Are you geared for Outsourcing Governance?


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Digite Enterprise Process and Outsourcing Management provides advantages for IT Vendors as well as its Customers.

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Are you geared for Outsourcing Governance?

  1. 1. Are you geared for Outsourcing Governance? SLA Conformance Change Management Timesheets Scheduling IT VENDOR Status Updates Defect Tracking Resource Allocation Detailed Requirements Test Management Task Definition Escalation Management Project Scope Analysis Documentation Engagement Requirement Project Delivery Management Management Execution Project Project Project Planning Management Closeout CUSTOMER Project Review Scope Agreement Cross Project Analysis SLA Definition Scope Change Requests Delivery Phase Definition Reports and Reviews Acceptance Testing The Digité Advantage for IT Vendors: The Digité Advantage for Customers: State of the Art Project Delivery Platform Minimize the Risk of Outsourcing Industry Specific Process and Data Templates Complete Visibility into Outsourced Projects Focus on Collaborative Requirement & Change Management Collaborative Workspace for all Project Interactions Supports Key Processes (SEI/CMMi, Six Sigma and more) Integrated Executive Dashboard How work really gets done Standard Quality & Project Management Reports and Metrics Cross Project Perspective into Vendor Performance
  2. 2. Digité Enterprise. Process and Outsourcing Management. Central Process and Project Repository: Digité provides i18N Support: Global organizations have to deal with global project teams with a single repository of all project related dynamics. And this includes working with more than one information (including templates & processes.) This allows real language. At Digité we understand this and have support for time access and visibility to even the most dispersed of teams. both user and enterprise based selection of various languages. Executive Dashboard and Reports: Digité offers you a wide Instant Messaging & Collaboration: Digité equips your team variety of standard reports and metrics calculations. It also with a complete collaborative environment for project execution. supports the ability to add customized reports and dashboard Starting with meetings, forums, threaded discussion all the way components, thus making it even more powerful. up to secure instant messaging, Digité offers it all. Flexible Process Layer: Through a patented 3-layer process Customizable Forms and Fields: Need to capture custom framework, Digité gives enterprises the ability to map the data for accurate metrics calculation? Wish to define a new application to processes of their choice including industry stage in your process? All this can be easily achieved by standard processes like SEI/CMMi and Six-Sigma. Digité's powerful customization module. Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management Software Engineering Lifecycle Support Project Planning/ Project Lifecycle Process support Release Based Planning/ Reporting Cross-Project Task and Resource Scheduling Requirements Management Hierarchical Program/Sub-Project Management Defect Tracking Centralized Enterprise Resource Pool Management Test Management Multi-Calendar Support Configuration Management Native Integration with AutoPLAN and MS Project Traceability Based Impact Analysis Project Execution and Visibility Process Management/ Implementation Support Change Management Digité's Three-Layer Process Framework comprises of: Issues Resolution - Project Lifecycle (Methodology) Processes Risk Mitigation - BPEL4WS Based Complex Processes Document Management - Workflow Based Operational Processes Auto-Versioning and Audit-Logs Enterprise/ Project Level Process Templates Integrated Timesheet Module for Actual Performance Data Capture Supports Industry-Standard Processes - SEI/ CMM-i, 6-Sigma etc. Collaboration Configurable Reports and Executive Dashboard Integrated Chat Module Industry-Standard Reports and Metrics Meeting Manager Fully Customizable Filtering and Sorting Capability Discussion Forum Customizable Online Reporting Email/Mobile Notification and Communication Plan Setup Portfolio Level Reports Customization and Personalization Multi-Project/ Organization View Executive Dashboard Custom Forms (eForms), Modules and Fields Application Integration Architecture Configurable UI with Co-branding Options Process Integration - Web Services/ BPEL4WS Based User and Enterprise Level Security and Personalization Data Integration - CSV/ XML Based i18N - Enterprise/ User Level Locale Settings Data Export Formats - CSV/ RTF/ PDF