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Market development 3.0
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Market development 3.0


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Published in: Business, Sports, Technology

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  • Marketing has been about our products, our features etc. Customers now call the shots, demanding you do the business outside in – what, where, how and when they want.
  • We do not want to have a posture which is totally customer driven or market driven which means no control. We need to have the right blend of both
  • While delivering our value to the market, the message needs to involve both the right and left brained thinking. Earlier it was only the creative in marketing and then followed the reign of the analytical, who used this as a differentiation. It’s not either/or but a nice balance. I’m a left hander so my right brain works. Things are not RIGHT for me 
  • Till now -marketing is only bothered about creating leads and not about the closure, similarly sales is only concerned about closure and not about a continuous engagement or customer lifecycle.
  • Potential customers first need information before that start engaging in any meaningful way to a vendor. The stage moves from Status-Quo to close. Trying to build a strong one-to-one engagement(sales) is something which comes in much later in the customer acquisition cycle. Our messages build that engagement by creating personas for the targeted segment and keeping them engaged through meaningful content which is more like a story and drives them emotionally.
  • Networks and nodes are a major element of how we build our story in the targeted market and there is no better way to do this that Social Networking.
  • With a sales process defined, we can set the right marketing + sales mix. Doing this for the first 3-6 months will give us an idea about how to reach the market, makes sales predictions and also help us accelerate our market development program
  • Transcript

    • 1. Market Development 3.0
      Presented by:
      Digvijay Singh Rathore
      +91 9971469334
    • 2. Is not
      about running
      a business
      Inside Out
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    • 3. Is about
      having a
      posture that is
      Market Shaping
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    • 4. Is about
      Intelligence and
      Imagination, just
      like Yin and Yang
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    • 5. Is about Sales
      and Marketing
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    • 6. Messages to the market are filled with lot’s of
      Simple Emotional Stories which are Viral, based
      on Concrete facts and Credible references to
      bring about an Unexpectedness in the customers
      mindset .
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    • 7. Has Social Networking built into it
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    • 8. Makes the best use of Tools, Techniques
      And Processes