Blended Learning: Kiosk Based Poster presentation


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This Poster Presentation was for AsiaCALL 2010 International Confrence held @ HMP Institute, V V Nagar, Gujarat. India.

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Blended Learning: Kiosk Based Poster presentation

  1. 1. Poster Presentation: Using Web Tools in Convergence with Traditional Learning Introduction Concept Sharing experiment on blended learning environment Department of English Bhavnagar University Gujarat
  2. 2. List of the blogs created by students for Assignments:• Click here to view blog list. • Do not forget to read comments given by students and teachers at the end of blog-assignment • Click here to view how students informed peer group about their blog assignments through Google group. Sharing an experiment carried out @ Department of English Bhavnagar UniversityIndex Page Gujarat
  3. 3. List of PRESENTATIONS shared through• Click here to view the list of presentations. • Do not forget to read comments given by students and teachers. • Click here to view how students shared their presentations through Google group and final remarks given by teacher. Sharing an experiment carried out @ Department of English Bhavnagar UniversityIndex Page Gujarat
  4. 4. Online Discussion Forum:• Click here to view how students participated in online discussion forum on Google Group Sharing an experiment carried out @ Department of English Bhavnagar UniversityIndex Page Gujarat
  5. 5. Blended Learning: Using Web Tools inConvergence with Traditional Learning• Several research on using technology in teaching has pointed out that technology does help in enhancing learning experience.• At the same time most of the research agrees that technology devoid of live contact, either online or offline, without teacher is not that effective.• Wherever and whenever institute attempted to replace teacher with technology, it has failed desperately.• This throws light on the fact that blended learning is going emerge as the time tested mechanism for convergence of technology with traditional teaching methods. NEXT PAGE
  6. 6. Blended Learning: Using Web Tools inConvergence with Traditional Learning• This poster presentation aims at demonstrating some of the methods used at Department of English, in teaching English language and literature through blended learning.• The students use web tools like blog, eGroup, free presentation sharing web-platform, LMS and group texting as part of their regular learning.• The traditional classroom teaching is not replaced but replenished with web tools.• Students use blogs to submit their assignment, Web platform to present and upload presentations, groups for extended classroom discussion on online mode and group texting to coordinate the blended learning.• We hope you will have enriching experience in this Poster Presentation. Index Page
  7. 7. NEXT PAGE
  8. 8. Index Page
  9. 9. The Concept:• We need to build a continuing mechanism for the uninterrupted development of new curricula and new modular courses in an increasing variety of different learning environments.• Furthermore, this needs to be extended from earliest childhood education through to adult education.• Deep questioning is taking place regarding higher education in our society: NEXT PAGE
  10. 10. Urgent need to address questions:• What should a student be required to know and do to succeed in the 21st century?• What should a teacher be required to know and to do to help students acquire the desired knowledge and abilities?• What role can ICT play in helping both teachers and students perform these new tasks?• How can technology be blended with traditional teaching? Index Page
  11. 11. • To learn more on online examinations and other learning management over MOODLE, you have to create new account.• Click on the link given below to create new account > authenticate your mail by clicking on the link sent via email > and login with your newly created username and password.•• Pls note, this will be time consuming so you are suggested to go back to index page and browse through blogs, groups and slideshare. Index Page
  12. 12. Methodology• In the semester system, we have 30 marks for ‘continuous internal assessment’.• We have Presentation, Assignment and Test for CIA.• The students were supposed to make presentation in the classroom on the topic taught in traditional mode and then upload it on All students have to comment on at least 2 presentation.• The assignments are to be published on blog for teacher’s assessment. All students have to comment on at least 2 assignment.• The urls of blog and presentation were shared through Google group with teacher and student.• Two bonus points were awarded to students who performed excellently well in each web based activity.• The Google group remained at the centre of these activities as a strong bridge of communication.• Teachers’ comments were an integral part of these experimented learning. Index Page
  13. 13. Teacher’s Experience• Attention in studies - Students were found more attentive while learning in language lab than in the classroom.• Interest in studies - Students never got tired or bored of learning. They cultivated new interest in learning.• Self-learning – students were reading books and web resources to learn more on given topic.• Self-motivation – even on holidays students used to come to work for blogs & presentations.• Students were found more sincere in their blog- assignments and presentation than in traditional submission of assignment. Index Page
  14. 14. Students’ Experience• Well, instead of giving anything on screen, I would suggest you to have talk with students.• It would be better to share your doubts, queries and suggestions with them.• You will find Pooja, Payal, Reema and Maulik here around to share their experience.• And believe me, its not scripted!!!Index Page