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The AppLounge Overview
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The AppLounge is an innovative retail concept to integrate hospitality and marketing of content and accessories for mobile lifestyles. The social meeting place slows customers down and increases dwell …

The AppLounge is an innovative retail concept to integrate hospitality and marketing of content and accessories for mobile lifestyles. The social meeting place slows customers down and increases dwell time to discover great apps matched with accessories that fit different mobile lifestyles.

Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. a space to meet and discover great apps matched with accessories that fit your mobile life© digital wellbeing labs 2010
  • 2. ? What is The Applounge ?© digital wellbeing labs 2010 2
  • 3. The AppLounge is a place to enjoy a cup of coffee, access complementary wifi and discover a curated selection of well designed applications and services that suit your mobile lifestyle. Regular AppTasting events and AppHealth workshops help you to make the most of your digital lifestyle. Find out about the weekly changing selection of Apps, iBooks, accessories and free offers.© digital wellbeing labs 2010
  • 4. Shopfront lifestyle magazine similar content different emphasis© digital wellbeing labs 2010
  • 5. 500 million apps downloaded and counting Already 10,000 Apps available for iPad © digital wellbeing labs 2010 5
  • 6. curated digital lifestyle selections urban voyager games iBooks ... on the townentertainment education city dweller travel lifestyle kids in tow utilities music magazines metro ware accessories ..... © digital wellbeing labs 2010
  • 7. travel lifestyle collectionAccessories Apps iBooks Music © digital wellbeing labs 2010
  • 8. curated digital lifestyle selections© digital wellbeing labs 2010
  • 9. ? Why the time is ripe right now ?© digital wellbeing labs 2010 9
  • 10. over 12 million Smartphones in UK iPhone has 22% market share ! ...© digital wellbeing labs 2010 10
  • 11. Smart Phones everywhere ...bh-n.com ... offer a great marketing opportunity © digital wellbeing labs 2010
  • 12. many emerging mobile platforms iPhone App Store Nokia Ovi Apps Store Google Android Marketplace Blackberry Apps Storefront Palm WebOS Software Store© digital wellbeing labs 2010 12
  • 13. enabling new forms of creative expression © digital wellbeing labs 2010 13
  • 14. more than 225,000 Apps available on iPhone© digital wellbeing labs 2010 14
  • 15. Where can you discover applications and services that suit your personal lifestyle?© digital wellbeing labs 2010 15
  • 16. Places to discover iPhone Apps and Servicesword of mouth blogs print mags TV ad iTunes App Store print Genius Store on Device ads recommendation © digital wellbeing labs 2010 16
  • 17. Service providers consistently fail to offer introductions to theapplications and services available through their services channels© digital wellbeing labs 2010
  • 18. The AppLounge catalogue a curated digital lifestyle selection of apps, services, books and accessories© digital wellbeing labs 2010
  • 19. hospitality first coffee free wifi© digital wellbeing labs 2010
  • 20. selection of App of the week staff pick iPhone & iPad customer recommend Apps© digital wellbeing labs 2010 20
  • 21. Showcase of Berg Design The Michel Thomas iPhone app© digital wellbeing labs 2010 21
  • 22. Showcase of UsTwoJon Burgerman and ustwo™ Inkstrumental™ © digital wellbeing labs 2010 22
  • 23. http://herefilefile.com/ useful utility app matching collection© digital wellbeing labs 2010 23
  • 24. selection of iBook of the week staff pick iBooks customer recommend© digital wellbeing labs 2010 24
  • 25. selection of iBooks© digital wellbeing labs 2010 25
  • 26. selection iPad subscription magazines© digital wellbeing labs 2010 26
  • 27. Kids Books Popo Momo Ride Ride http://www.mobileart.jp/ innovative media formats© digital wellbeing labs 2010
  • 28. selection of sourced to match each lifestyle collection accessories© digital wellbeing labs 2010 28
  • 29. MoviePeg by Magnetic North innovative product stands© digital wellbeing labs 2010 29
  • 30. Bill Amberg iPad leather cases exclusive protective sleeves and cases© digital wellbeing labs 2010 30
  • 31. integrated Showcase of Luckybite design products© digital wellbeing labs 2010 31
  • 32. stereo lithography cases Showcase Fresh Fiber© digital wellbeing labs 2010 32
  • 33. events AppTasting evenings AppHealth workshop partnership with app.itize.us partnership with Jason Fields Digital Health Service DIGITAL HEALTH SERVICE© digital wellbeing labs 2010
  • 34. AppClub membership© digital wellbeing labs 2010
  • 35. value model what business model could be the basis for this enterprise?© digital wellbeing labs 2010
  • 36. commissions are negligible Affiliate ≤5% App le 2 5% Hipstamatic -30 business model % iPhone App price : £ 1.19 De comm : £ 0.06 ve lo pe r 70 % Bento Filemaker iPhone App price : £ 2.99 comm : £ 0.15© digital wellbeing labs 2010
  • 37. shift from retail to hospitality Hospitality Beverages Snacks Free WiFi Retail Events Placements© digital wellbeing labs 2010
  • 38. location Carphone Warehouse Oxford Str The AppLounge Wardour Str Meza Floridita Apple Store London Apple Store Picadilly© digital wellbeing labsdigital wellbeing labs 2010 © 2010
  • 39. Integrating hospitality and showroom Y NJO to 3/ E p a ge o m e of ur h i te to yo election s th e s o u r m a r k e w ith B o o k - to - d a t . up ps keep icked ap E p and PLOR h te d X cura 2/ E ove r , o disc essories ices. om t cc ev g e .c n d a n g e d loun music a AppLou o th e ap p pp s , th e G o t o ns of a n o n e of cti so X colle the app RELA ial o r tr 1/ a co f fe e G r a b s e a t. or a cock tail. Tak ea© digital wellbeing labs 2010
  • 40. © digital wellbeing labs 2010
  • 41. © digital wellbeing labs 2010
  • 42. © digital wellbeing labs 2010
  • 43. © digital wellbeing labs 2010
  • 44. Applounge WebApp brochure© digital wellbeing labs 2010
  • 45. Applounge network Set UpLifestyle Cluster = coffee App accessories table gallery fashion books Local AppLounge Cloud local wifi iTunes appmenu Storecustomer with own mobile device free wifi internet© digital wellbeing labs 2010
  • 46. Applounge WebApp curated content Apps iBooks Accessories© digital wellbeing labs 2010
  • 47. partners in the collective - www.method.com- - www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com - www.spotspoton.com - app.itize.us - www.danddlondon.com© digital wellbeing labs 2010
  • 48. Companies presented in the Show Alternative Oyster laser engraved wooden Oyster card holder Bill Amberg leather iPad & iPod sleeves Bowers&Wilkins P5 Headphones, by Native Case-mate design your own iPod case Dentsu Interactive children’s book Eat Your Feet hand drawn jewellery Ecomodo community lending service Fresh Fiber innovative stereo-lithography cases FriedeModin modular fragrance iBallz surprising iPad protection Lucky Bite BirdBox iPod cardboard alarm clock Magnetic North Movie-peg iPod iPad stands Mr Jones Watches watches with a messahe Phelan Associates solar re-charger lock Postgarden cards that grow Sugru innovative hack and design material TapeRec sustainable cork sleeves for mobile devices© digital wellbeing labs 2010
  • 49. a space to meet and discover great apps matched with accessories that fit your mobile life digital lifestyle showrooms info@digitalwellbeinglabs.com Digital Wellbeing Labs opened the pilot of the critically acclaimed Digital Lifestyle Showroom during the London Design Festival 2006 at the Shop at Bluebird on Kingʼs Road. The Showroom presented a range of curated consumer electronics collections including   the “Black and White” show and “Into the Woods...”. These collections showcased products from well-known brands next to cottage industries designs and custom, one-off items. The Applounge in contrast will explore a different format more suitable to showcasing software and digital content. Digital Wellbeing Labs investigates the development of Digital Lifestyle Showrooms; an innovative hybrid retail environment on the high street for products and services providing the value without the point of sale. http://digitalwellbeinglabs.com/dwb/concepts/digital-wellbeing-pilot-showroom/ We tune technology to create harmony in your life.© digital wellbeing labs 2010