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How I Got Accepted To CPALead



This is how my success got started with CPA Lead, a leading CPA provider. Please feel free to use my ref link :)

This is how my success got started with CPA Lead, a leading CPA provider. Please feel free to use my ref link :)



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  • Dillon2b please i have read your post and i love it but how can i sign up as an advertiser on this cpalead.
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    How I Got Accepted To CPALead How I Got Accepted To CPALead Document Transcript

    • How I got accepted to CPALead By Dillon2b @ Gamersoul.com Well, first I’ll explain what CPA stands for. CPA stands forCost Per Action. Meaning, I could get an offer for a survey, andevery time someone completes a survey, I get paid $1-$5. Seelater. CPALead is just a CPA website. There are TONS of CPAwebsites but I like CPALead. The registration process is basicallythe same, besides that some other websites will ask youdifferent questions. So if you want to register with my referral,go to http://www.cpalead.com/get-started.php?ref=158404.If you want to register without my CPA, I guess you can if youwant.. I mean it really doesn’t hurt you. But its your choice. Ifnot just go to http://www.cpalead.com/
    • So. You will be confronted with this screen:So you see the part about publishers and advertisers?
    • Publishers are the ones who post the offers, like surveys. Advertisersare what we want to be, we will be advertising his/her’s survey. So hitthe ‘Get Started’ button. Here is probably the simplest part. Go throughand verify everything. You’ll come to the website part. What I did tookabout thirty minutes. I went to http://blogger.com and created a blog.Name it something related to what you want to blog about. I didhttp://articlemadness.blogspot.com that is my blog that I used for myCPALead account. As you see, it’s just a simple blog I created the otherday. All I did was I went to MSN.com and copy/pasted a few articles.Make sure that you post A LOT of information. Here is a picture of myblog. The reason I am posting a picture of it right now is cause I will beadding a survey so you can see how it interacts and what not.
    • As you can see it’s just a little article with a picture. MAKE SURE YOUPUT PICTURES IN. For ‘Web Site Category’, just use what your blog isabout obviously. Btw. Don’t be surprised if you don’t get accepted ifyou do the exact same thing as me. But it could work. For daily views, Iput 1,000. On the right of your blog, anyone can see when you postedthem. I posted them the same day I registered, surprisingly somehowthey didn’t acknowledge the fact that I created it the same day and get1k daily views. Don’t worry though, they’re very trustful. Fordescription, just describe your website. For the referral, I think it willbe automatically my ID code but I’m not sure. If not, just put a friend.For the surveys box, this is the part where they’ll be most interested in.You have to describe how you will get users to complete surveys. Isimply put that I will have a survey available to my viewers that they’llbe able to complete in return they will receive explicit information.Elaborate some more, you have to be a bit creative just due to the factthat if they see the same thing over and over again, it won’t work aswell. As for the website verification, this is probably the trickiest part.Input your domain and click ‘verify’. You’ll see something like this.Make sure that there isn’t anything like http:// before you click ‘verify’.
    • Now. The tricky part. Normally on a regular website, all you’d dois insert the meta tag you’re given into your header. But Blogger has aproblem with that. So here is a guide on how to do that. 1. Copy the meta tag given to you. 2. Go to your blogger and click on the ‘Design’ tab 3. Then click on ‘Edit HTML’
    • Once here, scroll all the way to the bottom and click on “Revert toClassic Template“Click on the OK when the box pops up.Paste the given Meta tag under the <title> line.
    • Click on “SAVE TEMPLATE CHANGES.”Go back to CPALead and click verify. You will see this if youfollowed everything correctly.From there just follow the given tasks. If you’re accepted, you’llreceive an email within the next few days. It took about 15 hoursfor mine.
    • Oh yeah, to revert back to the original style, click on Template, thenCustomize Design, then Upgrade Your Template. Choose your desiredtemplate and WAH-LAH!Now earlier I talked about putting a survey onto your blog. So once youare accepted by CPALead, go to http://cpalead.com and sign inobviously. Make sure you sign in as a publisher.On the left, hit ‘Tools’, then hit ‘Content Locker Tool’. Then click on‘Create Content Locker .’In the drop down menu, you’ll want to put whatever belongs to you.For a file download, choose the ‘File’ option. If you want your visitors todownload a file after they complete the survey, then click ‘Create mywebsite has files for “download” ‘.
    • So for an example, I’ll be doing one for a digital image. Click the ‘Create’button that you’ll be using. You can use a custom skin if you want tomake one, if not just use theirs.Just go through and do your settings. Make sure you read everythingperfectly. ---
    • It says ten cents to $4.50. It’s normally about $1-4.50. Depends on theoffer as well as the country.Once done, click I agree then OK.Click on your widget that you just made and click on ‘Choose Action…’Then click View Code. I have two cause I created one before.
    • Set it on the one you want, I picked Page Load. You’ll receive the code.All you have to do now is just go to edit HTML and Insert the code givento you under the <head> tag just like the meta.PM me if you have any problems. Please remember to thank me + repme <3 took a long time to make this shizznits.Peace.