Conventions of music video


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Conventions of music video

  1. 1. Conventions of music videoWhat is a music VideoIs known as a short film which shows the movement of a performer either doing anarrative scene or a performance based track many music videos convey bothaspects in their video.Purpose of a music videoThe purpose of a music video is used more as marketing tool to enhance the imageof the artist used as a promotional tool for people to buy or watch their musicvideos e.g. YouTube and buy CD’s. The type of music would influence the type ofpeople to listen to it trying to broaden the artists audience.
  2. 2. Codes and conventions of a music videoMusic videos categorisedPerformance- Where the band or artist is playing an example of this would be KingsOf Leon Sex is on Fire where there is a storyline showing meaningful lyrics in the video to showthe artist emotions e.g. of performance and Narrative- Is the aspect where the artist/ Band isperforming and there is also a narrative (storyline) this is the most common featuresused in music videos e.g. Fray save a life This is Digitally performed by an artist used mainly in films gives theaudience a new viewing experience e.g. Lion King Circle of life
  3. 3. General codes and conventionsNarrative - is the storyline which is performed by a band or artist showing themeaningfulness through their video and lyrics this portrays to the audience of what theartist is trying to show, this will all be demonstrated through Mise en scene, camerawork, editing and sound/theme ( instruments).Lyrics – are consisted through verses and choruses it interprets what the artist isshowing through their lyrics depending on the mood of the atmosphere they are goingfor this usually is constructed through the video and words they say facial expressionwill show the atmosphere which will be conveyed to the audience.Image - this is used through a visual sense when the artist is performing dance routinesor the movement throughout the video this is done through camera work to give it thatdynamic feelGenre - is the type of music this can be categorised and be demonstrated throughoutthe mise en scene, camera work and lighting this will be all used to show the audienceand give a insight of the genre mainly done through performing and type of sound inthe background of the song
  4. 4. Media LanguageCamera Shots- these are varied camera shots to focus on the artist and bands this is donethrough a variety such as Close ups, Extreme close ups, Medium shots and long shots these areused in the general conventions of music videos.Camera Movement - this is used to track the music this is done through crab shots, panningshots, boom shots, dolly shots and tilt shots these are some of the aspects people use in musicvideos to be effective to match the track.Lighting - is used to set the mood of the atmosphere used in the music depending on the typeof genre if it is a rock genre the conventions used here would be low key lighting in certainaspects to give it that mood atmosphere whereas if it was a pop video it would be quite light toshow the artist to stand out.Mise en scene- is the scenery and props used in the video it tries to convey the message to theaudience what theme is used, location and performances these are aspects which are used tomatch the music video.Editing- is used to match the pace of the music video where it will focus on the artist,instruments and performance this should have a contingency to match the editing pace of thesong.
  5. 5. IntertextualityThis is used in Cinema chains such as Walt Disney where it has enabled them to play tracks infilms such as Aladdin a whole new world, music has benefited from the growth of cinemasmaking it broaden to more of a mass audience also the advancements in technology hasenabled for the music industry to growe.g. beastie boys sabotage twain man I feel like a woman Robbie Williams let love be your energy
  6. 6. Unconventional music videosThese are conventions which are not matched to normal music videos such as close upsand fast paced editing examples of this would be thatE.G Lady Gaga born this way many videos this video is unconventional many artist or bands try use their musicvideos as a marketing tool to sell to a mass audience, however Lady Gaga tries to convey amessage to her audience about how she wants acceptance in society.
  7. 7. How do conventions differ depending on genreHip Hop and R&B- this is usually low key lighting or could be quite light depending on thetype of message the artist is trying to convey, man artist mainly show their male bravadowith their flashy cars, parties and groups of large people having fun with loads of girlse.g. Justin bieber boyfriend.Indie/Rock- this is usually low key lighting to create a moody atmosphere unlike othergenres it is different because compared to heavy metal rock it is more of a cool look notto much punk rock theme to it but does have that sense of band members rocking outthis is done through camera work, mis en scene and editing e.g. kings of Leon sex is onfire.Metal- this is low key lighting to put a moody atmosphere to create a punk rock feelingspecial effects may be added to focus on the artist to show his intensity in facialexpressions and the mise en scene and lighting is dark to create a gothic look.
  8. 8. Development of Music VideosThe development is music videos has changed over the years people would have usedlarge scale productions which will cost a huge budget, but now it has changed overthe years that you can produce music in studios from a laptop by creating beats andsmaller scale budget makers such as Philip Bloom have been using DSLR cameras £300would make small scale budget short movies or Spike Jonze a Indie/Rock directorproducing relatively cheap music videos.