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Pick1 new pitch investors 20120130 disclosable version


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Big Data for the Opinions (Market Research on Steroids): an innovative real-time geolocalized platform to collect, aggregate and share unique online opinions while increasing consumer engagement with …

Big Data for the Opinions (Market Research on Steroids): an innovative real-time geolocalized platform to collect, aggregate and share unique online opinions while increasing consumer engagement with brands.

The user creates a poll (advertiser), selects the touchpoints where to post the poll (FB Fan Page, websites, other SNs, QR code, ...), or he can choose a 3rd party website (publisher).

Advertiser pays Publisher, Pick1 takes a cut of it. Advertiser has also the choice to reward the users who vote the poll.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Big Opinions Big Data for the Opinions Market Research Today Pick1 Innovation cost $5-$40 per contact/vote cost $1 per contact/vote large number of questions small number of questions limited or no user context huge context (social media) small audience big audience slow turnaround real time data intermediaries direct user engagement only big brands big brands + SMBs + Segmentation + Proven engagement percent’s + Big Brands lined up ($$$)
  • 2. Big Data OpinionsBrands spend $5 to $40 to collect an opinion off-line. To get what? An output made of just few hundred people that answered somequestions weeks before, and that really says nothing about them andwhat they love. Well, the world has finally changed: millions of people expressopinions every hour of the day, every day of the week. Geo-localized, social, unlimited in size, real-time opinions... given awayfor free. Whether you are a Global Brand, an SMB, or simply the guy nextdoor, now you can collect them, aggregate them, exploit them foryour own purposes.How? With Pick1. Doochoo, Inc. Revision: January 30, 2012
  • 3. Pick1 basic flowBrand Dashboard (example: what 25-40 years old males, single, living in San Francisco and passionate about rock and action movies, think about your brand/product/service? And what kind of actions can be put in place to exploit that information?)
  • 4. Opinion as a brand new data setsome examples of real-time analytics geo-localization timeline distribution users who voted demographics semantic analysis “Like” cloud
  • 5. Market Research paradigm disruption high costs / slow output / several intermediarieslow costs / real-time output / direct consumer contact
  • 6. What is Pick1?Pick1 is an active learning engine, necessary for any self-aware brand.Pick1 can be used for: Sales! Insights! Brand Insights User Traffic Boost Engagement Market Profiling! Passive Active Research Radiance6 Pick1 Marketing Targeting! / Adv!Pick1 is “a real-time platform, to dynamically collect aggregate and shareunique online opinions, while increasing consumer engagement with brands”.
  • 7. Some success cases delivered is an Italian energy provider, the 3rd largest in Europe RESULTS RESULTS RESULTS RESULTS80.000 votes collected 5x more “Like”s on 14% CTR of Pick1 versus TBD. the initiative is in a single month, the page since when 1% CTR of Facebook ongoing right nowhigh user engagement. users Questions. IKEA Italy Almost 4 times more used Pick1. dismissed FB Questions.* than the 23000 fan page users. * FB Questions will also be dismissed soon by Facebook. “I see Foursquare as a consumer social service that businesses are trying to figure out a way to leverage, while what youre offering is a business social service that consumers will try to figure out how they can leverage... because of your incentive-based model.” “Its suited for the businesses. Its something that looks perfectly capable of delivering the kind of information that theyre trying to gain... and yet the consumers will want to engage just because of the way the model is suited up. I think this is better than Foursquare for the businesses” Russell Hirshon, Unison Agency, Washington D.C.
  • 8. Pick1 vs traditional market market size) research ($32B/y big sample audience size / high number of interactions Pick1 WildFire BuddyMedia AdWords Facebook Question Groupon PeanutLabs CrowdFactory AskYourTargetMarket traditional web marketing adv innovator / potential competitors low quality high qualitydata collected traditional online survey systems offline market research data collected MailChimp Toluna TNS (WPP) GfK PollDaddy Nielsen SurveyMonkey small audience size/ low number of interactions
  • 9. Pick1 Main Actors publishing touchpoints advertiser = publisher voteadvertiser/ Pick1 user business Polls amplification reward PollAdv network share reward publisher network vote (Beintoo) users reward Pick1 report on votes and rewards
  • 10. How Pick1 works in detail touchpoints { $ PollAdv $ Poll Adv (amplifier) publisher Poll Adv in widget network Poll Adv in FB/TW/... subscribe FB fan page / share freemium START HERE up to over widget for websites 1000 1000 Twitter / LinkedIn votes per votes per month month API advertiser/ create share business QR Code (offline) free $ poll poll SMS/Text (offline) private Cell ring (offline) $ $ public * Pick1 mobile game * Pick1 web game * no reward reward $ self reward vote network reward network user (Beintoo) reward vote share Pick1 pollreal-time votes dashboard vote demographic report users reward report $ Pick1 revenue market research reward user engagement $ Pick1 cost traffic booster
  • 11. How Pick1 makes money Poll adv touchpoints $0.3 CPV Unprofiled (Cost Per Vote) { $1.0 CPV Profiled $ (Cost Per Vote) PollAdv $ Poll Adv (amplifier) publisher Poll Adv in widget network Poll Adv in FB/TW/... subscribe setup (service) $15K freemium FB fan page / share START HERE + monthly plan up to Big widget for websites over $2K (<100K votes) 1000 1000 Brands Twitter / LinkedIn votes per votes per $5K (<500K votes) B2B month month $8K (<1M votes) API advertiser/ create share business monthly plans QR Code (offline) free $ poll poll B2B/B2C/C2C self-install free (0 to 5K votes) SMBs SMS/Text (offline) rewarding $99 (5K-40K votes) private & Cell ring (offline) $ $199 (40k-100K votes) Users $19/mo./per number cell touchpoint $ public * call for pricing (above 100K) + $0.06/ring/sms game * Pick1 mobile Pick1 web game * no reward reward $ rewarding reward self vote networ$0.9 Pay Per Lead reward network user (with email) 3 revenue layers k reward vote Voting platform (platform use based on CPV) share Pick1 pollreal-time votes dashboard Poll Adv platform (advertiser vote - publisher) demographic report delivered reward $0.5 per users reward report $ Pick1 revenue market research user engagement platform (advertiser - publisher) Rewarding reward traffic booster $ Pick1 cost
  • 12. Pick1 satisfies both B2B and B2C needs MARKETABILITY MULTI-TOUCHPOINT Brands Social Networks SMBs API Media Web pages Retails Mobile / SMS Public Affairs Offline retails QUALITY OF DATA REWARDING Context Demographics Own Products Multidimensional DB Premium Content Users Geolocalization Discounts / Offers Real-time Output Pick1 Virtual Currency Semantic Analysis Badges and Points
  • 13. Pick1 USP and comparison table offiline online traditional money for engagement market corporate web mktg action tools with polls research surveys advertising engagement FB Questions Pick1 (i.e. WildFire, (i.e. WPP) (i.e. Zoomerang) (i.e. MailChimp) (i.e. GetPaidTo) BuddyMedia) user validation partial no partial partial yes, FB only yes, FB only yes, multi vote uniqueness yes no no partial yes yes yes system scalability no partial yes partial yes yes yes opinion tagging no partial no no partial no yes real-time results no partial yes partial yes yes yes data and structure flexibility no partial no no no no yes conversational value no partial no partial partial partial yes viral effect no partial partial partial yes yes yes user rewards no partial partial partial no partial yes, multitouchpoints (web, social, offline, mobile) 1 1 1 1-2 1 1 multiple API (for advanced data export) no no not for polls not for polls no no yes dynamic target segmentations no no no no no no yes semantic analysis no no no no no no yes social network integration no no no partial yes, only FB yes, only FB yes, multi user profile data extraction no no no partial no partial yes user engagement & traffic booster no low low high low high high conversion no low low low no high high market research VS user engagement MR MR MR UE UE UE MR+UE
  • 14. Current Pick1 team Armando Biondi Francesca Costaldi Board of Advisors co-founder and president UI/UX Designer ex-vice director Isokinetic Rome, 10 years top team leadership IdaRose Silvester Silicon Valley Link David Weekly Leandro Puca PBworks Founder Paolo Privitera investor and UI/UX designer co-founder and CEO Juan Pablo Puerta Innopreneur, 15 yrs in tech, Craigslist CTO 6 startups, 10+ awards, 120+ press articles, 10 yrs in USA Massimo Sgrelli Wave Founder Mattia Gheda Lorenzo Barbantini software engineer Lorenzo Thione investor and board member Powerset Founder / Bing CEO and Founder,Xaltia sold to Engineering SpA Andrea Vaccari Glancee Founder Aaron Visaggio Paolo Perrotta Leonardo Alessandroni Semantic Area Ruby Developer Guru investor and board member Shamano Publishing Max Ventimiglia H-art (WPP) Founder, board WPP Stefano Silvestrini Davide Casali COO UX Guru Cesare Guarini investor and board member Jordi Ferrer Global Head - TNS Digital (WPP) ex P&G, J&J Enrico Carlesso Other Investors CTO Andrea Guglielmi Stefano Boaretto Attilio Meoli TrackNose Maurizio Donadelli BancaEtica, H-farm Ventures Roberto Cipollini Smappo
  • 15. Pick1 all-in-one timeline2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 new core Pick1 B2B Pick1 PollAdv advanced platform first business demo platform: Pick1 Pick1 B2B/B2C self- Pick1 mobile app geo- intelligence and install gamePRODUCT data analysis CouchIn Pick1 Rewarding first vertical product platform integration (launched and killed) (using 3rd party) Pick1 web app game H-art (WPP) TNS (WPP) partner partner 1st client B2B: 250+ prospects BigBrandsCLIENTS Ikea 1000+ prospects SMBs (self) 3rd client B2B: 25+ partnersidea! Doochoo Inc. Toyota 1st case: 2nd client B2B: Amnesty EnelHEADCOUNT 2 4 5 8 10 12 16 20 30 35(ON SALARY) (0) (2) (3) (4) (4) (4) (10) (20) (30) (35)FUNDS $150K $175K $125K $5MRAISEDREVENUESB2B Big Brands $30K $300K $2M (10M in leads) $6M-$10MB2B self-install / SMBs $0K $200K $0.5M $6M-$10MB2C/rewards + PollAdv $0K $100K $0.5M $8M-$15MBURN/MONTH $12K $15K $35K $400K $500K $600K ~1000 users 25K users 1M users 4M users 50M users ~1000 votes 125K votes 2M votes 15M votes 250M votesMILESTONES 50 brands 3 brands 5 brands 200 brands 3K SMB/adv 20K SMB/adv several pitches PayPal X a lot of Start-up ChilePRESS & in US IT top 5 winners coverage in winner!PRIZES IT EU US discovery validation efficiency scale