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Marketing on facebook Marketing on facebook Presentation Transcript

  • Marketing on facebook Varun Papneja -Brand Development TeamMonday, June 20, 2011 1
  • Agenda• Prelude• Why Facebook• Advertising /Marketing Platforms on Facebook• Identifying the Opportunities• DiscussionMonday, June 20, 2011 2
  • PreludeMonday, June 20, 2011 3
  • • Initially built for college and university students in 2004.• 66 Million Users.• 16,000+ Apps on platform.• Time on site: Ave = ~ 20 minutes• Facebook now has more than 42 million active users (double the number one year ago when it opened up registration and growing at more than 200,000 per day since January) Launch: Harvard/College Only Open to Public Pages and Social Ads 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008Monday, June 20, 2011 4 Application Platform
  • Why facebook?Monday, June 20, 2011 5
  • • Facebook = 40-50 million | 200% Growth• MySpace = 120 million | 72% Growth• Facebook would eclipse MySpace in 09’• It’s the best platform to advertise with detailed demographics. 200 Million My Space Facebook Q42002 2003 2004 2008?Monday, June 20, 2011 6
  • • Facilitates Customer Acquisition Quickly• Low Cost of Client Acquisition• Allows Demographic Targeted Marketing• Major users constitute of 18-38 age group, this makes it an active, vibrant medium Monday, June 20, 2011 7
  • Members use Social Networks for Communication • Opinions of friends, peers or acquaintance is the key to sell and it spreads through updates and viral marketing. See what my friends are up to: 86% Sent a message to someone: 79% Posted/updated my profile: 70% Looked at profiles of people I didn’t know: 65% Searched for someone that I used to know: 59% Send a friend/connection request: 53% Listened to music: 47% Read a blog or journal: 51% Wrote on someone’s profile page (e.g. wrote on a 55% wall, posted a testimonial): Watched a video: 40%Base: US online adult social networking site users, Source: North American Technographics Media And Marketing OnlineSurvey, Q3 2007
  • News Feed encourages spread of ideas Trend Watch: News Feed Optimization (NFO)Monday, June 20, 2011 9
  • Groups and CommunitiesMonday, June 20, 2011 10
  • Inbox: A “new” email Trend Watch: Email is for “old” peopleMonday, June 20, 2011 11
  • 8 FB Marketing OptionsApplicationsGroupsPaid GroupsTargeted AdsNews Feed Ad BuysPagesBeaconGuerillaExecute with a Cohesive Strategy
  • Advertising /Marketing Platforms on Facebook
  • Opportunities for Marketers• Advertising – Banner Ads – Contextual//NewsFeed/Flyer Ads – Social Ads• Marketing – Facebook Pages and Sponsored Groups – Beacon• Word of Mouth/Interaction – Applications• Intelligence – Profiles and Network information – Public GroupsMonday, June 20, 2011 14
  • Banner Ads Recently, Microsoft invested in Facebook, broadening it’s Advertising opportunities
  • Facebook Flyers give self-service controlMonday, June 20, 2011 16
  • Targeted Advertising/FB Social AdsMonday, June 20, 2011 17
  • Social Ad1. Users can “poke” each other with branded viral messages --combine social actions such as a purchase of a product or review of arestaurant – with an advertiser’s message.2. Brands can buy paid ads. (Frequency capped – users will see nomore than two per day). Users ‘dial’ the frequency of the ads.
  • Facebook Pages-allow brands to gravitatefans …
  • Sponsored Groups• Group page with customized navigation, look & feel• Usually includes a significant media buy to drive traffic to the sponsored group page – Display ads and flyers – Newsfeed targeting• Costs usually in the six figures for a three month engagement• Note that any company can set up a group for free Monday, June 20, 2011 20
  • BeaconSimply determine which user actions you would like publish to Facebook and add afew lines of code to your web page. Facebook Beacon actions include purchasing aproduct, signing up for a service, adding an item to a wish list, and more. When a userperforms the action, they will be alerted that your website is sending a story to theirprofile and have a chance to opt outFacebook Beacon enables your brand or business to gain access to viral distributionwithin Facebook. Stories of a users engagement with your site may be displayed in his orher profile and in News Feed. These stories will act as a word-of-mouth promotion foryour business and may be seen by friends who are also likely to be interested in yourproduct. • Opportunities – Greater Trust (if done correctly) • Challenges – Not Opt-In – Many Privacy concerns – Resistance to peer based recommendations – Brands need to ‘converse’ to get fansMonday, June 20, 2011 21
  • Companies using Beacon Blockbuster Chase (RED) The Coca-Cola Company Redlight (stay away from adult sites any one of Verizon them can be this redlight company and be telling your friends about your sex fetishes. Yuck!) SeamlessWeb Crest Whitestrips ( Owned by Proctor Sony Online Entertainment LLC ( and Gamble Sony Pictures Dove Cream Oils ( Unilever Company STA Travel ( Herbal Essences ( Clairol Division The Knot owed by Proctor and Gamble TripAdvisor NYTIMES.COM Travel Ticker Saturn TypePad viagogo Vox Yelp Dotspotter ExpoTV Gamefly ebay Hotwire Joost Travelocity Kiva echomusic Kongregate LiveJournal citysearch Live Nation Iwon Mercantila Busted Tees National Basketball Association College Humor (same company as busted tees) Fandango Red indicates hesitation after BeaconGateMonday, June 20, 2011 22
  • Applications• Create useful apps that model what friends do naturally – share info, experiences, and laughs.• Plan out how to make your app viral.• Get feedback from users once you launch.Monday, June 20, 2011 23
  • Profile /Public Groups• The profile must be rich andit must have right combinationof applications.• It must be informative,speaking about the product, itsfeatures and updates.• Groups are created easilyand they are for free, It cancreate nice viral marketing for aproduct /service.• The main framework that agroup thrives on iscommunication among membersand getting more membersregularly.• Intrigue the members and itwill surely swell the group withmore members. Monday, June 20, 2011 24
  • Identifying The Opportunities…Monday, June 20, 2011 25
  • Social Ads• The ads can also be shown to users whose friends have recently engaged with your Facebook Page or engaged with your website through Facebook Beacon. Social Ads are more likely to influence users when they appear next to a story about a friends interaction with your business.Monday, June 20, 2011 26
  • Pricing Clicks/ViewsMonday, June 20, 2011 27
  • Facebook Page - Think of it as word-of-mouth marketing, onlycompletely free and happening online.• Every Facebook Page is a unique experience where users can become more deeply connected with your business or brand. Users can express their support by adding themselves as a fan, writing on your Wall, uploading photos, and joining other fans in discussion group • When your fans interact with your Facebook Page, the actions they take are automatically generated into social stories. These stories are published to News Feed, which friends may see the next time they log into FacebookMonday, June 20, 2011 28
  • Pricing Clicks/ViewsMonday, June 20, 2011 29
  • Facebook Insight- Facebook Insights is a free service for allFacebook Pages and Social Ads. Get valuable metrics about your presence and promotion on Facebook. With Facebook Insights, you have access to data on activity, fan demographics, ad performance, and trends. With this information, you are better equipped to improve your custom content on Facebook and adjust your ad targeting• Facebooks robust database of authentic demographic information provides you with a deep understanding of exactly who is engaging with your business and how. From the performance of your social ads to the viral distribution rate of stories about your business, Facebook Insights helps you learn more about your target audience. •Facebook Insights provides the necessary information to improve the content of your Facebook Pages and the performance of your Social Ads. Refine your Social Ad target demographics, budgets and creatives based on Insights data to increase traffic to your Facebook Page or websiteMonday, June 20, 2011 30
  • Facebook PollWe will charge your credit card a $1 insertion fee once you click the "Place Order"button. Your Poll will go live immediately. Upon completion of your Poll, we will chargeyour credit card for the responses you receive (up to an additional $25). Because wecharge your credit card at the conclusion of the Poll, we will store your credit cardinformation with your Facebook account once you place your order, and you will not beable to remove it until your order is finished. Monday, June 20, 2011 31
  • Facebook Poll (sample)Monday, June 20, 2011 32
  • Facebook platforms- helps create applications… This quiz application was created by times new YorkMonday, June 20, 2011 33
  • Useful Tips• Facebook marketing is about communicating, not advertising – so act appropriately• Be a part of the Facebook experience – More like content than advertising• Tap into the reasons why friends share• Listen, learn, and be ready to make mistakes• Carefully segment the market for your product, target the right demographics.• Keep updating the channels of marketing every 6-monthly,since social networking undergoes many radical changes and frequent updates.• Facebook is all about communication, groups, communities, pages, application. Leverage most out of them.Monday, June 20, 2011 34
  • DISCUSSION…Monday, June 20, 2011 35