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CEO Clubs Greece 2012 CEO Clubs Greece 2012 Presentation Transcript

  • C H I E F E X E C U T I V E O F F I C E R S ’ C L U B
  • | The missionOur MissionThe Chief Executive Officers’ Club is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated tocreating a nurturing environment for CEOs and entrepreneurs so they canimprove the quality and profitability of their enterprises through sharedlearning and business networking.
  • | The valuesOur Values• Exclusivity – Membership is targeted to recognized business leaders who yearn quest for personal and professional development and have an international and generally open mindset• Openness / Trust – The Club builds on a mutual understanding of its members and complete adherence to confidentiality matters• Sharing – Knowledge, experiences through roundtables and PAC• Extroversion – To go beyond geographical and personal boundaries• Foster creativity – In all our activities
  • | The profileConnecting business around the worldCEO Clubs Int’l is headquartered in New York. It was founded by Dr. JoeMancuso 34 years ago with the aim to connect some of the top echelons inbusiness for knowledge and skill, sharing and create a nurturing environmentwhere they can hone their business skills further.The Club provides educational opportunities to its members to learn new waysof thinking, discuss challenges faced in business, exchange ideas and engagewith local, national and international business leaders who are in the forefrontof business development and thought. To facilitate the exchange of ideas and tocreate business opportunities.
  • | The profileThe Club conducts various seminars, conferences, interactive sessions, CEOroundtables, peer group briefings, business delegations and matchmakingevents, annual retreats and educational courses throughout the year, featuringnoted speakers and authors on a variety of business subjects and providingopportunities for personal, in-depth sharing of expertise, new perspectives andapproaches.Since 2002, the CEO Clubs has expanded to include international activities withchapters in the UK, China, Philippines, UAE, India, Singapore, Vietnam.Today the Club is the oldest and largest association for CEOs andentrepreneurs worldwide serving as a global business network and leadershipdevelopment organization, with more than 8,000 members worldwide.
  • | The founderDr. Joe Mancuso – Founder & President CEO ClubsThe founder of the not-for-profit Chief Executive Officers Clubs (CEO Clubs), JoeMancuso is the entrepreneurs’ entrepreneur.Hear him share his favorite luncheon talk which is the title of his first book, "Fun And Guts:The Entrepreneurs Philosophy" , in which he shows how these "Ready-Fire-Aim" typesspot a growth industry, select a first mate, negotiate for money, create resources wherenone exists, who wrote the best business plan and why, avoid personally guaranteeingbank debt, motivate employees to work harder than humanly possible, inspireinvestors/shareholders to believe in the vision, and deal with family complexities.Mancuso often works the traits of the members who completed various diagnostics tests,which he developed for entrepreneurs, into these talks. And his blend of humor puts theaudience at ease. In all, participants have paid over $100,000,000 to hear the talks andworkshops conducted or arranged by Joseph Mancuso.
  • | Famous CEO Clubs members and speakersOver the past three decades, the CEO Clubs have attracted many national figures such as: Ted Turner Royal Little American Media Mogul, founder of the cable Founder of Textron a multi-industry company television network CNN with a portfolio of familiar brands such as Bell Helicopter, Cessna Aircraft among others Herb Kelleher Steve Forbes Co-founder, and former Chairman and CEO of President & CEO of Forbes INC, editor-in-chief Southwest Airlines of business magazine Forbes T. Boone Pickens Michael Bloomberg American financier who chairs the hedge fund Current Mayor of New York City, Founder and BP Capital Management owner of Bloomberg LP financial software services company Fred Smith Donald Trump Founder, Chairman, President, and CEO of Chairman and CEO of the Trump FedEx, originally known as Federal Express Organization, a US-based real-estate developer
  • | Global PresenceUS Chapters International ChaptersBaltimoreBoston China (11 Chapters)Dallas EnglandNew York India (4)Miami Malaysia Singapore South Korea South Africa Vietnam UAE Greece Romania
  • | Why Greece?The Hub for SE Europe & Cyprus Unique Networking Platform for both Professional CEOs & Business Owners Unique Scope – combining networking, knowledge enhancement, experience exchange and business development both locally and internationally
  • | Why Greece?For business and knowledge exchangewithout boundaries As local enterprises have a growing interest to expand their international business and knowledge, the Greek CEO Clubs chapter was established for that purpose. Founder and President of CEO Clubs Greece is the known business leader, Ms Georgia Kartsanis. Greece will serve as the Club’s hub for the Balkan countries And Cyprus having the plan to develop sub-chapters in each country. CEO Clubs will enable Greek business leaders to enter or expand their business around the globe through the most effective networking and business development forums, events, gatherings, hospitality functions and the most dynamic and interactive online community in the World!
  • | MembershipWho should join?CEO Clubs is the world’s leading international membership organization ofbusiness owners, company presidents and chief executives who want to grow theirbusinesses. Our average club member has $20,000,000 annual sales. There aremany reasons why any Head of the organization would want to be a part of theworlds largest business group.Become a Member today and you… Gain special invitation to CEO group meetings around the world Create new key business contacts Worldwide Develop Local & Global Business Matchmaking opportunities Take part in Business delegations to other countries Participate in interactive forums on latest business issues Develop new experiences, partnerships, friends worldwide
  • | Our EventsFORUMS/ ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSIONSForums are open both to members and for just once, to guestCEOs. They feature speakers on a topic of interest to CEOs andfollowed by a roundtable discussion or a workshop.
  • | Our EventsCEO Clubs 1st Forum/ Roundtable“Fearless Leadership” Thursday January 28, 2010 10:00 - 14:00 hours Hotel Grande BretagneImproving CEO’s BrainWhat do CEOs do in the face of the enormity of the current downturn?How does fear and stress impact their brain and productivity?For the first time in Greece, the brain science experts Dr. Srini Pillayand Mr. Hendre Coetzee presented the latest cutting edge tools andmethodologies on how to optimize your brain functioning- formaximum success and satisfaction.
  • | Our EventsCEO Clubs 2nd Forum/ Roundtable“The Recession Proof Business” Thursday March 4, 2010 10:00 - 14:00 hours Hotel Grande Bretagne In such difficult times, is there a way to grow? Are there any strategies one could implement in order to profit when everything else fails? Great success stories prove there are. Mr. Vassilios Katsos, President & CEO of PHARMATHEN SA presented how he managed to transform the one thing that threatened his company into a success tool. In addition, Ms Christina Sakellaridis, President of Pan-Hellenic Exports Association, provided expert insights on how to expand a company’s market by growing abroad.
  • | Our EventsCEO Clubs 3rd Forum/ Roundtable“The Virtual Leader” Thursday May 20, 2010 16.00 - 20:30 hours Astir Palace Resort Building a successful company in a global world Few managers are trained to use the appropriate techniques and skills for leading from a distance, adding to the challenge of managing remotely. Developing skills to effectively lead in the virtual workplace is essential to meeting the strategic challenges of workforce retention, global competition, cost control, and business continuity.  Key Note Speaker Odysseas Charalambous, CEO - CISCO Systems: “making technology work for you”  Panel Discussion with innovative and distinguished CEOs 1. Litsa Panayotopoulos, Managing Director – OTE Academy 2. Christos Kartalis, CEO – Pharmaswiss 3. Konstantinos Mavros, CEO – Positive Energy 4. Manolis Vordonis, Executive Director – Thenamaris Ships Management
  • | Our EventsCEO Clubs 4th Forum/ Roundtable“New Leadership Model”Applying the disciplines of “Learning Organization”Thursday October 21, 201015:30 - 20:30 hoursHotel Pentelikon As we are facing overwhelmed complexity and we enter the “Age of Interdependence”, the leader that can truly excel in the future will need to master the Art & Practice of Collective Learning. The “New Leader” has to discover how to tap people’s commitment and capacity, to learn at all levels in the organization, based on these five disciplines:  Systems Thinking  Team Learning  Building Shared Vision  Mental Models  Personal Mastery
  • | Our EventsCEO Clubs 5th Forum/ Roundtable“Organizational Transformation & Engagement: an Oxymoron?” Thursday February 24, 2011 15:00 - 20:30 hours Hilton Hotel Can you change your organization while at the same time maintaining or even enhancing engagement of your people?  Successful practices from our 3 CEO speakers who represent major organizations  The results of our unique survey on Transformation & People Engagement
  • | Our EventsCEO Clubs Workshop & Forum“Personal & Team Mastery for Radical Change & Radical Results” Wednesday June 15, 2011 Apollon Divani Palace CEO Clubs Greece presents Kate Ludeman & Eddie Erlandson, two most distinguished Leadership Coaches and authors of bestseller analysis on CEOs “Alpha Male Syndrome”. They have coached some of the worlds’ top leaders including CEOs like Michael Dell of Dell, Meg Whitman of eBay, Glenn Murphy of GAP and many other senior executives at companies like Bristol-Myers, General Electric, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Motorola.
  • | Our EventsCEO Clubs 7th Forum“Driving Agility, Innovation and Growth through Outsourcing” Thursday, December 1, 2011 Pentelikon Hotel Did you know that the latest research reveals nine out of ten enterprises today are operating shared services and 97% managing outsourcing relationships? And did you know that for most of them real business benefits, beyond cost reduction, are still elusive? How to reap the benefits of accessing improved technology and process expertise through modern outsourcing relationships; how to deliver far more than just cost savings. Speakers: Charles Aird, Global and US leader and Outsourcing Advisory practice of PwC Ernst-Jan Stigter, Managing Director of Microsoft Hellas Vassilis Rabbet, Managing Director of XEROX Hellas Soren Brinck, CEO of Mythos Brewery
  • | Our EventsCEO Clubs 8th Forum/ Roundtable“Creating a Culture of Agile Leaders”Wednesday, 26, 2012 The globalized economy and the spread of connective technologies force15:00 - 19:30 hours the pace of change and the degree of complexity to shift for organizations to an entirely new level. To enjoy sustained success in this turbulentHilton Hotel environment, organizations in all sectors need to develop a level of agility that matches this unprecedented level of change and complexity. Keynote speaker was Bill Joiner, the award-winning author of Leadership Agility and a sought after international thought leader on Leadership Agility; Georgia Kartsanis, President of CEO Clubs Greece presented the results of the “2012 CEO Viewpoint on Leadership Agility”; Spyros Papaspyrou, Deputy Managing Director of Piraeus Bank, Evangelia Pateraki, Country Manager of Amgen Hellas and Manos Raptopoulos, Managing Director of SAP, the panel speakers, commented on the survey findings and shared organizational initiatives on Leadership Agility from personal experience.
  • | Our EventsCIRCLESCircles are accessedexclusively by CEO Clubsmembers. Participation is limitedto a maximum of 25 in order tofacilitate open discussionsamong all members. A businessleader ignites a discussion on ahot topic and then participantCEOs get to debate on it.
  • | Our EventsCEO Clubs Royal Circles February 26, 2010 April 12, 2011 “Systems Thinking” “Private Equity: The Strategic & Ownership Challenges” April 22, 2010 Igniter: Theodoros Malfas “Performance Cockpit” Facilitator: Christos Kartalis May 12, 2011 “Corporate Agility: Practical ways to adapt to September 16, 2010 the new business environment ” “Lessons from Past Recessions” Igniter: Yanni Spiropoulos Facilitator: Vassilis Antoniades September 15, 2011 December 07, 2010 “Global Crisis: What’s next for World, Europe “The New Greek ‘IMF’ Customer: and Greece” A totally new one?” Igniter: Panagiotis Petrakis Facilitator: Xenia Kourtoglou October 20, 2011 March 17, 2011 “When the Headline is YOU!” Igniter: Thomas Varvitsiotis “Cash Smart Strategies” Igniter: Fernando Casado
  • | Our EventsCEO Clubs Circles February 6, 2012 17.00 – 21.00 “Personal Resilience Wisdom” Igniter: Antony Kalogirou March 19, 2012 17.00 – 20.00 “To tweet or not to tweet? All you wanted to know about social media in practice” Igniters: Xenia Kourtoglou Odysseas Ntotsikas Panos Kordonouris May 31, 2012 17.00 – 19.00 “The Future of the Crisis” Igniter: Dimitris Kokkinos
  • | Join the ClubJoin the World’s top meeting table! 4, Kalypsous Str. & Poseidonos Av. 166 75 Glyfada, Greece tel: +30 210 8920950, email: