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Summary ws 4 Sweden

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Summary workshop in sweden

  1. 1. Project: Digital Classroom ID: 2011: 1248 Workshop 4, SwedenDigitclass websiteThis will be on the website:1 What is a digital tool? Narrow the description. Make definition of all the members and put it on aseparate area on the webpage.2 Describe why we recommend certain tools. Teachers, students will give reasons why.3 We have to decide what to do with the glossary. Think about a date to close the glossary, deadlinewhen to add tools to it. At the google account you can upload tools. Go to liveform where you canstart your upload.4 Copy of the survey. In English and with names of the institutions who took part. (If it’s not an issuedue to anonymity).5 Photos. There is some laws in Sweden and Norway regarding photos. As long as the people in thephotos agree, it is fine to upload them on the webpage.7 Webpage availability. It is up to every institution. You have to upload changes that are connectedto your institution8 Presentation of the school and a video. Deadline 25th of December 2012E-twinningE-twinning is basicly not a tool that we use for this projectSlideshareSlideshare is a website for PPT-presentations which converts it to web friendly. Slideshare.netThe same login as Google:digitclassproject, digit2011.How to do it?Enter the “Upload” at the frontpage. You can rename the document and put “tags” on them. Bycopying the “embed” code you can paste it where you want it. Html-code.When doing the “embed”we had some problems. WHY?Google accountEverybodycan use the same password to log on to the google account.digitclassproject@gmail.comdigit2011Who does what?1 Each coordinator uploads the content to Google site.2 One person will be responsible for uploading pictures.3 Each organisation is responsible for uploading the content of their workshop and othercoordinators send their information (PPT, documents etc.) to them. If you feel that something ismissing, tell the responsible coordinator. Anyone can send information and photos to the responsiblecoordinator.4 Number of pictures for each activity. Maximum number of photos: 15. On the website or a link thatleads to another webpage.(Picasa web gallery. Depending on the space of the site.Lägg upp ppt i december på denna sida.5 Workshops. Workshop information shall be uploaded before December 2012. (Programme, photos,presentations, summary etc.) UPLOADED WHERE?It is important for every partner to have a person to know how to upload all this.
  2. 2. Project: Digital Classroom ID: 2011: 1248 Workshop 4, SwedenSurvey:What have we done so far?1 All partners have been translating the text into their own language. Make sure the changes are okwith all the different versions.2 Germany did set up an online survey for every country.3 Sweden did already start the survey.4 What is needed to start the survey?- To have a deadline.- Not all teacher did ansvwer the questions. Did they not use digital tools?- It has to be adult education.- Is 50 answers ok? Yes- Peter will send reminding about incoming answersCarmen will need the material by the end of October. She will show the results at the Germany wsnumber 5.Coordinatorgroup: Important that everyone does their uploadsChristina will work with the website and its appearance.Glossary:At least one tool per person (not per group). What will we do with the glossary? How willweorganisethem? Will wehavesearchfunction?What kind of limitations does Google have? Who will do the quality control? How many tools do weneed?How will we show Glossary on the webpage? Next workshop…German presentation of PREZI.comTool for presentations.Many options for layout and ddesign. See reparate presentation.Dabbleboard.comA digital whitboard6th workshop in Turkey: 4-7 June 2013Everyone shall evaluate on MoodleNotes will be put up on Moodle for Norway to see.