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60 apps session all
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60 apps session all


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Presentation by Ernie Svenson and Catherine Sanders Reach, to the Missouri Solo & Small Firm Conference on Saturday, June 15, 2013.

Presentation by Ernie Svenson and Catherine Sanders Reach, to the Missouri Solo & Small Firm Conference on Saturday, June 15, 2013.

Published in: Education
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  • 1. 60 Apps in 70 Minutes—Catherine Sanders Reach & Ernie Svenson
  • 2. What is ‘freemium’?•  Products that have– limited free-for-use version– fee based version(s) with more functionality,storage, etc.C
  • 3. App dangers•  More apps mean less battery life– Log them off– “Flight mode” and battery extender apps– Turn off Bluetooth, wi-fi or wireless•  Privacy– GPS or location data•  Turn it off– Sharing your data•  Watch your permissionsC
  • 4. Dropbox•  Description: File synchronization, storage,collaboration•  Platforms: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Kindle•  Cost: Freemium•
  • 5. Evernote•  Description: File synchronization, storage,collaboration•  Platforms: iOS, Android, BlackBerry•  Cost: Freemium; or $45/year (more uploads,offline notebooks, search Office docs & PDFs)•  https://www.evernote.comE
  • 6. YouTube•  Description: Record and upload videos; preloadvideo or watch live events(Android only)•  Platforms: iOS, Android•  Cost: Free•
  • 7. TripIt•  Description: Automatically organize travel (plane,hotel, car rental) into unified itinerary.•  Platforms: iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows 7•  Cost: Free; or $49 for Pro (flight alerts, pointtracking, flight refunds, auto share w/ family)•  http://www.tripit.comE
  • 8. BoxCryptor•  Description: Encrypt files saves in the cloud(Dropbox, SugarSync, SkyDrive, Google Drive,etc.)•  Platforms: iOS, Android•  Cost: $100•
  • 9. Adobe Reader•  Description: Free and powerful software thatallows you to read, and manipulate PDFs inuseful ways. Add digital signature for example!•  Platforms: iOS, Android•  Cost: Free•
  • 10. Zite•  Description: Personalized news app sendsarticles to your mobile device•  Platforms: iOS, Android, WP7•  Cost: Free•
  • 11. Google Search•  Description: Easiest way to input a search onyour phone. Fastest too! Stunningly amazing!•  Platforms: iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows 8•  Cost: Free (system integrated on Android)•
  • 12. Google Voice•  Description: One phone number to ring allphones, listen to messages as they are beingleft, online voicemail, call blocking, record calls•  Platforms: iOS, Android•  Cost: Free•
  • 13. Missouri Statutes•  Description: All of Missouri Revised Statutes,text searchable, bookmarkable•  Platforms: iOS (iPhone/iPad)•  Cost: $29•
  • 14. Lookout Mobile Security•  Description: Locate, wipe, lock, backup/restore,anti-malware/anti-virus•  Platforms: iOS, Android, Kindle•  Cost: Free/ $30 per year for Premium•  https://www.lookout.comC
  • 15. Instapaper•  Description: Send web articles there; read lateroffline in same font, without ads or distractions.•  Platforms: iOS, Android, Kindle•  Cost: $3.99 iPad/iPhone Universal•  http://www.instapaper.comE
  • 16. Plan B•  Description: From the makers of Lookout, a “findmy phone” app you download after you’ve lostyour phone•  Platforms: Android (2.0 – 2.3 only)•  Cost: Free•  Google PlayC
  • 17. Find My iPhone•  Description: App for iPad or iPhone that allowsyou to find, or beep a lost or stolen phone.•  Platforms: iOS•  Cost: Free•
  • 18. SignMyPad•  Description: Digital signatures, form completionfor PDF•  Platforms: iOS, Android, mobile browsers•  Cost: $3.99 basic/ $99.99 Pro (adds GPS)•
  • 19. Dragon Dictation•  Description: Free, fast, easy voice to textdictation tools (requires internet)•  Platforms: iOS, Android•  Cost: Free•
  • 20. Workflowy Agent•  Description: View your WorkflowyToDo browsertool to your phone•  Platforms: Android•  Cost: Free•  Google PlayC
  • 21. Drafts•  Description: Capture ideas in text, decide whereto send it later. Keep it after you send it.•  Platforms: iOS (iPhone/iPad)•  Cost: $2.99•
  • 22. ICS Importer•  Description: Add .ics events to Android calendar•  Platforms: Android•  Cost: Free•  Google PlayC
  • 23. Good Reader•  Description: Organize files, view them, passwordprotect folders or files, Sync with Dropbox etc.•  Platforms: iOS (iPhone/iPad)•  Cost: $4.99•
  • 24. Quill•  Description: Handwriting note-taking app forAndroid tablets with PDF Export•  Platforms: Android•  Cost: $1•  Google PlayC
  • 25. Find Friends•  Description: GPS locate those who opt-in. Greatfor family members, especially kids. Get alertswhen they arrive or leave a place.•  Platforms: iOS (iPhone/iPad)•  Cost: Free•
  • 26. RepliGo Reader•  Description: PDF viewing, annotating, printingand form filling•  Platforms: Android, Nook, Kindle•  Cost: $2.99•
  • 27. Siri•  Description: Built-in assistant for iOS (requiresInternet). Set alarms, appointments, make callsquickly and easily.•  Platforms: iOS (iPhone 4S, iPad Retina & Mini)•  Cost: Free•
  • 28. Dictadroid•  Description: turns your Android phone or tabletinto a professional, high-quality dictationmachine and voice recorder.•  Platforms: Android•  Cost: $2.99•  Google PlayC
  • 29. Dark Sky•  Description: Tells you if it’s about to rain, andgives good graphics too. Just the key info.•  Platforms: iOS (iPhone/iPad)•  Cost: $3.99•
  • 30. Speaktoit Assistant•  Description: Personal assistant for smartphones,with support for Evernote, TripAdvisor, etc.•  Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone•  Cost: Free•
  • 31. Days From Date Calculator•  Description: Calculate days from or before aspecific date; save common calculations•  Platforms: iOS•  Cost: $.99•
  • 32. CamScanner (full version)•  Description: Scan & OCR documents to PDF,sync to cloud storage or fax/email/print•  Platforms: iOS, Android•  Cost: $4.99•
  • 33. Waze – GPS Nav•  Description: Collaborative traffic & police reportsin a free GPS app. Social media enabled•  Platforms: iOS, Android•  Cost: FREE•
  • 34. Depose•  Description: draft and take depositions, plus editand rearrange questions, attach exhibits, takenotes on specific questions, copy questions,import questions from a txt file, and savetemplate questions.•  Platforms: Android•  Cost: $7.99•  Google PlayC
  • 35. Mailbox•  Description: simple email reader with powerfulfeatures: defer til [time/day], archive, delete.Only four swipe gestures do everything.•  Platforms: iOS (iPhone/iPad)•  Cost: Free•
  • 36. Gryphn Secure MobileMessaging•  Description: Send encrypted text messages toanother mobile phone; features a “self-destruct”setting that deletes the message if it’s not readin 15 seconds.•  Platforms: Android•  Cost: Free•  Google PlayC
  • 37. Tempo Calendar•  Description: Intelligent calendaring: pulls emailsre: appt, associates contact info, location, easyjoin conference calls w/ passcodes, quickmessages to attendees if running late etc.•  Platforms: iOS (iPhone/iPad)•  Cost: Free•
  • 38. Locale•  Description: you create situations specifyingconditions under which your phones settingsshould change, such as turning off the ringer incourt•  Platforms: Android•  Cost: $9.99•  Google PlayC
  • 39. Quotebook•  Description: quickly capture quotes and sayings;sync across devices, quickly tweet or email.•  Platforms: iOS (iPhone/iPad)•  Cost: $2.99•
  • 40. Fastcase•  Description: free legal research application, free,searchable library of American cases andstatutes•  Platforms: iOS, Android•  Cost: free•  Google PlayC
  • 41. Feedly•  Description: New Google Reader replacement(RSS reader & sync), Share on Twitter,Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Buffer, Instapaper•  Platforms: iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android•  Cost: free•
  • 42. Documents To Go Pro•  Description: view, create and share MS Word,Excel, PPT, PDF•  Platforms: iOS, Android, BlackBerry•  Cost: $14.95•  Google Play; iTunesC
  • 43. Notability•  Description: Type notes, hand write, or recordaudio of meetings; Import PDFs to annotate.•  Platforms: iOS (iPhone/iPad)•  Cost: $1.99•
  • 44. Samsung KNOX•  Description: a platform to boot into the firm apps/access or personal apps/services•  Platforms: Samsung Android•  Cost: Freemium•
  • 45. iThoughts HD•  Description: iOS mindmapping tool. Easy tocreate or export maps, email etc.•  Platforms: iOS (iPhone/iPad)•  Cost: $9.99•
  • 46. LogMeIn Ignition•  Description: access your computer remotely•  Platforms: iOS, Android•  Cost: $29.99•
  • 47. Trello•  Description: Elegantly designed, and easy to useonline project collaboration & task management•  Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows•  Cost: Free•
  • 48. myCopernic on the Go!•  Description: Search your desktop remotely•  Platforms: iOS, Blackberry, mobile browser•  Cost: $9.95/year•
  • 49. Penultimate•  Description: Handwritten notes sync to Evernote•  Platforms: iOS•  Cost: Free•
  • 50. Box•  Description: View and share files. Exchangecomments with others. Save files for offlineaccess.•  Platforms: iPad, iPhone, Android, mobilebrowsers•  Cost: Freemium•
  • 51. Uber•  Description: Upscale car/taxi service that is easyto summon and easy to pay for.•  Platforms: iPad, iPhone, Android•  Cost: Free app (ride costs money)•  http://www.uber.comE
  • 52. SpiderOak•  Description: provides an easy, secure andconsolidated free online backup, sync, sharing,access & storage•  Platforms: iPad, iPhone, Android, Maemo•  Cost: Freemium•  https://spideroak.comC
  • 53. •  Description: create text blurbs (shortcuts) thatget expanded into long text snippets.•  Platforms: iOS (iPhone/iPad)•  Cost: $4.99• TouchE
  • 54. Office 365•  Description: Microsoft Office collaboration andproductivity tools delivered through the cloud.•  Platforms: Office 365 can sync with iPad/phone,BlackBerry, Android, etc.•  Cost: Fee•
  • 55. •  Description: Cloud docs, spreadsheets,powerpoint. Multiple parties can edit @ sametime.•  Platforms: iOS (best on iPad), Android•  Cost: Fee•  Google “google drive mobile app”Google Drive (Docs)E
  • 56. ABA Journal for iPhone/iPad•  Description: breaking legal news throughoutevery business day, plus monthly magazinearticles•  Platforms: iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch•  Cost: Free•
  • 57. Tweetbot (twitter client)•  Description: get breaking news in 140 blurbs,which mostly only allows for facts and links(unlike ordinary media).•  Platforms: iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch•  Cost: $2.99•
  • 58. Hootsuite•  Description: Post updates and access all yoursocial media tools (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)•  Platforms : iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry•  Cost: Free•
  • 59. TranscriptPad•  Description: Load depo transcripts on iPad, thenannotate and search them.•  Platforms : iPad•  Cost: $49.99•
  • 60. Gate Guru•  Description: Find food, gift shops, and souvenirsbased on your gate location with this nifty app.•  Platforms: iPhone, Android•  Cost: Free•
  • 61. JuryPad•  Description: Track jurors, analyze demographics,create seating charts.•  Platforms: iPad•  Cost: $24.99•
  • 62. Google Translate•  Description: Translate text in more than 50languages and speech in 15 languages.•  Platforms: app for Android, mobile browsing sitefor all other phones•  Cost: Free•
  • 63. Thanks and questions please!!