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Issues and challenges in Teaching and Learning ICT
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Issues and challenges in Teaching and Learning ICT


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. SSI 3013: Information AndCommunication Technology In Science Group members: Nor fadilah bt zakaria D20101037413 Nur Faralina bt Asarab Ali D20101037415 Syazana bt Ismail D20101037417 Title : Issues and challenges in Teaching and Learning ICT
  • 2. ICTThe ICT’s stand for information and communication technologies andare defined as a “diverse set of technological tools and resources usedto communicate, and to create, disseminate, store and manageinformation. These technologies include computers, theInternet, broadcasting technologies (radio and television) and telephoneRoles of ICT in educationRestructuring education systemDiversifying teaching-learning methods and practicesEnhancing education efficiency, effectiveness andproductivity
  • 3. Issues that have been raised while integrating ICT in Teaching and LearningWhat is ICT?What are the roles of ICT in education system?How much does will it cost by implementing ICT in Malaysia’s education?What are the challenges that teachers and students will face in using ICT?Does ICT enhanced learning effectively work?How to help or train the teachers to have ICT skills in order to create aneffective learning environment?How ICT can create a new, open learning environment?How does ICT will help the students from the rural area?Does ICT can help to achieve the philosophy of education’s goal?
  • 4. How much does will it cost by implementing ICT in Malaysia’s education?•Ministry of Education –funding•Integrating ICT in our Malaysian schools –high cost
  • 5. What are the challenges thatteachers and students will face in using ICT? Two categories of barrier. Extrinsic barrier as first Lack of time order and cited access, time, support, res Lack of effective ources and training training Intrinsic barrier as second order and cited Lack of confident attitudes, belief, practi ce and resistance.
  • 6. How does ICT will help the students from the rural area? Make sure that rural people follow the development of the technologies. Increase their knowledge faster and easier than before. Help the education system in rural area became more systematic and bring good quality in rural school.
  • 7. Does ICT can help to achieve the philosophy of education’s goal? From the intellectual aspect, ICT helped to fulfill the education philosophy.One of the government efforts toachieve the education philosophy is “Smart School”. Aim is to capitalize on leading-edge technologies and rapid deployment of the MSC’s infrastructure to jump start deployment of enabling technology to school.
  • 8. The process of teaching and learning more interesting Does ICT enhanced learning Provide more effectively flexible and Student can work effective ways get more for lifelong reference professional development for today’s teacher.Issue: Students’ ability to apply their ICT capability across thecurriculum is largely dependent on the effective teaching and learning
  • 9. How to help or train the teachers to have ICT skillsin order to create an effective learning environment Issue : many teachers report that they have not had adequate training to prepare themselves to use technology effectively in teaching and learning early ICT training programs in the 1991’s focused on ICT use as the main training content learn HOW to use ICT or teachers can be trained VIA ICT Expose to system software
  • 10. Categories for ICT in teacher training (adapted from Collis & Jung, 2003, p.176)
  • 11. How ICT can create a new, open learning environmentIssue : learning environment for individual students is most oftenbasis for development of new open learning environmentsinteraction and teamwork skillsthe environment are composed by a teachingmethod, a multimedia application, internet basedlearning modules and an ICT assessmentimplements a new student-centred learningmethod
  • 12. Conclusions Although there are some of the barrier and problem but ICT can prepare our children for successful lives and carriers in an increasingly technological world. So if we looked at the good side of implementing ICT in all Malaysian schools, we can precisely predicted that there will be many benefit for both teacher and learner when use ICT. The uses of ICT will enhance the learning experience for students, helping them to think and communicate creatively.