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Presentation on "If its quality its JAPAN"

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Mba sem1 ppt

  1. 1. If it is Quality….. It’s Japan…..!!!!Team Members:Arindam MallickDiganta SenguptaSitanath Tripathi KolkataRajiv Saha 04-12-2011 SMU MBA Batch No. - B
  2. 2. Topics covered Reason for popularity Leading Industry Leading Brand Japans Quality Movement TQM Quality Innovation Examples Quality Dimension Why Japanese Products are best Unique feature in Japanese Product Environment Support 2 SMU MBA Batch No. - B
  3. 3. What are the reasons forpopularity of products from a particular country? 3 SMU MBA Batch No. - B
  4. 4. Reason behind popularity of Products In some countries, due to low cost of production the prices of products is very low. Some use cutting edge Technologies. Some apply aggressive marketing and good packaging. Last but not the least, Quality.And whenever we think of Quality we think of Japan. 4 SMU MBA Batch No. - B
  5. 5. Leading Industry in Japan AutomobilesNon-ferrous Japan is among Electronics metals worlds largest producers of motor vehicles, electronicProcessed equipment, machine Chemicals foods tools, steel and nonferrous metals. Industrial Equipment Steel 5 SMU MBA Batch No. - B
  6. 6. Leading Brands in Japan 6 SMU MBA Batch No. - B
  7. 7. Leading Brands in Japan Qualityassurance andreliability in the Japaneseelectronics industry Japanese Products Used in Daily Life 7 SMU MBA Batch No. - B
  8. 8. Japans Quality Movement ……………………> JUSE had registered over 331,000 quality circles with over 2.5 million participants in its activities Kaoru Ishikawa, one of the fathers of TQC in Japan, had outlined the elements of TQC management Deming also conducted one Dr. Joseph & M. Juran of the US raised the level of quality session for top management from the factory to the total organization. He management where stressed the importance of systems thinking that begins with top Japanese product designs, testing, proper equipment operations & industrialists likes accurate process feedback Akio Morita ( the co-founder of Sony Corp) Demings lecture on statistical quality control notes provided the basis for a 30-day seminar sponsored by the JUSE and provided the criteria for Japans famed Deming Prize U.S. Occupation Forces mission to revive and restructure Japans communications equipment industry 1946 1950 1954 1968 1991 ……………………> 8 SMU MBA Batch No. - B
  9. 9. TQM (Total Quality Management )TQM is a comprehensive and structuredapproach to organizational managementthat achieves best quality of productsand services through using effectivelyrefinements in response to continuousfeedback Two key philosophies: . Continual improvement . Customer satisfaction 9 SMU MBA Batch No. - B
  10. 10. Quality Innovation with Deming philosophy The philosophy of William Edwards Deming has been summarized as follows:  To increase Quality  To reduce costs Adopting appropriate principles of management, organizations by reducing waste staff attrition  The key is to practice continual improvement and think of manufacturing as a system, not as bits and pieces. 10 SMU MBA Batch No. - B
  11. 11. Examples Of Quality DimensionsQuality is defined in two different dimensions  The view of Producer  The View of User When a producer defines the quality, they ensure the quality by “Conformance to requirement “. Manufacturing a product or providing a service may have a specification to be met. After completion of the work a systematic mechanism to compare the work done and requirement of the work are expected to be same. As closer both, as much quality exist in the work. When a User defines the quality, they mean “Fitness for use”. Effectiveness of a design, manufacturing method, and support process employed in delivering a good, system, or service that fits a customers defined purpose, under anticipated or specified operational conditions. 11 SMU MBA Batch No. - B
  12. 12. Japanese Products are best in Quality than other country’s leading brand  Good quality, reasonable cost and low maintenance of theirs products.Example  Japanese cars have  The Japanese electronic usually so many products like Sony, options like Panasonics, Canon camera, Fuji films are  auto air condition,  power steering, popular then the other  power windows, countries’ products  air bags , because of their  lesser engine troubles  best sound ,  lower fuel consumption  best picture and  better automatic transmission  best performance  Stability 12 SMU MBA Batch No. - B
  13. 13. Unique feature in Japanese Product Quality Reliable Conformance to requirements Fitness for use Customer Satisfaction Superior among competitors 13 SMU MBA Batch No. - B
  14. 14. Environment Support Japan is taking the lead in developing hi-tech products that protect the planet. They lead the world in the respected ISO 14001 certification for reducing environmental impact. The country has almost 10,000 such certified companies, which compares to a UK figure of only 3,000. Japanese companies are taking the lead in eco- friendly product design and manufacture. They are very much concerned about removing carbon, sound and air pollutions. Source: 14 SMU MBA Batch No. - B
  15. 15. Going with Toyota tag line"beyond excellence" 15 SMU MBA Batch No. - B
  16. 16. Thanks SMU MBA Batch No. - B