicobar. the east coast where the most accommo- in India), but also Indians from the mainland a your own The flight from Chennai (Madras) to the dation (mainly simple wooden bungalows) is (middle and upper class), where they enjoyed travel experiences east the Bay of Bengal in Port Blaire lasts located and the other, less than 10 km, leads for a few days the sea by floundering in the at 2 hours. The Port Blaire is the capital city, a to the west coast. waves with their clothes. diary@departure-blvd.net rather indifferent city with a prison building I was not bored at all due to this small island, And when it began to get late (at 5:30, be- and you may as the most important monument built by because my eye did not get enough of all cause although 1000 km east of India, it see them published! the British colonialists in the late 19th cen- shades of green and blue. The feeling to walk has the same time as mainland), we were 1. Stop for a photo shoot of one of the Texts should come along tury where the “dissidents” were exile from for miles on the soft white sand is indescriba- gathered in an outdoor market where locals most famous buildings in the world the Indian mainland. ble. The sea water was playing its own game, exchange fish, fruit and their vegetables. Cer- 2. View of the Taj Mahal behind the Ya- with high resolution During the four-hour trip to Havelock by boat, keeping pace with tides once rising to give tainly my feeling from this trip is that there c muna river from the Agra Fort photographs 3 3. The famous splendid example of the Abaco Cays, Bahamas of the journey. I felt like traveling in the Cyclades (in Greece). you the chance to swim or falling to let you a are still earthly paradises which present a very Mogkoul architecture, Taj Mahal Παραλία Ναυαγίου, Λανάι, Χαβάη Although the size of the islands is about the dense carpet up to the knee to lie down on it. simplified version.50 departure blvd departure blvd 51 44 departure blvd departure blvd 45 62 departure blvd departure blvd 63 60 departure blvd departure blvd 61 will be the translation of our site in more languages, maximizing the number of its visitors from all over the world. Target Group (this data emerges from research for the Greek edition of departure blvd magazine among the subscribers, the letters of our readers, the contests we have organized and the exhibitions we have participated in.) Reader’s profile: Successful, sociable, a consumer with one’s own viewpoint and of course travel-lover. (S)He knows how to choose and look for the best when buying for magazines or publications of the kind mainly with a view to being informed and entertained. Advertising Environment Taking into consideration the competitive character of the market nowdays, a magazine should ef- fectively focus to what its readers are looking for. In view of this fact, products and services that will decide to be promoted through the pages of departure blvd will be approaching a target public which will combine a higher quality of life, choices based on knowledge, experience, good taste and a personal point of view. Based on this philosophy, departure blvd dedicates a limited number of pages to advertisements and promotes their advertising messages in the best possible way. Having adopted this mentality, the promotion of departure blvd has been equally targeted, in order to maintain the exclusive profile that has been adopted, combining alternative ways of marketing total quality. blvd promotions For the UK and US launch departure blvd magazine has organized specific promotions at the sell spots, in order to introduce the magazine to the readers effectively. Besides, departure blvd maga- zine will also have specific discounts and offers from the very beginning in order to achieve highest sells with its first issue, while specific offers will lead promotions to attract subscriptions. For more information contact: info@departure-blvd.net UK & US Launch date: March 2011 business lounge ...and discover the world adventure timetable First stop of our journey was Lake Manyara National Park. This is the San Francisco Music froM cineMa athens concert Hall Maui WHale festival Hawaii, u.s.a. MarlborouGH Wine festival ski at alps vancouver, canada cricket soutH africa athens, Greece 6 of february – 8 of March 2010 Marlborough, new Zealand 13-27 of february 2010 south africa 7 luxury exhibitions only park reminding of Amazon jungle than African park. It is full 6th february 2010 12-14 of february 2010 21 of october 2009- 18 of tall trees and giraffes, some of Golden Gate Bridge of March 2010 Ta n z a n i a which taller than the trees. Next, we 2010 begins with luxury travel encountered a lot of zebra packs; we were informed that the stripes at Bridge: (Among other Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most famous bridges of the world. It is located at San Fran- things) “Anything facilitating Dare to explore! each zebra are unique, resembling cisco and is considered to be the landmark the human imprints. At the very communication or contact”. of the city, with visitors coming from all over first day of our visit, we managed to see lions, not the most frequent There’s no humanly made the world just to see it. The construction of the bridge started the year 1933. The difficult of the animals of the African savannah. creation that can surpass If you think that “safari” means staying at task, as a result of the strong winds and sea The specific animals were on a its beauty. currents of the ocean, made the conclusion of low quality resorts you’re completely wrong. honeymoon! the construction possible the year 1937. It is reach 2010 as an Olympic sport that owns Tanzania has significantly improved as a the one of a pair of bridges built the same time, many spectators. The games will begin with safari destination. A number of companies, with the other connecting the city with Oakland. women ethnic groups and on February 16 like CCAfrica, specialize in luxury safaris; 1 This second one was overshadowed by the the men will take the baton, or better the red colour of Golden Gate and the mist com- “stick” literally. The schedule of matches will they can deliver you a truly unique, ing from Pacific Ocean from June to October, roll with big groups like the American team. once-in-a-lifetime- A great event with the first names of which stands over its cables. Designers of the info: cricket and the most important groups safari experience. bridge were Joseph Strauss and Irving Mor- www.vancouver2010.com A month during each winter, a herd of is going to be held in several major row. It was named a few years after, possibly B I T This year, the Athens Concert Hall, apart great whales arrives on the shores of Works of Olympics and Paralympics are thriv- cities in South Africa. The Diamond V a k a n z 1946, when military surveyor John Fremont from music, dance, theatre, comes closer the Pacific at Wailuku, the Maui Country Gourmet tastes will delight the palate, the sky ing in their section and the tickets have been JiMMy Greave’s 70tH Eagles, the Chevrolet Warrions, the 15th -17th of January, 2010 everything you need in order to find your 18-21 February 2010 compared the San Francisco bay with Kera- by Sofia Klotsa to cinema with a peculiar and special way. of Hawaii. A wide range of events are will be sunny, and the water will be turquoise like coming sold with first the favourite sport birtHday Nashua Titans, the Buzhud Highveld Luxemburg dream destination. Milan, Italy tios bay in Constantinople, otherwise known as On 6th of February will host the Symphony carried such as marathon for adults and while the world known Marlborough wine will that are met in the heart of winter. From Feb- london, Great britain Lions and other teams will attend in More than 200 travel specialists will be www.cms.messe-stuttgart.de/cms/ The exhibition Borsa Interazionale Turismo is the “golden antennule”, thus the “golden gate”. Orchestra of Munich, which will perform children of 5 and 2 km respectively, along flow plenty. At least, this is the way that the ruary 13, starts the Alpine ski of men down 20 february 2010 Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban present in the Luxexpo exhibition & con- one of the most important tourism fairs in music from beloved films. A program with the the southern coast of Maui, music from responsible show that the celebration of wine hilling and continues actively with the ladies and other cities to compete in the gress centre, in order to introduce visi- F i t u r the world. Moreover, as time passes by, its most popular soundtracks like the “Gone with the most popular artists of Hawaii, floats, of the New-Zeeland province will take place. who will compete in the combined downhill SuperSport Series, MTN Domenstic tors to the world of travel after their ar- 20th -24th of January 2010 organization becomes a «traditional value» in the Wind”, the “Schindler’s list”, the “Cinema gymnastic demonstrations, parade to The celebration will begin with the Annual and slalom. High demand will present as it Championship, the 2-day Tour Match at rival at Vakanz. The aim of the exhibition Madrid, Spain the minds of travelers. In Fieramilano Exhibi- Paradise”, the “Lawrence of Arabia”, “Doctor the park Kalama and meals at the most Market Festival where the Blenheim CBD will is expected to be on February 21, with men a great celebration full of entertainment is each visitor to find the ideal destination Fitur is the meeting of professionals from the tion Centre in Rho a great number of experts Zhivago”, the “Hours”, even the Theodoros important restaurants of Maui to welcome be alive with crafts, clothe proposals, food and competing at the Giant Slalom 1 & 2 Run. and cricket sporting quality. And how for him based on the suggestions made tourist field. Companies, hotels, travel offices, in the travel and the most important names Angelopoulos’ “The dust of time”. Projects of this protected species. Many whales will of course a lot of wine. The wine festival will info: could it not be so, once Australia, the by the specialists. Whatever the travellers consultants and specialists of the manage- of Italian tourism will be gathered. 1. Traffic on the bridge... E. Karaindrou of E. Morricone, A. Newman be concentrated to the coast. In addition last the next few days accompanying music www.vancouver2010.com top cricket team, will also participate. are looking for, mountain or sea, country- ment and international development of tour- www.bit.fieramilanoexpocts.it 2. The Fort Point, the old fort on the south and of many other famous composers will be to the live show which is truly amazing, and events. These events include a cruise, a The event will involve teams of men side or city, steppe or luxuriant vegetation, ism, meet in Madrid. About 13.000 profes- side of the bay, living in “the shadow” of performed under the direction of conductor will feature parts from the white whale in short tour around the coast of Marlborough and women keeping the tradition alive sport or relaxation, long vacation or just sionals will participate in Fitur and its 30th I n t o u r m a r k e t the Golden Gate Alexandros Myrat. documentaries. wine tasting courses. ice Hokey since 1991. a getaway, is in an area of 14.000 sq.m. anniversary will be the starting point for strate- 13th -16th of March 2010 3. The view of the city from the bridge vancouver, canada 2 4. When a human undertaking is compet- info: info: info: info: where the Luxexpo in Luxemburgs Kirch- gies and business alliances that aim at quality Moscow, Russia 13-28 of february 2010 ing with the beauty of the nature... www.megaron.gr www.greatmauiwhalefestival.org www.wine-marlborough-festival.co.nz www.cricket.co.za berg takes place. travels and at the same time, a celebration The 5th International Tourism Exhibition will Visitors, among other things, will have the for million of travelers that will visit Madrid for take place in Crosus Expo, the National Exhi- chance to get informed about the latest the meeting. bition Centre of Moscow, a modern building, offers and the most popular destinations www.iferma.es constructed according to latest technology cabalGata of the year, attend everyday the thematic standards, that has seven exhibition sections. de los reyes MaGos presentations, events etc. E M I T T The presentations will be spectacular, using barcelona, spain www.luxexpo.lu 1 1th -14th of February 2010 beautiful backgrounds and innovative exhibi- 5 & 6 of January 2010 Istanbul, Turkey tors ideas concerning their products. On the evening of January 5 of each year, Barcelona becomes C M T The International Travel & Tourism Exhibition www.itmexpo.ru a magical city! The Three Kings of the New Testament will It is a fiesta that combines sport and art. Lon- 16th -24th of January 2010 of Eastern Mediterranean will host more than arrive with a boat on the beach of Barcelona, before midnight. don will celebrate the 70th birthday of the larg- Stuttgart, Germany 3.000 exhibitors, 150 travel agencies and M I T T ( I T T F A ) From there they will reach the nearby park Ciutadella, will board est and most beloved Englishman goal-scor- Where is the vacational paradise? Which is tourist offices, 400 hotels, 120 states and 17th -20th of March 2010 on their wagons and the big parade of floats and pedestrian It was very hard for us to leave ing genius as characterized, Jimmy Greaves. the most luxurious trip at the best price? municipalities from 50 countries. The country Moscow, Russia Kings will start distributing sweets and barley in the crowd of Ngorongoro and start the journey His special invitees will be concentrated to the Where and how can someone discover that will participate in the exhibition for the first MITT is the greatest and most important people that accompanies the procession. Along the Gran Via back home. Before that, we visited IndingO2 to honor him. Bobby Smith, Ste- the most isolated places? You can find all time is Egypt. The Tuyap Beylikduzu Exhibi- tourism event in Russia. It is an amazing countless stalls will have been set up by the previous day, to a Masai village named Boma; we vie Perryman, Martin Chivers, George Cohen, destinations and answers, enriched with tion Centre is created in an area of 55.000 show proving that in Russia you can find enable young and old visitors to leave their letters asking for wanted to know a bit more about Ossie Ardiles, Geof Hurst, Ron Chopper Har- inspiration as far as presentations and sq.m. and consists of 10 lounges where visi- some of the most promising destinations in gifts from the wizards. The festival starts from 16:30 in the this unique tribe. The Masai are This sport derived from the ancient French ris, Peter Bonetti, Pat Jennings, Cliff Jones folkloric descriptions are concerned in tors can find kiosks about technology, Mass the world. It is an important meeting point afternoon and lasts until the early hours of the Epiphany. nomads; they develop their houses word: Hocquet, that means stick and of and many more, including stars from the dec- CMT. Delicacies from all over the world are Media and a wide range of presentations and for the travel and tourism industry, promot- info: using wood and mess. They’re course the Englishmen who love all types ade of 60’s and 70’s will be there, too. offered to the visitors. This exhibition has news for those who love travels. ing a wide range of destinations www.worldeventsguide.com plain and noble people and their 3 4 of sports that are played with sticks, de- info: behaviour was very friendly. veloped it to a popular sport since 1600 to www.theo2.co.uk16 departure blvd departure blvd 17 46 departure blvd departure blvd 47 58 departure blvd departure blvd 59 22 departure blvd departure blvd 23 www.depar ture-blvd.net
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