Accident history? Update Carfax with a TrueFrame report today!


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Selling a car with accident history update carfax with a true frame report today!

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Accident history? Update Carfax with a TrueFrame report today!

  1. 1. Skip the email, w atch the video. Are you having hard time selling vehicles with accident history? Make your cars more appealing to buyers with a TrueFrame report that updates Carfax, your salespeople will love you! Dealer Training Video.
  2. 2. We are proud to introduce TrueFrame, the industry's first vehicle inspection report that updates Carfax. History reports are very important to buyers, TrueFrame is the only sure way of knowing that a vehicle is structurally straight and sound.
  3. 3. Before TrueFrame: This is how a typical Carfax report looks like on a car with a previous accident. This usually scares people away from purchasing your car especially since most buyers trust Carfax and start their car shopping online. After TrueFrame: We cannot erase the fact that your vehicle was involved in a prior accident. Our job is to reduce the adverse effects of the loss by displaying that your vehicle is structurally sound right on the Carfax report. Our TrueFrame report takes the guesswork out of those accident reports by identifying vehicles that are structurally sound, despite the prior accident history. TrueFrame reports are easily accessible through the TrueFrame website and also appear on the Carfax vehicle history report. In addition, we will provide you with a window sticker and a CLICK TO VIEW A SAMPLE TRUEFRAME REPORT CARFAX REPORT BEFORE THE TRUEFRAME UPDATE CARFAX REPORT AFTER THE TRUEFRAME UPDATE
  4. 4. windshield decal that clearly indicates that your vehicle is TrueFrame certified. The vehicle inspection takes about 45 minutes and is conducted at our facility in Alpharetta or at your shop (10,000 lb lift needed). The TrueFrame report is issued the same day and Carfax updates your history report overnight. It's that simple! The cost of the Trueframe reporting service is $200 if the inspection is done at at our facility or $245 on site. Please call Tony Rached at 678-796-8783 (office) or 678-200- 9069 (cell) with any questions or to schedule your inspection today! TrueFrame of Georgia 308 S. Main St Alpharetta, GA 30009 678-796-8783 CLICK TO REVIEW THE TRUEFRAME STRUCTURAL GUIDELINES
  5. 5. Copyright © 2014 TrueFrame of Georgia, All rights reserved.