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Nmdl presentation

  1. 1. #beatIT Campaign This campaign aims to:-Improve brand awareness- Support those who are fighting for a good cause- Increase sales- Make the Beats brand more than just a fashion symboland high quality headphone-Build strong relationships with our fans andfoundations around the globe
  2. 2. Fight For the Cause and #beatITBeats will be selling 13 different colored Beats Headphones, each associated with a cause,whether it’s for prevention, research or for awarenessEach Beat sold will have a percentage of its profits donated to a foundation/organizationassociated with the color’s causeThe colors and their causes are as followed: White (Multiple Heredity Exostoses) Pink (Breast cancer) Red (AIDS) Orange (Leukemia) Yellow (Suicide Awareness) Green (Environmental Awareness) Blue (Prostate Cancer) Purple (Pancreatic Cancer) Black (Melanoma Awareness) Silver (Ovarian Cancer) Gray (Diabetes) Puzzle (Autism) Gold (Childhood Cancer)
  3. 3. Beats will be running a Twitter and Facebook campaign whereusers will update their statuses or tweet a specific hashtag, whichis tied to a puzzled, out of focus photoEach photo has its own hashtag and is tied to its own color (i.e.#YELLOWbeatIT)As more and more tweets/status updates are received for thespecific color, the photo will come into focus. Then our fans willhave to rearrange the photo to make it outThe photo is a famous/historical photo with a photo shoppedcolored Beat in it
  4. 4. Once a fan figures out where this photo is, they have to goto that location, bring their colored Beat of choice, andreenact the photo and then tweet or update their statuswith #(COLOR)beatITfoundITThe first fan for each photo will receive their own one ofkind customized pair of Beats
  5. 5. Also with the #beatIT campaign, each day the amount ofhashtagged #(COLOR)beatIT tweets exceeds that of theprevious day, Beats will donate $24,000 dispersed evenly toa foundation helping each cause
  6. 6. ? ? ?
  7. 7. What Were Those Blurred Photos?As more and more hashtagged tweets/status updates comein for each specific photo, they will come in focus and it’sup to the fans to rearrange them themselves
  8. 8. Lincoln Memorial #PURPLEbeatIT
  9. 9. Rocky#WHITEbeatIT
  10. 10. Statue of Liberty #PINKbeatIT
  11. 11. Each day throughout the campaign, we will post aninspirational story by someone who is fighting or hasfought their cause and #beatITWe will also post a photo of them wearing their designatedcolored Beat, complimentary from Beats
  12. 12. This campaign will have its own landing page from the BeatswebsiteFrom there, fans can select from the 13 colors, learn more aboutthe cause of the #beatIT campaign, learn more about each colorsfoundation(s), where the profits will go, along with stories ofthose who #beatIT and photos of the fans who helped the cause,purchased a colored Beat and sent in a video or photo of themwith their BeatsFans can come to the #beatIT campaign page and interact withother fans by commenting on the stories, photos, videos, etc.This will build a community and a bond with us and our fans aswell as fans with other fans
  13. 13. In the end, when all photos are solved and reenacted, wewill air a commercial with our favorite tweets from the#beatIT campaign, fan videos/pictures, and the winners ofthe contest
  14. 14. When the campaign is through, we hope to build a brandname that is more than just a high quality, stylishheadphoneWe would like to build strong relationships with our fansand our partnered foundations supporting a good causeWhen you see a pair of Beats, we want people to see a causebehind it
  15. 15. Short Term GoalsWe hope our #beatIT campaign goes viral, creating faninteraction with us and other fansGain recognition as a company who helps our community andsupports good causesInfluence those on the fence of purchasing Beats to make thecommitment due to the fact that they will be helping othersout
  16. 16. Long Term GoalsWe hope to create and sustain a great relationship with ourfans and foundationsMaintain a brand image of a company who helps out thecommunityBuild from our partnerships with these organizations andhave a promotional line similar to the LiveStrong line,where all proceeds go to a foundation.
  17. 17. Whatever your fight is, stand up and #beatIT!
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