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46 aramex era company profile

  1. 1. ERA INVESTMENT (HK) LIMITEDINVESTMENTS AND FINANCEERA INVESTMENTS (HK) LIMITED, a corporation, organized under the laws of Hong Kong, S.A.R.,existing with office address at Room 907 Silvercord Tower 2, 30 Canton Road,Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon,HongKong; Registration Number : Certificate of Registration No.:1004886; Registration Number :36158576-000-11-08-5 ; Company Registration No. : 1484083Founded on February 11, 2005, ERA INVESTMENTS (HK) LIMITED , under theChairmanship of MR. KANDEGEDERA ABDUL GAFFOOR MOHAMED ASHROFF,intends to support the sustainable economic growth both in develop anddeveloping countries by financing private sector investment, mobilizing capital inthe international financial markets, and providing advisory services to businessesand governments. Page 1 of 46
  2. 2. 1.Financing of the private sector investment 2. Mobilizing capital in the international financial markets 3. Providing advisory services to businesses and governments 4. Improve corporate governance and environmental performance 5. Provides clients with advisory services 6. Loans and intermediary services 7. Loan participations 8. Equity 9. Structured finance 10. Trade finance 11. Risk management products 12. Sub national finance 13. Financial products and services or strategic 14. Corporate advisory services for private sector15. Projects in develop and developing countries and in the areas ofenergy, agribusiness, aviation, environment & social sustainability Page 2 of 46
  3. 3. 16. Foreign investment Advisory Service17. Infrastructure global manufacturing & services18. Oil, Gas, Mining, & Chemicals19. Private Equity20. Financial & Private Sector Development21. Sub national Finance operations22. Syndication & Resource Mobilization and23. Treasury/Structured Finance.Email address : erainvestmenthkltd@asia.com Page 3 of 46
  6. 6. ON THE SOCIAL FRONT, ARAMEX ENDEAVORS TO NURTURE ITS RELATIONSHIPS WITH ITS HUMAN RESOURCES,PROJECT PARTNERS, CUSTOMERS, NEIGHBORING COMMUNITIES,BUSINESS AND SOCIO-CIVIC ORGANIZATIONSCOMMUNICATING THE COMPANY’S SUSTAINABILITY INITIATIVES, THEREBY EXPANDING ITS CIRCLE OFINFLUENCE AND CONTRIBUTING TO A LARGER PURPOSE.LENDING CRITERIAARAMEX seeks equity and project financing applications from suitable projects (start-up or existing) requiringinvestments of US/€ $10 million to over US/€ $500 million as well as US$/ €Billion projects meeting thefollowing criteria:1) Demonsratable investment by promoters into a project which has measurable equity, legallyacquired/licensed project parameters (or asset),2) Government consent to the project deliverables, a marketable assessable value of the resultantdevelopment product,3) Negotiable corporate or project specific financial benefits, concessions including approved capital and loanfunds repatriation without penalty.4) Foreign equity and management position and where appropriate local and exports project sales.5) Assignable/negotiable lender equity position6) An exit strategy exercisable within the funding term7) Suitable security including property, debenture charge capability, asset assignment, security mortgagepriority and registerable and insurable interest and permissible (foreign) asset disposal.8) A margin on capital exceeding twelve percent (12%) and income coverage greater than interest coverage ofeight and five percent (8.5%)ARAMEX reserves the right to deny applications from any jurisdiction where investment certainty is un-confirmable or investments are subject to any duress (whether government, prescribed or individual). Page 6 of 46
  7. 7. LENDING PROTOCOLARAMEX seeks equity and project financing applications from project promoter worldwide.We take a cursory look at each project submission and make a preliminary decision (via the notifying director)and then, if the advising director has some interest to make further inquiries and seek more informative detailfrom the promoter.Once we have formulated the appropriate position and requisite funding level we then seek an application onthe project.There are no upfront fees. (Lender fees appropriate with Term-Sheet funding offer may be applicable). Feeswhich may be payable, upon acceptance of the Term-sheet Offer are at the Borrowers discretion and payablewhere applicable on acceptance.Following the promoters funding application, we then seek the level of funding and any subsequent fundsprovision (i.e. in the case where project development is staged, third party funding will need to be assessedprior to Term-Sheet Offer or where a need is for a future funds commitment, which exceed $15 million inproposed cost).Once, we have a clear funding position and requisite funds commitment for any subsequent fundsrequirement, we then issue a funding proposal/term sheet. If the project promoter then accepts the fundingproposal, we then proceed to due diligence and the Client pays the advised due diligence and closing costs – it’sthe applicants prerogative to except the diligence/closing costs etc.This protocol is standard internationally for non-upfront funding applications and is the funding protocol ofARAMEX, which follows, all international banks basic protocol - essentially; if you wish to proceed with afunders offer of funding then you pay their costs (on acceptance) to move to close the funding package andthats what ARAMEX does.Value Added Tax (VAT), Goods and ServicesTax (GST) or such other applicableGovernment Taxes, whether applicable in the jurisdictionof the Borrower, Mortgagor or Mortgagee:Under the appropriate jurisdictional Legislation the Mortgagee may be required to account for such applicabletaxes on any taxable supply made as a result of making this Facility available and/or accepting or enforcing anySecurity. The Mortgagees costs may also increase as a result of making input taxed supplies under this Facilityand/or accepting or enforcing any Security. The Mortgagee shall be entitled to recover and collect from theBorrower or any Guarantor the amount of any such applicable tax so payable or any amount equal to itsincreased costs as a result of the introduction of the applicable tax in addition to any other amounts due orpayable under this Facility or any Security. Page 7 of 46
  8. 8. In the case where the Mortgagee is entitled to any input tax credit relating to the taxable supply, the borroweror any Guarantor shall be credited with the actual amount of any input tax credit claimed by the Mortgagee inrespect to that supply.The Borrower or any Guarantor should note that should such a tax be levied under current jurisdictionallegislation on some taxable supplies the Mortgagee may only be able to claim a Reduced Input Tax Credit (RITC)and the Borrower or any Guarantor shall be liable for the full amount of such tax and no claim for such tax orportion thereof shall be a liability of the Mortgagee.Examples of these types of taxable supplies can be solicitors fees, valuation fees, etc. which have arisen as aresult of the facilities approved in this offer letter, with such fees being for the amount of the Borrower or anyGuarantor.In these instances where the Mortgagee can only claim a RITC, the Borrower or any Guarantor may be requiredto meet these fees plus any variance that the Mortgagee is not able to claim.OUR INTERNATIONAL GROUP OF COMPANIES AND PARTNERS:BARINGS CAPITAL CORPORATION LIMITEDBARINGS CAPITAL CORPORATION LTD.IBU CORPORATION LIMITED GROUPSAFARO INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION LIMITED GROUPERA INVESTMENT (HK) LIMITEDERA PETROLEUMERA ASSETS LIMITEDERA INVESTMENTS CZ a.sERA WATER- CZECH REPUBLICERA GLOBAL SECURITIES S.L. ,SPAINC.T.U. INVESTMENTS LIMITED – CWE GROUP LTD.- CWE Renewables LtdARAMEX INVESTMENTS LIMITEDARAMEX INVESTMENTS (HK) LIMITEDARAMEX INVESTMENT LANKA (PVT) LTDOCEAN KING ASSETS LTD.BLACK SWAN CAPITAL WEALTH MANAGEMENTW.P.E. GROUP, CZECH REPUBLICGULF ORIENT COMMERCIAL BROKERS L.L.C.-DUBAI, U.A.E.EMAIL ADDRESS: FOR: ARAMEX INVESTMENTS LIMITEDaramexinvestmentslimited@europe.comhttp://www.wix.com/aramexinvestmentsltd/europeHONG KONG OFFICE:Suite 901, Level 9,Hong Kong Club Building, 3A Chater Road, Central, Hong Kong, S.A.R.Tel: +852 3125 7526 Page 8 of 46
  9. 9. Fax: +852 3125 7550OUR INTERNATIONAL GROUP OF COMPANIES AND PARTNERS:SAFARO INTERNATIONAL GROUPSweeping changes in the world around us demand a global approach to markets.Grasping and anticipating these developments is a daunting task requiring shrewd analysis and speedy decision-making, the stuff of highly adaptableindividuals equally at home in new technologies and innovative financial vehicles.To our way of thinking, sophisticated financial techniques and international links are all mere tools. However valuable they may be, for us they actuallyserve a higher ambition - that of nurturing close ties with our clients based on bonds of trust and the utmost confidentiality.Our associated firms come together in seven geographic Areas. Each one is led by an Associate Business Partner, who is a member of our GlobalExecutive. This integrated business model allows us to meet the global demands of our clients, as well as the legal and regulatory requirements thatimpact our organization.Through our seven Areas we bring together the power of the global organization, sharing our knowledge and resources, and driving global consistencyand quality.Our Global Executive focuses on strategy, execution and operations, so that we deliver on the promise we make to our clients — to deliver seamless,consistent, high-quality client service, worldwide.MEET OUR LEADERS Through the breadth and depth of their collective experience — professionally and in their communities — the global leaders ofSAFARO INTERNATIONAL GROUP reflect the strength of our global network and the diversity of our global culture.HOW WE WORK WITH YOU We are a global network of professionals. This gives us — and you — a deep pool of talent and experience to draw upon.Whatever your industry and wherever you are located.SAFARO INTERNATIONAL GROUP was founded with an uncompromising commitment to excellence and integrity in everything we do. Our mission is toprovide our limited partners with superior long-term, risk-adjusted returns in order to further many of their own good works in areas such as finance,minerals and non-minerals commodities, oil, aviation and philanthropy.Since inception, our vision has been to achieve this mission by creating, maintaining and growing SAFARO INTERNATIONAL GROUP as an organizationuniquely dedicated to conducting the finest independent investment research possible across a broad spectrum of industries, geographies.We believe our strong and consistent culture – one rooted in teamwork and respect. Our partners and their interests are paramount to us. Everythingwe do serves them first and foremost. To that end, we work tirelessly to ensure that our collective interests are consistently aligned, and are proud thatour employees as a group comprise the single largest investor in our projects.We look forward to the continued growth of SAFARO INTERNATIONAL GROUP and its resources, capabilities and relationships for the benefit of all of itsconstituencies for many more years to come.Unity, Seriousness, Integrity, IndustryOur motto - Unity, Seriousness, Integrity, and Industry - has governed our activities for seven generations from currency dealer to banker, coveringthe entire range of financial services.An unchanging purpose directs our business. It is to place the interest of our clients above all other considerations, to devote ourselves to each oneindividually in the fulfillment of their requirements. By honoring the trust our clients place in us, we have established a very good position ininternational finance. WELCOME TO HELP & HOPE FOUNDATION An ancient Greek politician, Pericles (495-429 BC) quoted: ”WHAT YOU LEAVE BEHIND IS NOT WHAT IS ENGRAVED IN STONE MONUMENTS, BUT WHAT IS WOVEN INTO THE LIVES OF OTHERS”.A non-profit charitable organization dedicated to providing support for children victims of violence in need. Learn more about us in this presentationand learn how you can support HELP AND HOPE FOUNDATION and make a difference in the life of a child who was a victim of violence Page 9 of 46
  10. 10.  BARINGS BANCORP OF TRADE AND COMMERCE BARINGS CAPITAL CORPORATION LIMITED BARINGS CAPITAL CORPORATION LTD. BARINGS CORPORATION BARINGS PARTNERS BARINGS SECURITIES CIMIROCH CORPORATION IBU AVIATION IBU CORPORATION IBU DIAMOND IBU INVESTMENT IBU TRADING MIDLAND CORPORATION MIDLAND FACTOR CORPORATION MIDLAND LEASE CORPORATIONS MIDLAND MORTGAGE CORPORATION MIDLAND OIL CORPORATION MIDLAND PROPERTY CORPORATION MIDLAND VENTURES CORPORATION ROS INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY CONSULTANTS SWISS AMERICAN BANCORP OF TRADE AND COMMERCE BARINGS BANCORP OF TRADE AND COMMERCE LIMITED Is a global financial services firm providing: 1. Debt Instruments for credit for enhancement 2. Standby letter of credit 3. Bank guarantees 4. Certificate of deposits 5. Cash collateral accounts 6. Direct pay letter of credit 7. Structured finance 8. Discount of financial instruments. BARINGS CAPITAL CORPORATION LIMITED BARINGS CAPITAL CORPORATION LTD. Is an independent boutique of investment services. From its foundations in United Kingdom, BARINGS CAPITAL CORPORATION works with a specific focus on certain economies such as Europe, Asia, Caribbean, Pacific, Middle East and Central and South America: 1. Strategic planning 2. Investment management 3. Discretionary investment management 4. Advisory investment services and project finance 5. Investment policy 6. Asset protection 7. Insurance counseling and planning 8. Asset allocation strategies 9. Investment management 10. Customized Portfolio Performance Reporting Page 10 of 46
  11. 11. 11. Portfolio Structure & Diversification Strategies12. Investment management and alternative investments13. Income tax planning and consultation14. Art and collection advisory15. Protecting assets16. Creation of holding structures global custody17. Wealth planning18. Asset allocation19. Management of different asset classes20. Monitoring of mandates and performance21. Transferring of assets: estate planning22. Philanthropy. BARINGS CORPORATION LIMITED 1. Family governance solutions, control and succession 2. Specialized services such as medical services and education of family members 3. Mapping out a family strategy 4. Acts as a private family office company for families with substantial wealth 5. Investment Policy 6. Support in Asset Allocation – Strategy 7. Support for Investment Management 8. Support for Alternative Investments 9. Support the establishment and management of custom Portfolio 10. Structuring and Portfolio Diversification – Strategies 11. Advice on Insurance 12. Tax Planning 13. Property Tax Planning 14. Support the planning of fortunes 15. Support the management, control & succession of family wealth 16. Support in planning the education of future generations 17. Support in Philanthropy 18. Administration testamentary trust BARINGS PARTNERS LIMITED Is a private equity firm focused on the acquisition and operational turnaround of underperforming businesses in different sectors.1.Co-invest in, or facilitate the merger of different operations of any type or size2. Can purchase or otherwise dispose of underperforming divisions, unnecessary distribution centers3. Balance sheet4. Public to private transactions5. Sale of family owned / private businesses and Transformational M&A6. Crisis management7. Debt restructure and reduction8. Business advisory9. General consultancy services10. Tax planning. Page 11 of 46
  12. 12. BARINGS SECURITIES LIMITED Is a global financial services firm providing:1. Securities and investment management services2. Provides support for institutional and hedge fund clients3. Providing support in cleaning services4. Execution services support5. Fund administration services securities lending services6. Innovative custody7. Collateral management8. Fund services9. Depositary receipts10. Equity and fixed income products11. Currencies12. Commodities13. Asset-backed securities and derivatives14. Alternative investment and safekeeping services to institutional investors15. Securities lending programs and support in transaction services16. Control equity investments in middle market companies undergoing an operational17. Provides programs optimize clients’ economic returns18. Servicing any investment or fund structure in any location to help clients optimize efficiency, mitigate risk and enhance revenue. CIMIROCH CORPORATION LIMITED CIMIROCH is a global mineral company headquartered in United Kingdom and in order to build a portfolio of multi-commodity advanced projects in the five continents, our company is supported by offices and associate business partners in six regions, considering the mineral fertility, the maturity in the mineral production and manageable risks: South and Central America’s, Africa, Asia and Australia.1. Mineral research and strategic planning2. Investment management3. Discretionary investment management4. Advisory investment services and project finance5. Geological exploration and mineral processing and engineering6. Extensive program of mineral exploration, keeping enterprises in different countries7. Prospecting comprises mainly copper, manganese ore, iron ore, nickel, bauxite, phosphate, potassium, coal, marble, granite, diamond and metals ofthe platinum group. Page 12 of 46
  13. 13. IBU AVIATION LIMITED The company is headquartered in London is the responsible for the project management and the support of Airline Companies.1. Supporting services2. Aircraft registration3. Airport finance and management4. Finance for acquisition of aircrafts and helicopters, with the support of international banking5. Acting as sales agent for aircraft and finance and delivery of materials and parts6. Operating leases7. Finance leases8. Leveraged leasing9. Sale / leasebacks10. Freighter conversion finance11. Long-and-short term financing and secured loans. IBU CORPORATION LIMITED IBU CORPORATIONs core business is setting up and managing companies, trusts and other structures to meet the specific personal or business needs of our clients. 1. These needs would include offshore and United kingdom company formation and administration 2. Ttrust and fiduciary services 3. Services accounting and VAT services 4. Offshore registration 5. Tax advice or planning and residency certificates 6. Royalties & intellectual property 7. Wealth protection 8. Foreign property ownership 9. Facilitating cross-border business and agent for service of legal process 10. Can advise governments, publicly quoted companies and professional law and accountancy firms but the majority of clients are individuals, expatriates, entrepreneurs, freelance consultants, private investors. 11. Embracing asset management 12. Corporate finance and fund raising 13. Specialist tax advice 14. Ship and yacht registration 15. Credit cards, as well as trademark 16. Intellectual property registration and protection 17. An independent insurance consultancy company 18. Health insurance solutions for international private clients Page 13 of 46
  14. 14. IBU DIAMOND LIMITED Founded in 2006, the IBU DIAMOND FINANCE is a company in the development of natural resources for emerging markets. The Company is engaged in all aspects of the value chain, from exploration and project finance to logistics, mining and distribution. Our expertise ranges from diamonds. The Company can operate in Central and South America, Israel and Africa.1. Supplier of polished diamonds to different countries in partnership with diamond polisher companies2. Work directly with mining companies in Africa, South America and other locations to market rough and polished diamonds in all of the world’s majordiamond centers3. Forms partnerships with companies in developing countries to work on carefully selected manufacturing and infrastructure projects4. Provides equity5. Project financing6. Diamond mortgage7. Project management for industrial companies in rapid-growth areas in the mining industries. IBU INVESTMENT LIMITED Founded in 2006, IBU INVESTMENT manages the financial portfolio of the IBU GROUP OF COMPANIES. The company has an exceptional understanding of financial instruments available in the international financial or capital markets.1. Expertise in real investments2. Financial management3. Diamond industry4. Services for corporations, governments, endowments, foundations and individuals worldwide5. Its ability to guarantee extremely high levels of liquidity6. Capabilities are built on a foundation of research and analysis, proven expertise in the use of financial instruments, and a thorough understanding oftrends in international financial or capital markets. IBU TRADING LIMITED Founded in 2006, IBU TRADING has established its position as a reliable general trading company, engaged as an intermediary, importer / exporter, facilitator or broker in various types of trade between and among business enterprises and countries. The company connects producers to industrial consumers, meeting the requirements of both for trading- and financial services, market information, logistical support and goods. We are strongly committed to customer satisfaction, providing goods and services at the right specification, the right price. Page 14 of 46
  15. 15. 1. Establish a commodity international market company2. Provide industry-specific market infrastructure3. Full range of facilities4. Trades in a broad range of commodities, agricultural goods, minerals ( the gold & precious metals, diamonds & colored stones ), machinery, energyproducts, and natural resources and and other commodities industries for our own account5. Global traders and brokers6. Act as major financiers, investors and large-scale organizers7. Play a vital role in the logistics of transactions, such as the global movement of products8. Assume and manage risk involved in transactions9. Act as business consultants10. Provide many specialized and strategic and corporate advisory services11. Sales support12. Transportation13. Insurance14. Storage15. Financing and leasing16. Engineering and construction service17. Traffic and logistics planning. MIDLAND CORPORATION LIMITED MIDLAND CORPORATION is the United Kingdom based private company of the SAFARO INTERNATIONAL GROUP operating exclusively in private services business and provide:1. Advice on strategic asset allocation2. Structuring and investment management for both United Kingdom domestic and international clients3. Wealth manager4. Cross-border wealth structuring or discretionary investment management5. Guidance and recommendations on the latest techniques and opportunities6. Investment services covering both traditional and alternative asset classes, from equities, bonds and cash to commodities, hedge funds andcommercial property7. Constructing diversified asset allocations8. Investment management services: asset allocation support ; manager selection and monitoring; discretionary and advisory9. An independent trust and fiduciary services company10. Managing and developing structures to hold a wide range of assets. MIDLAND OIL CORPORATION LIMITED MIDLAND OIL is a United Kingdom based private company operating exclusively in the oil & gas sector. Its targets investments in start-up and early stage private exploration & production companies. 1. Private company investment and trading and provides its clients oil and investors with a unique opportunity to access the private oil & gas capital market. The company activities comprise the following four business areas: • Exploration and Production ("E&P") • Refining and Marketing • Natural Gas ( Supply and Distribution ) and • Power. Page 15 of 46
  16. 16. MIDLAND VENTURES CORPORATION LIMITED Is a global private Venture Firm based in United Kingdom. As an important company in venture capital and private equity, Midland Ventures work with talented management teams to:1. Develop businesses that have potential for significant growth2. Supporting people who start, grow, change and buy businesses3. Delivering significant power to the people that the company work with through our knowledge, experience and global network of relationships andpartners and offerings to strategic corporate venture arms, institutional investors, and venture capital firms. ROS INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY CONSULTANTS LIMITED ROS INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY is a worlds important commercial and residential real estate advisor. With over 400 partners in more than 50 countries. Our network of specialist service teams strive to deliver levels of service and success beyond our clients expectations. Services - advising on all aspects of commercial and residential property to help our clients realize the true value of their real estate: 1. Property and Asset Management 2. Building Consultancy 3. Capital Markets 4. Compulsory Purchase 5. Development 6. Facilities Management 7. Fund Management 8. Global Corporate Services 9. Landlord and Tenant 10. Loan Servicing 11. Office Agency 12. Planning 13. Rating and Taxation and Valuation Advisory. SWISS AMERICAN BANCORP OF TRADE AND COMMERCE LIMITED SWISS AMERICAN BANCORP OF TRADE AND COMMERCE is a world’s financial advisor company based in United Kingdom. The company is dedicated to help all business reach its fullest potential. We share our client vision for growth and well support you with customized product packages, responsive services and access to expert advice. Our international partnership network and trade expertise spanning Africa, Asia, Central and South America’s and the Middle East are also an advantage when our client are planning to expand business operations. Principal services: 1. Corporate finance 2. Mergers and acquisitions 3. Leverage buy-out Page 16 of 46
  17. 17. 4. Leverage buy-in 5. Management buy-out 6. Business restructuring strategies and loss prevention 7. Retail, consumer and industrial inventory appraisal. WHAT WE BRING TO YOUR BUSINESS • DEEP UNDERSTANDING We work closely with you to gain a deep insight into your business. We take the time to fully understand your company’s issues, objectives, opportunities, strengths and vulnerabilities. And we listen carefully to what you say about your challenges and issues. This means that you receive advice that really gets to the heart of your business. • KNOWLEDGE We are a business based on knowledge. We’re dedicated to improving performance through benchmarking, networking and leading practice. And we’ll share our learning with you to benefit your business. We will also seek to identify issues before they become problems. • INSIGHTS AND PROVEN PRACTICES We’re not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom. We combine fresh thinking with our global methodologies, tools and proven practices. This means you benefit from our ideas and insights delivered through a quality service. • THE RIGHT PEOPLE IN THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIMEWe assemble the right multi-disciplinary team for your business, drawing on our global network of professionals. You get the diverse perspectives andskills you need, wherever in the world you need them.• FLEXIBILITYToday’s business world requires you to balance stability with rapid change. The way we work allows us to help you respond swiftly to the challengesyou face. Our people tackle your issues with energy and enthusiasm by helping you achieves your potential.• INTEGRITYWe act with integrity, have mutual respect and are open and honest in everything we do. We only ever do what we believe is right. OUR PEOPLE - MAKING A DIFFERENCE We’ve developed a culture based on mutual respect and teamwork that promotes personal responsibility and initiative at all levels. Our partners in 140 countries share our values and our commitment to quality. Together, we strive to make a difference to each other, to our clients and to the communities in which we live and work. We help our people succeed professionally and personally through leading training and development programs and ongoing coaching. We give them challenging and rewarding experiences that help them grow and expand their aspirations. And being a truly global organization, we support individuals who wish to apply their skills and experiences in new environments. Whether it’s a new service line, office or country they aspire to work in, we help them match their goals to our clients’ needs, around the world. Our talented and motivated people make SAFARO INTERNATIONAL GROUP a great place in which to work. They help us deliver on our promises to clients. We’re committed to attracting them, retaining them, and helping them be the best they can be — now and in the future.Our website: www.ibucorporation.com www.safarocorporation.comOur email address: baringscapitalcorporationltd@london.com Page 17 of 46
  18. 18. Black Swan Capital Wealth ManagementPrivate Client Wealth ManagementAt Black Swan Capital we firmly believe We will not put your money into thethat the client is at the centre of the default fund. We will give youwealth management service. Only by investment advice as well as productunderstanding you, your unique personal advice. We prefer to nurture a long termcircumstances, your objectives and your relationship with you and your familyaspirations, can we deliver the rather than always chase after new clientsprofessional service that you are entitled and sales opportunities.to expect. Black Swan Capital is an independentWe want to help you to realise your long company that provides wealthterm financial objectives, whilst management and associated services tomanaging risk and providing protection substantial private clients from its officesalong the way. Unlike most financial in the City of London. A new office willadvisers, we do not hide behind the cover open shortly in Hong Kong.of relative performance. Its your money, and you work hard for it. Expect the best from your professional advisers - including those to whom you entrust your money. Black Swan Capital is the answer. Page 18 of 46
  19. 19. Our AssociatesBlack Swan Capital appoints third parties to provide certain specialist services and products in a number of areas related to financialservices. The companies below are those we have used and are happy to recommend to our clients. Mercury Foreign ExchangeMercury Foreign Exchange is a currency exchange service for companies and private individuals. Mercury invariably offersbetter-than-bank exchange rates, currency market insight, and low cost international payments and transfers. If you mentionBlack Swan Capital when you open a Mercury account, you will get your first 3 international payments for free.Mercury Foreign Exchange Asset-CapAsset-Cap offers a wealth of experience and expertise in a wide range of financial solutions, Asset-Cap is a trusted name, helpingthousands of global clients to finance residential and commercial investments. Black Swan Capital recommends Asset-Cap toour clients for all their mortgage needs. Contact Black Swan Capital and ask to be referred to our main contact at Asset-Cap toensure best service. Asset-Cap David Cottrell & CompanyDavid Cottrell & Company is a chartered accountant and registered auditor, but their clients also treat them as general businessadvisors. Supported by a professional team, David Cottrell has over 20 years of hands on commercial experience (and yet he stilllooks so young). This means that his advice is not only technically sound, as you would expect from all professional accountants,but also practical, taking into the account the realities of running a business. Black Swan Capital uses David Cottrell for all its Page 19 of 46
  20. 20. accounting and audit requirements, and recommends their services to its own clients. David Cottrel & Company Emerging Market PropertyEmerging Market Property brings to investors some of the most exciting, dynamic, and potentially profitable real estateinvestment opportunities in the world. Black Swan Capital appoints Emerging Market Property to manage its real estateinvestment syndicates, for example the Croatia and Hong Kong Real Estate funds. Emerging Market Property Contact Us London office Hong Kong office Black Swan Capital Ltd To contact the Hong Kong office Beaumont House please visit their unique web site: 6 Snow Hill www.blackswancapital.com.hk London, EC1A 2AY Tel: 0844 888 0575 | +44 (0) 20 7002 7606 Fax: 0844 888 0576 | +44 (0) 20 7900 3656 Email: enquiries@blackswancapital.uk.com Black Swan Capital Ltd is registered in England and Wales, Company No. 03799866, Registered Address: 6 Snow Hill, London, EC1A 2AY, and is directly authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority, Registration No. 229892. Page 20 of 46
  21. 21. Black Swan Capital (International) Ltd is registered in Hong Kong, Company Number978231, Registered Address 21/F ICBC Tower, Citibank Plaza, 3 Garden Road, Central,Hong Kong, and is regulated by the Hong Kong Confederation of Insurance Brokers forInsurance Broking BusinessOur StoryWho is Black Swan Capital?We are an independent company providing wealth management services to affluent private clients from our offices in HongKong and London.The Company was established in London in 2000, and has been directly authorised by the UK Financial Services Authoritysince 2004. The Hong Kong office was opened in 2008.Why is Independence so important?Banks, fund houses and insurers are naturally inclined to promote and sell their own products to you. Independence meansbeing able to select the most appropriate products from the whole market to suit our Clients’ requirements and objectives.How are we Different?We differentiate ourselves through our exceptional client services, and a very high level of integrity which is the foundation forthe trust and loyalty we enjoy.Our ServicesAs independent Wealth Managers, we provide truly "independent" product and service advice. Unlike banks, fund housesand insurers, we are not biased towards in- house products. We use our own unique asset allocation models and portfolioconstruction processes to guide Clients towards the most appropriate investment strategy for their particular circumstancesand objectives. We aim to nurture and maintain long-term relationships with our Clients and we reward their commitment. Itall begins with a meeting with one of our experienced, professional Wealth Managers.We hope the Frequently Asked Questions page of this website will give you an insight into how we operate, but to fullyappreciate the scope of our services and the quality of our advice, contact us now or come to one of our many events toexperience the difference personally. We regularly host financial events such as seminars, as well as less formal socialevents such as wine-tasting! Page 21 of 46
  22. 22. Our Satisfied ClientsWe pride ourselves on the high level of satisfaction our Clients enjoy and the loyalty theydisplay:  70% of our new Clients are referrals from happy existing clients  Over 50% of our 2008 new business came from satisfied existing Clients who increased their assets under our management  95% of Clients who trusted Black Swan Capital to manage their assets still trust Black Swan Capital to manage their assets todayExecutive Director, JP Morgan "Black Swan Capital has provided top quality financial and investmentadvice to me for several years now. They offer a full range of investments dependent upon your riskappetite and, crucially for me, minimize the time I need to spend on financial management. Theirperformance on my portfolio has also been exceptional."Our Client ProfileA large number of our UK Clients are in the financial services and associated industriesthemselves, a fact we are proud of, as it indicates that we are the wealth managers that theprofessionals themselves trust to manage their money and assets.In Hong Kong, we focus on providing financial planning for the local Chinese as well as expatriatemarkets. We have dedicated teams of Wealth Managers with specific expertise and specialist servicesolutions to serve Clients of different nationalities Page 22 of 46
  23. 23. Investment Seminar & Cocktail ReceptionAt The Hong Kong Club on 24 February, 2009 1. Our Chief Investment Officer, Mr. James Hughes, gave a thought-provoking presentation entitled “Invest in the market, or hold cash?” 2. Welcome address by Mr. Bernard de Petrucci, Managing Director, Black Swan Capital Hong Kong. Page 23 of 46
  24. 24. Interview with James HughesPeak Magazine December 2008 Issue Page 24 of 46
  25. 25. Black Swan Capital InterviewPeak Magazine January 2009 Issue Page 25 of 46
  26. 26. “We really are different!”HONG KONG OFFICE:2501-05 Citibank Tower,Citibank Plaza,3 Garden Road,Central, Hong KongTel: +852 3752 3000Fax: +852 3010 0002Email: enquiries@blackswancapital.com.hkwww.blackswancapital.com.hkLONDON OFFICE:Email: enquiries@blackswancapital.uk.comwww.blackswancapital.uk.com Page 26 of 46
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  28. 28. ARAMEX INVESTMENTS LANKA (PVT) LTD., PRISM OF DIRECTIONS ARE INVESTMENTSAND FINANCE ON EMERGING MARKETS DRIVING ECONOMIC GROWTH WITHIN THECOUNTRY INVESTED IN, WITH MAJOR EMPHASIS FOR SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY ANDHUMANITARIAN PROJECTS THAT WILL HELP ALLEVIATE THE SPECTRUM, LIVINGSTANDARD OF THE PEOPLE OF THE COUNTRY.Our Sri Lankan office was opened in 2010 in order to manage our Investments in Sri Lanka andMaldives. Decision to Invest in Sri Lanka was due to the Driving Economic Growth in the country afterthe war period.Our Initial main areas of Investments are Hotels, Leisure/Theme Parks, Plantation and PowerGeneration.As our Policy we will also get involved in Social and Humanitarian Projects which are aimed todevelop the Living Standards of the local communities.HotelsWe do intend to have a chain of 4 & 5 star hotels throughout the country, initial locations and projectshave been chosen in the cities of Colombo, Kandy, Dambulla, Pasekudah, Arugambay, Galle,Wadduwa and Hikkaduwa. Our intention is to bring luxurious hotel management company to manageall our Hotels.Also we have located few Islands in different Atolls in Maldives to construct Luxury type Hotels.PlantationsInitial steps have been taken to invest heavily on Tea Plantations n order to improve the supply of GoodQuality CEYLON TEA to our clients from our own Estates.Power GenerationSri Lanka is in a rapid need of Energy due to the Economic Growth and in order to keep up with therequired production we have decided to invest in Power Generation from Small power Plants up toMega Power Plants using Hydro Power, Wind Power and Gas. Page 28 of 46
  29. 29. List of OUR Projects:REFINERY: 1. COGEN ENERGY PROJECT-COGEN ENRGY PTY LIMITED-DARWIN, AUSTRALIA-300 HECTARES OF LAND, LOCATED IN A ZONED DOWNSTREAM GAS PRECINT PROJECT SCALED TO 180,000 BARRELS PER DAY CAPACITY. PROJECT COST AU 3.1 BILLION 2. MATH QUOTIENT SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED, BANGALORE, INDIA -project cost of USD 1.1 Billion - initially promoted by the Oil & Gas arm of a reputed Indian Group – is setting up a 4.88 mmtpa (100,000 bpd) oil refinery in a major east-Indian state (the “Project” or the “Refinery”), as Phase 1 of a planned 400,000 BPD capacity Rollout The Refinery location has the following key advantages: Location on the Eastern Coast of India, thereby having key advantages as compared to other inland Indian refineries as it has close proximity to one of the most dynamic demand centres i.e. South East- Asia, East Asia Strong connectivity with rail, road and sea and access to all necessary utilities (power and water)supported by availability of skilled manpower at low costs. The infrastructure shall improve many-fold with the development of Petroleum Chemical and Petrochemical Investment Region (“PCPIR”) with an estimated future investment of approximately INR 800 billion to INR 1 trillion. Factors Enhancing Viability 1. Low Capex per barrel The project has a highly competitive capex of US$945.9 per barrel per complexity In order to bring down capex, majority of the equipments are being relocated from refineries in Germany and Canada that are strategically part-relocating to other geographies (due to requirement of land to cater to enhancement of city limits). These were operational till as recently as Sep / Oct 2008. Both countries have very high stringency norms (refinery quality). The refineries have been certified by international agencies to have a residual life for 20+ years 1.3 World Class Technology The Refinery has licensed units of renowned oil refining technology suppliers such as the following : UOP Snamprogetti Foster Wheeler, etc. All the technologies are being transferred to the company for operation of refinery at new location. Operational Status Land Acquisition: 400 acres of land is in possession; site survey soil investigation completed Contracts for Major Equipments / Consultants ( incl .PMC) have already been entered into Source Refinery Units Mechanical Integrity checks complete Residual life certification done All source refinery units (Germany, Canada, USA) have been shut down and are ready for dismantling Detailed Integration Report completed by PMC DPR finalized Pre-FEED Study complete Page 29 of 46
  30. 30. Crude sourcing agreement entered into for a minimum 60,000 bpd with a leading global player, with the option to enhance the above to 100,000 bpd Construction Activities kick off (site grading work and boundary wall construction in progress) Key Operating Parameters Refinery Capacity : 4.88 mmtpa (100,000 bpd) Nelson complexity index : 11.8 3. W.P.E. GROUP CZ a.s.-W.P.E. Energy a.s.- CZECH REPUBLIC- Solar Power Project in Bulgaria- €154MILLION 4. Singapore Petroleum Refinery Pte Limited- a refinery to be located at Jurong Island, Singapore 5. MALAYSIA- PETROCHEMICAL refinery, first phase project cost of 6.5 Billion US Dollars.BULGARIA:1. Food Industry- Enterprise for production, processing and marketing of meat products,- Enterprise for production, processing and trade in milk products,2. Health and SPA Centers- Polyclinics for specialized surgery, plastic surgery and dental surgery- SPA centers in areas with Mineral Springs3. Selected 1 to 2 hotels on the mountain (mineral water) and the Black SeaCZECH REPUBLIC: (ERA INVESTMENTS CZ a.s.)Praha 9, Liben,Ceskomoravska 2255/12a,PSC 190 00Identifikaeni eislo: 282 13 955Project: Royal Melnik ParkSite: Regional: 30 mins to Prague City centre35 mins to International airport12 mins to new planned airport (scheduled 2013)60 mins to local ski resorts90 mins to DresdenLocal: 3 mins to Melnik town centre Linking two(2) historical village: Horin and MelnikSite:Principal Functional Areas:263 hectares total site area:82 hectares Residential Developments:859 new homes-primary residence in a resortstyle environment; opportunity to live in a world-class park: trees, plants, water,topography and the seasonal elements all contributge to create delight:75% of public land is green, 60% of private land is green, more than 15,000 treesplanted. Living in private estate.165 hectares Leisure Developments: Country Club, Marina, Equestrian Centre,27 hole Golf Course, Tennis court, squash court, nature walk,shopping, in-line skating,cross country skiing,ice skating hockey, football rugby,boating, Horse Riding, Polo16 Hectares Hospitality Developments: one 5*+ hotel and one 4* Hotel:Palace Hotel: 10.3 ha site:reconstruction existing Palace80 room 5-star boutique Hotel, wellness facilitites, Gourmet rated restaurant Page 30 of 46
  31. 31. Golf Hotel: 5.3 ha site: new build150 room 4 star hotel, conference facilities, restaurant and barERA WATER CZ, a.s.190 11 Praha 9- LibenDescription: ERA WATER CZ PLANT 18 000 LPHPurchase and construction of drinking water bottler in central Bohemia, in the villageof Ceska Lipa.A joint stock company ERA WATER CZ a.s., as located in Prague 9, Ceskomoravska 12for the construction and operation of drinking water bottlers. The shareholders of thecompany will be in proportion 100% of the ERA INVESTMENT CZ a.s.A total investment of €35.4 Million.Bottling Plant is capable of producing 140,000,000 liters of drinking quality water peryear.SOURCE OF VITAE WATER: 15,000 years ago the glaciers covering the mountains ofnorthern Bohemia started to thaw. The thawing water seeped through geologicallyfavourable places into the ground and started to collect in the depths of the earth,where its purity has been preserved to this day.SRI LANKA: ARAMEX INVESTMENT LANKA (PVT) LTD.ARAMEX INVESTMENTS LANKA (PVT) LTD., PRISM OF DIRECTIONS ARE INVESTMENTSAND FINANCE ON EMERGING MARKETS DRIVING ECONOMIC GROWTH WITHIN THECOUNTRY.200 ROOM FIVE STAR HOTEL IN THE HEART OF COLOMBO;BUILD NEW HOTELS, NEW APARTMENTS, CONSTRUCT NEW THEMEPARKS AND TO PURCHASE TEA ESTATES IN SRI LANKAResidencies (CCR)1Brief Description• CCR is mixed Property development designed to accommodate 198 residentialapartments and 180 rooms luxury hotel – Colombo.• Project site is located at, Colombo. Site Directly fronts the Colombo coastline offeringexcellent visibility and expansive views of coastline, sea and the cityTotal Land Area = 6,684m2Total Building area = 97,500m2• Developer of the CCR is Ceylinco Homes International (Lotus Tower) Ltd (CHITL).• CHTL acquired the lease hold rights of the 240 Perch land at No. 16, Galle road fromUrban development Authority (UDA) for 99 years lease and acquired free hold title of 22Perches of land adjacent to the aforesaid property. Page 31 of 46
  32. 32. The Project – Development PlanResidenciesLocation:ColomboBuilding:2 basements and 43 other levels• Basement – Level 3:Car parking and Kitchen• Level 4 – Level 14:180 roomed luxury Hotel• Level 15 – Level 43:Luxury residency (198 superresidential apartments)Car Parking:• 170 car parking for the Hotel• 265 car parking for theApartments Page 32 of 46
  33. 33. Current Status of the Project• CHITL has taken statutory approvals necessary for commencement of the construction• Construction of pilling and substructure has completed. Construction of the superstructurehas reached level 16.• The said project is under the custody of the Central government of Sri Lanka.• Project Management is under the supervision of Hyatt group. The management contract isnot binding so Investor would have an option to either continue with the managementsupport services of Hyatt Group or appoint a new Management Group.Key agreements and their status• Agreements with Urban development authority (UDA) and Board of investment of Sri Lanka(BOI) are in place.• Agreements with the consultants and contractors for the project are finalized Page 33 of 46
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  38. 38. WRITE-UPS: PROJECT IN PHILIPPINES:ARAMEX ERA FUND -PRIVATE ASSISTANCE FUNDS FORPHILIPPINE GOVERNMENT BOT PROJECTS UNDER PPP CENTERWELCOME TO THE HOME OF ARAMEX ERA FUND, private assistance fund for Philippine BOT projects under the PPPCENTERAbout us: The ERA-Aramex fund was organized right after president Noy Aquino III delivered his first state of the nation address on July2010. There, the president called for a public private partnership and we responded accordingly by organizing a private fund. The fund wasinitially organized as the President Noy Aquino III private development assistance fund.Private funds in the amount of 10 billion Eurodollars was initially placed by ERA Investment HK limited and the ERA Global Securities ofSpain with the Islamic Banking Institute as the fund convenor. In a short time, other capitalists came in to join the funder’s consortium indicating renewed investors confidence in the Philippines with itsbrand new government. Notable among the new entries is the renowned Barings capital of London. The name of the fund transformed intomany variations for some reasons; when Barings capital came in to join, the fund became to be known as ERA - Barings fund. Then theAramex Investments of Hong Kong came in to join the group and the Fund came to be known as ERA-Aramex Funds. The ERA-AramexFunds is TODAY THE FUND IS SIMPLY CALLED THE ARAMEX ERA FUND presented in the Philippines exclusively by Prof. AbdelDimapunong, president of the fund convenor.TODAY THE FUND IS SIMPLY CALLED THE ARAMEX ERA FUND THE, IT IS COMPOSED OF INTERNATIONAL FUNDERS,NAMELY:ERA INVESTMENTS HK LIMITEDERA GLOBAL SECURITIES LIMITED, SPAINARAMEX INVESTMENTS LIMITED, HONG KONGBARINGS CAPITAL CORPORATION LIMITED. LONDONW.P.E. GROUP, CZECH REPUBLIC THE ARAMEX ERA FUND is a private fund Intended for financing PHILIPPPINE government BOT projects under the PPP Center. ABOUT US - THE ARAMEX ERA FUND, ABOUT US - THE ERA-ARAMEX FUNDThe president Noy Aquino private assistance fund, now simply known as the Aramex-ERAFund is a volunteering civic financial engagement for nation and government. it is acivilian volunteering assistance for good governance sans corruption as president NoyAquino III said time and again‖ ‖walang Mahirap kung walang kurakot‖ [there is nopoverty where there is no corruption’]. there is no corruption in the implementation ofthe Aramex fund because all financial considerations are based on existing laws inthe Philippines without violations of the provisions of the anti corrupt practices act.Our Private Assistance Fund is a manifestation of the famous statement of US PresidentJohn F Kennedy when he said, ―Ask not what your government can do for you but askwhat you can do for your country‖.Doing what civilians are able to do well for the government is also a manifest indicationof democracy in action in the concept of another US famous President Abraham Lincolnwho defines democracy as a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Page 38 of 46
  39. 39. On current events in the Philippines, President Benigno Aquino III has this to say abouthis leadership as the president in his relation to the people: ―kayo ang boss ko‖ [you,referring to the people, are my boss] this statement from the president has been viewedby many on many angles. Some consider it as an outright joke. Others view thestatement as a humorous remark that was intended to provoke laughter. Perhaps thepresident was speaking humorously. Yet perhaps he was teasing. And perhaps he was inplayful vexation. But in our view we took it as an expression of thanks to the peoplewho voted for him. The president was being grateful to those who supported him whilehe was a candidate. And now as a president he could, in this same vein appreciate thethings that will support his administration. That made me move to organize the PresidentNoy Aquino Private Assistance Fund in support of the newAdministration of His Excellencywith the principal philosophy of PUBLIC PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP as he calls it or what isinternationally known as PPP THE FUND IS A CONSORTIUM OF PRIVATE INTERNATIONAL FUNDERS, NAMELY: ERA INVESTMENTS HK LIMITED ARAMEX INVESTMENTS LIMITED HONG KONG ERA GLOBAL SECURITES LIMITED, SPAIN BARINGS CAPITAL, LONDON THE ARAMEX ERA FUND IS A PRIVATE DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANCE FUND AVAILBLE FOR THE PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP UNDER PRESIDENT NOY AQUINO EXECUTIVE ORDER NO.8, KNOWN AS THE PPP CENTERThe ERA INVESTMENTS (HK) Ltd. has formed a new Joint Ventures Partnership withthe Islamic Banking Institute and the Maranaw Management Corporation in order topush through with several projects including biodiesel and power projects. thePartnership, known as the MINDANAO POWER VENTURES avails of a DevelopmentFunding that was arranged by the ERA GROUP amounting to €500 million for theimplementation of its biodiesel and power projects in Mindanao, Philippines.THE MINDANAO POWER VENTURE PARTNERSERA INVESTMENTS (HK) Ltd., a corporation, organized under the laws of Hong kong,existing with principal office address at Room 907 Silvercord Tower 2, 30 CantonRoad,Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, HongKong; and duly registered in Hong Kong a copyof its certificate of Registration is attached herewith as Annex A, and representedherein by its Chairman, Mr. Ashroff Gaffoor, hereinafter referred to as VENTURERPARTNER 1 ; Page 39 of 46
  40. 40. The ISLAMIC BANKING RESEARCH INSTITUTE, a corporation organized under thelaws of the Philippines, existing and duly registered with the Securities and ExchangeCommission with Certificate of Registration, a copy of which is attached herewith asAnnex B, with postal address at No. 3, Marawi Avenue, Maharlika Village, Tagig GlobalCity postal code 1631, and email address atislamicbankingresearch@yahoo.com represented herein by its president, ABDELAZIZ DIMAPUNONG, and hereinafter referred to as VENTURER PARTNER 2; andMARANAW MANAGEMENT CORPORATION, a corporation organized under the laws ofthe Philippines, existing and duly registered with the securities and ExchangeCommission with Certificate of Registration, a copy of which is attached herewith asAnnex C, having its postal address at No. 3 Marawi Avenue, Maharlika Village, TaguigGlobal City with email address at maranawmanagement@gmail.com , and representedherein by its President, PAYAPA CRUZ, and hereinafter referred to as VENTURERPARTNER 3About biodixBiodix is a brand of biodiesel products that are produced from pure vegetable oils (PVOs).The PVOs are produced either from coconut oil or palm oil from the agricultural plantations ofBiodix Biodiesel Joint Venture. The PVOs are then finally process into biodiesel at the refineryplant. This is a joint venture of ERA Petroleum Company of Hong Kong and the MaranawVenrure Management Corporation. The technology being used by Biodix is a proven expertisefrom the Netherlands. Work is underway for a biodix biodiesel refinery in Batangas andMindanao, Philippines. Page 40 of 46
  41. 41. THE CHAIRMAN Mr. KANDEGEDERA ABDUL GAFFOOR MOHAMED ASHROFF Presently, THE CHAIRMAN of BARINGS CAPITAL CORPORATION LTD ; ERA INVESTMENTS(HK) LIMITED, ERA PETROLEUM, ERA INVESTMENTS CZ a.s.; ERA WATER-CZECH REPUBLIC; ERA GLOBAL SECURITIES SL.L. SPAIN, ARAMEX INVESTMENTS LIMITED, ARAMEX INVESTMENTS (HK) LIMITED; ARAMEX INVESTMENT LANKA (PVT) LTD; OCEAN KING ASSETS LTD.; GULF ORIENT COMMERCIAL BROKERS L.L.C.-DUBAI, U.A.E.; VICE CHAIRMAN OF C.T.U. INVESTMENTS LIMITED; A FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE ISLAMIC BANK OF THE PHILIPPINES, a joint Government and registered investor/shareholders, licensed bank established by the Philippines Government to service thesouthern population of the Philippines (principally Muslim) in the provinces of Mindanao,Davao, Basilan, Cebu, Marawi; Established the bank and its regional offices (Manila andMindanao). In November 2000 embarked on Bond raising mission (on behalf of sub-national Government organizations of the Philippines); established the bank, its bankingoperation, License and Charter compliance) and additionally raise international fundingand local investment, and provide banking services to the Province of Mindanao.Successfully raised ABS Bonds in Germany (via Werner Securities of Germany) forPhilippine Projects and introduce ―sub-national‖ bond facilitation to Philippines and itsbanking system.From 1995 to 1999 as Managing Director/CEO of ERA Assets Limited (Hong Kong)[Hudson Construction Company Limited]. ERA Assets Limited was formed in 1987 (aBritish Virgin Islands (BVI) registered corporation. Opened the ERA ASSET office in HongKong, which was incorporated to undertake various international merchant bankingfacilitations. Principally take up the CEO position of a joint-venture acquisition being theHudson Construction Company Limited, a listed public company, a major Hong Kong andShenzhen (China) development company. ERA Asset Limited acquired a 38%shareholding in Hudson, which has construction contracts in both China and Hong Kong.As per the acquisition/joint-venture take-over, became the ―local‖ chairman and CEO,principally to facilitate bank finance for the various development projects and to alsoutilize our European banking ―bond‖ expertise in facilitation of significant projects inChina. As CEO, re-develop the corporate structure, raise additional shareholder capitaland establish banking connections in both China and abroad to provide investor fund forproject development.From 1988-1995 as PRINCIPAL AND CEO of ERA Assets Limited (consultation tointernational banking groups); In 1988, opened new office in Athens with worldrenown retired international banker Dr. Voulikas specifically providing international Page 41 of 46
  42. 42. private banking facilitation to international clients, particularly in Mediterranean andMiddle-eastern shipping and product transfers. The business, essentially a private bankspecializing in merchant banking, credit transfers and private investment funding. Wasvery successful over its inaugural five year period after which Dr. Voulikas retired andtook total control of the business and its development. Dr. Voulikas provide valuableintuitive banking expertise and training which has been implied in the future of the ERAcorporations. Additionally the cooperation with Dr. Voulikas provide most notableintroduction and formative banking contacts in Europe, Middle-east and Asia.  Successfully manage the merchant-banking operation and assist with the private banking facilitation  Organize Letters of Credit, securitization and investment facilitation (under the direction of Dr. Voulikas)  Investigate client sponsored projects and negotiate investment criteria  Establish international private banking arrangements  Establish the funding and project finance facilitation of client company and their projects.  Negotiate government participation/capitalization and investor capitalization.From 1987 to 1998 , PRINCIPAL AND CEO of ERA Assets Limited (consultationto Delta group - Greek Shipping and Banking)In 1987, practice as an advisor/consultant to the Delta Group, a Greek basedinternational shipping and commodity trading corporation operating out of Athens. Thiswas a new business venture, capitalized from personal savings, which took advantage ofcontacts established in London in my prior assignment period and the opportunity toconsult to the Delta Group provided my entry into the international finance, merchantbanking and commodity finance world. The business traded successfully for a period ofnine months when, Delta Group introduced the consultation of Dr Voulikas to theirconsultation team, this resulted in the re-formation of ERA Assets Limited. Later thatyear with the inclusion of Dr. Voulikas and we re-opened with a much expandedinternational client list - the Delta Consultancy continued through the period from 1987to 1995.Key Responsibilities  Successfully manage the shipping finance and credit management (Letters of Credit management and assist with the private banking facilitation)  Organize Letters of Credit, securitization and investment facilitation, particularly through the London banking community and its Greek banking principals.  Establish the funding and project finance facilitation of client companies and their projects.  Successfully manage order finance, Letters of Credit - assist clients with international banking requirements and arrangement shipping facilitation to meet customer requirements  Arrange supply finance (to fund production) via Letters of Credit assignment, factoring/inventory finance and security deposits from clients.  Liaise with banker, Financiers and Clients in Europe and Britain. Page 42 of 46
  43. 43.  In 1985-1987, CHIEF CONSULTANT FOR Orient Arab Finance Hong Kong for the SouthAsian Regions for Project Finance and Finance Managements.****CERTIFICATE of Finance/Economics International – ORIENT ARAB FINANCE; Certificate Business Banking- International Export Finance – ORIENT ARAB FINANCE Mr. Adrian Ho. Mr. Ho is the Chairman of CTU Investments Ltd. and the Vice-Chairman of ERA Investment (HK) Limited. Mr. Ho is also a co- founder of CWE Group Limited.An energy asset developer. He is a Partner with Global Eco Ventures Ltd., a Director of Inter-Citic Minerals Technologies Inc. (CAN), a company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and Director of AKA Capital Asia Ltd. Previously, Mr. Ho worked as an investment banker at FB Gemini Capital Limited, a Taiwanese bank, and at Tai Fook Capital Ltd., a Hong Kong bank. He has extensive experience in initial public offerings, mergers and acquisition advisories, equity and debt capital market transactions, and many fund raising exercises. Mr. Ho is the grandson of the famous Hong Kong and Macau (pro-Beijing) merchant, Mr. Ho Yin and his son, Mr. Ho Hou Wah Edmund (the first Chief Executive of Macau SAR, China.) Mr. Ho holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics Degree from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania Dr.Samila De Silva Managing Director Aramex Investment Lanka (Pvt) Limited Doctor in Medicine by profession. Has over 10 years of experience in Trading, Finance and Management in Sri Lanka and Russia. From 2004 to 2009 had the prestige of been appointed as the Advisor to the Honorary Consul of Sri Lanka in St. Petersburg, Russia. Page 43 of 46
  44. 44. ANTHONY LAM CHI KIN Professional Experience: More than 22 years of experiences in the trust and taxation industries. He had previously worked for the Big Four international accounting firms and the largest bank in Hong Kong, HSBC. He is a specialist in tax and wealth planning for high net worth local/international individuals and institutions and trusts. His trust clients’ portfolio ranging from simple to extremely complicated trust structures. He has been consulted as an expert in the trust industry. He is currently acting as advisor for a number of substantial professional trust companies and private banks. His practice is significantly international. Anthony has clients in the Asia Pacific Region (e.g. Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, and Indonesia), Europe (e.g. United Kingdom, Swiss and Italy), Canada and the United States of America.His other specializations, where Anthony has a lot of experience, are advising on international/cross-border taxplanning for global corporate clients. He is strong at designing tailor-made tax efficient group holdingstructure. He has significant experiences in advising on international tax structures for a number of large sizeglobal enterprises. What makes Anthony outstanding in the tax planning industry is he is not just rendering taxadvices but he helps his clients to implement the whole global operating structures.Anthony also assisted his high net worth clients on merger and acquisition of their business. Anthony alsoinvolved in family dispute mediation.Anthony was a chairman and CEO for a Korean listed company with stock code 039790.Presentations:Anthony had delivered a number of seminars in Hong Kong and Taiwan on topics of Trusts, Estate Planning,International Tax Planning and US tax.Professional Associations:Anthony is a Member of American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). He is also a Member ofSociety of Trust and Estate Practitioner (TEP), Canadian Chapter, a professional body for trust and estateprofessionals worldwide. In 2004, Anthony has been appointed as a Committee Member of The Hong KongTrustees’ Association and has been nominated and held as Chairman of the China Development Committee ofthe Association until 2007.His Business Achivement:Since February 2004, Anthony had started up his private practice of wealth planning firm growing from a size offour persons to eight persons within these years. The turnover of the Company is around US$1 million and themarket value of the Company is currently offered as US$2.5 million by an undisclosed interested party. Page 44 of 46
  45. 45. DAVID J. GOOLD David Goold has a career, which has been under the discipline of Engineering, a diploma-graduate of Production/Industrial Engineer, commenced his professional life in manufacturing and quickly after obtaining credentials in Business Management and Marketing rose through management ranks. After joining the corporate executive, Mr. Goold embarked on a professional career in product, project and business development covering the areas of finance, product manufacture and building-construction development. With over forty years in corporate finance and commercial development of business Mr. Goold’s expertise brings essential clarity and business acumen to any executive and with the knowledge and skills to direct the effective rationalization and problem solving requirements of todays business.. For the past fifteen years, Mr. Goold has used his engineering based skills and the experiences learned in banking, insurance and finance compliance to establish an enviable management reputation in the project finance and development industry in Australia and South East Asia. Mr.Rao Jessie Managing Director Aramex Investments Limited Current position as Managing Director of Aramex Investments Limited. With proven leadership and cultural flexibility drawn from over 20 years of professional experience with major financial services companies in Hong Kong. (Credit Suisse Privilege, AXA Wealth Management (HK) Ltd …) Skillful at establishing new ventures or start-ups as well as drastically improving performance in mature and complex organizations. Has ahands-on consulting experience in financial services distribution within culturally diverse sales forcesin Hong Kong. Highly proficient in leadership development, performance enhancement andorganizational development methodologies.Education and Professional Qualifications: University of South Australia Graduate Certificate inManagement: Concentrations in Strategy, Strategic Management and Investment Analysis.University of Hull Masters of Business Administration (MBA) Finished all the courses, only dissertation to goProfessional QualificationsHong Kong Securities Institute- HKSI Specialist CertificatePass Regulatory Paper 1 – Fundamentals of Securities and Futures RegulationPass Regulatory Paper 2 – Regulation of SecuritiesPass Practical Paper 7 – Financial MarketsPass Practical Paper 8 – SecuritiesInsurance Intermediaries Qualifying Examination for Insurance Brokers (“IIQE”)Long term (including linked long term) insurance- Pass Papers 1, 3, 5 Page 45 of 46
  46. 46. General Insurance – Pass Paper 2International Registered Financial Practitioner(Society of International Registered Financial Practitioner)Member of the Kowloon Cricket Club (KCC) MS. ELIZABETH M. PAPAG Presently, MANAGING DIRECTOR, GULF ORIENT COMMERCIAL BROKERS L.L.C.-DUBAI, U.A.E.; DIRECTOR/ BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER OF Era Investment (HK) Limited- Hong Kong, S.A.R.; as DIRECTOR/OFFICER of ARAMEX INVESTMENTS LIMITED; as DIRECTOR/ PERSONAL ASSISTANT TO THE CHAIRMAN, BARINGS CAPITAL CORPORATION LTD. Directs financial strategy, planning, and forecasts. Supervise investments. Prepare, review and implement international financial contracts and bank instrument contracts and necessary corporate documents requirements, contracts, agreements. Directly report tothe CHAIRMAN/CEO, provide support and guidance to the regional offices in the areas ofportfolio management, investments, projects including but not limited to: operations, clientrelations, accounting and financial reporting. Directly report to the CHAIRMAN/CEO, work toestablish an annual operations execution plan and to maintain best practices and processesin the international and regional offices. Act in the absence and for and on behalf ofCHAIRMAN/CEOs. Liaison and communicates with regional and international directors.Formulate strategic financial program plans by assessing policy and program feasibility torealize short and long term goals and objective of the company.Incorporator, President/Owner of Keen Rich International Holdings Company Ltd.-Hong Kong,S.A.R.; 3if International Ltd., Iceland, Europe; Royal Estates, London, U.K. and Sweden;Afi Global Ltd., British Virgin Islands; GOOD TOP LTD. IBC NO. 147701, COMMONWEALTHOF THE BAHAMAS : SUITE E-2 UNION COURT BUILDING, ELIZABETH AVENUE ANDSHIRLEY STREET. P.O. BOX N-8188, NASSAU, BAHAMAS;EPC INTERNATIONAL MANPOWER SERVICES- Philippines; CMSI-PHILS.;INTER-PACIFIC INC. - CNMI, U.S.A. ; PACIFIC RIM INSURANCE COMPANY-CNMI,USAEducational Background: M.B.A.- LETRAN UNIVERSITY, PHILIPPINES; MASTER OF ARTS INECONOMICS, ATENEO UNIVERSITY, PHILIPPINES; GRADUATE OF BACHELOR OF APPLIEDECONOMICS, POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES. Page 46 of 46