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Introduction to Forums

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Community of Accountants |

  1. 1. BIG4TALK. comCommunity of Accountants
  2. 2. BIG4TALK. comCommunity of Accountants
  3. 3. Introduction to Web ForumBIG4TALK.comCommunity of Accountants
  4. 4. There are so many different names for a “forum”. Some think of them as message boards or bulletin boards. Some call them threaded discussions, discussion boards or discussion groups while others call them conferences. Big4Talk simply calls them forums.BIG4TALK.comCommunity of Accountants
  5. 5. The simplistic definition of a forum is a place wherepeople have the ability to start communication (in the form of Topic) and reply to other peoples Topics. A member of the community in the forum posts a message, which is visible to everyone in that community. Once read, there is the option to post a reply, which can also be visible to the community.Thus, a discussion can build up without all users having to be online at the same time.BIG4TALK.comCommunity of Accountants
  6. 6. Depending on the permissions of community members as defined by the forum administrator, members can post replies to existing topics and start new topics as they wish. In addition, users of a forum can post anonymously (ifthis is enabled by the Forum Administrator) or as their registered username. .BIG4TALK.comCommunity of Accountants
  7. 7. Basic Structure of a Forum A forum consists of 4 components: the forum itself, its categories, the topics and the messages. Each component, or level of hierarchy, is illustrated in the diagram below .BIG4TALK.comCommunity of Accountants
  8. 8. Big4Talk refers to pre-defined types of users. They are Forum Owner, Moderator, and User. .BIG4TALK.comCommunity of Accountants
  9. 9. Moderators are individuals who have been assigned tomoderate a category within a forum. A moderator can be assigned to one or multiple categories and their permissions range from deleting messages/topics to banning individuals from accessing the forum .BIG4TALK.comCommunity of Accountants
  10. 10. Forum Owners are individuals who have been assigned to manage a forum. Forum owners have the rights tochange any forum level, create discussion categories fortheir forum, create moderators, and manage their own sets of users. .BIG4TALK.comCommunity of Accountants
  11. 11. Users are individuals or members who have been given access to a forum or who have publicly registered to access the forum. These members do not have anyspecial privileges unless otherwise given by the Forum Owner. Users can become Moderators or Forum Owners if designated by the Forum Owner. .BIG4TALK.comCommunity of Accountants
  12. 12. Joining and Registering to a Forum To join a forum, registering to a forum must be done. To do this, click on the “Register” link, and the RegistrationAgreement will be displayed for the visitor to read and accept before continuing with the registration process. Upon acceptance of the terms, the visitor will be required to complete a form, which requests for information such as, username, email address, password, location and othermiscellaneous information about the user. When all required fields (marked with an asterisk) have been provided, the visitor can proceed by clicking the “Register” link at the bottom of the forum. ” Community of Accountants .
  13. 13. NOW YOU ARE REGISTRED LOG IN TO NOW BIG4TALK.COM Community of AccountantsBIG4TALK.comCommunity of Accountants
  14. 14. BIG4TALK.comCommunity of Accountants