Paperless Productivity on a Mac


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Presentation at ABA TechShow 2012 by David Sparks and Ernie Svenson

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Paperless Productivity on a Mac

  1. Paperless MacErnie Svenson and David Sparks
  2. Who are These Guys?
  3. Ernie Svenson
  4. David Sparks
  5. As you can see, we run a completely paperless office
  6. What is Paperless?(can you eliminate completely?)
  7. Four Definitions1. No Paper2. Devoid of paper as much as possible3. Key information stored digitally4. Ability to work with key information anywhere, anytime
  8. Information is in here
  9. Not in here
  10. Why Go Paperless?
  11. No Lost Originals
  12. It’s Cheaper
  13. It’s Faster
  14. It’s Safer
  15. It’s Environmentally Sound
  16. It Gives You an Advantage
  17. It Lowers Your Stress Level
  18. Every piece of paper you see is here for a reason: I haven’t thrown it away yet
  19. Capture
  20. Using an Attached Scanner
  21. ScanSnap Advantages1. Solid Hardware2. Duplex3. OCR2. Great Software3. Mac Friendly
  22. Doxie Go
  23. Networking Your Scanner
  24. Capture with an iPhone
  25. JotNot
  26. Abbyy Business CardReader
  27. Scanning Services
  28. Naming & Format
  29. 2012-03-30 -
  30. Sparks->Cook
  31. Thanks for iPhone 7
  32. 2012-03-30 - Sparks->Cook Thanks for iPhone 7
  33. 01 Pleadings 2009_01_01 Complaint 2009_01_08 Summons 2009_02_15 Return 2009_03_02 Extension req 2009_04_02 Answer 2009_07_17 Motion SJ Def 2009_08_01 Opp by Plntf 2009_10_19 Order grantng
  34. Naming withTextExpander
  35. Demo
  36. Format
  37. Working with PDFs
  38. Smackdown
  39. Acrobat Widely used Full-featured for lawyers But not cheap
  40. PDF Pen Cheaper OCR Mac Friendly iCloud
  41. Preview Fairly robust Free Easy to make digital signatures
  42. Digital Signatures
  43. How to create?1. Scan in signature2. Erase background3. Import to Word, Acrobat
  44. Using Preview
  45. Preferences...
  46. Make photocopies of this memo, informing the staff toreduce the use of paper, and distribute it to all of our staff
  47. Managing Digital Documents
  48. Nested Folders
  49. Crown v. Royal 01 Pleadings 02 Correspondence 03 Documents 04 Word Processing 05 Depositions 06 Legal Research 07 Attorney Notes 08 Trial Documents
  50. Using Hazel
  51. Demo
  52. YepYep
  53. DEVONthink
  54. Evernote
  55. TaggingSpotlight Comments Open Meta
  56. Optical Character Recognition (when is it really needed?)
  57. Performing OCR
  58. Back Up!
  59. “No, I’m not backing up our files—I’m just assuming that the F.B.I. is making copies.”
  60. What about the Paper?(what do you have to keep, & for how long?)
  61. IRS Publication 583 (& 97-22)regarding recordkeeping Digital is okay Must be legible Must be reliable Must be under your control
  62. Shredder
  63. Organic Shredder (Buddy)
  64. Ethics
  65. Client Engagement Letter I don’t store paper Will provide CD- ROM if asked I use digital signatures Data Encryption
  66. Thank you!