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Digital Wellbeing Showroom 2006
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Digital Wellbeing Showroom 2006



Presentation for www.thishappened.org on friday 25th September 2009. Overview of what we did and learned from the Digital Wellbeing pilot Showroom in autumn - winter 2006

Presentation for www.thishappened.org on friday 25th September 2009. Overview of what we did and learned from the Digital Wellbeing pilot Showroom in autumn - winter 2006



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  • tools conversations experiences <br /> <br /> conversational tools <br /> helping people understand implication of taking or not making a decision
  • tools conversations experiences <br /> <br /> conversational tools <br /> helping people understand implication of taking or not making a decision
  • i will show you an untypical project for the this happened format <br /> i am an interaction designer by trade and used to be involved with projects ranging from medical equipment, to consumer electronic appliances, telecom services and for example early research in multi touch tables at Apple in the mid nineties. <br /> <br /> At this happened many experimental and one-off projects have been shown, but I come from a very consumer oriented background. I have done the fair share of one-off installations for example the Prada interactive mirror or a responsive fishtank now more than 10 years ago. but my real interest is consumer facing products. <br /> <br /> especially how do you design products and then convince people that they should buy it. <br /> <br /> what is the perceived value.
  • What is the right place to sell?
  • help them position above Epson, HP, Canon <br /> give it italian designer appeal
  • exclusive 1 year deal with Argos <br /> product should be sold in interior design shops <br /> did not really succeed in the UK market
  • Simon Willis <br /> Belle Robinson, Jigsaw
  • Simon Willis <br /> Belle Robinson, Jigsaw
  • fashion: customized and uniques <br /> conversations: social networking <br /> music <br /> memories
  • 80+ products <br /> &#xA3; 15.000 private investment
  • Intempo DAB Radio <br /> Design Durrell Bishop / Colin Burns <br /> customized covers <br /> graphics: <br /> Sam Hecht <br /> Marsha Mihotich <br /> Paul Bowman <br /> ...
  • we created footfall <br /> including a fashion show
  • http://www.exacteditions.com/exact/browse/396/434/1796/2/184 <br /> <br /> http://www.worldchanging.com/archives/005011.html <br /> <br /> http://www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com/press/ <br /> http://www.iconeye.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&catid=303:icon%20043&id=2433:digital-poets--icon-043--january-2007
  • 66100 Nokia Malcom Goldie <br /> sms stitched by Endfile: Kate Pemberton
  • Bless Cables - USB POWER ETC <br /> Customized Hulgers
  • Je Joue Digital Vibrator, G. Hollington <br /> Way too complicated
  • iLogs by the Owl Project including a concert
  • Jeremy Thorp : Tree Growth Prints and Software <br /> Bitforms : IA projections,
  • Brio RFID enabled toys <br /> we demo around the corner the Toy Store on King&#x2019;s str could not and is now closed
  • Microscopy Table: Vahakn Matossian
  • Roomba , iRobot
  • Amadana PE-117 high end earphones <br /> to be unique you have to import which is hard with the Pound to the DOllat decrease
  • Christmas presents
  • background image
  • sold as many as Peter Jones down the road <br /> to people who switched to digital only few years ago and dont see their pictures anymore <br /> to people who dont climb up to the fourth floor technology department <br /> to people who refuse to walk into a Curry&#x2019;s, Pc World etc <br /> demonstrate ... <br /> how do you show the quality of a photoframe online ... <br /> <br /> how do you demonstrate a projector
  • probably at the time one of the cheapest Marcel Wanders you could buy <br /> quality better, price higher <br /> coudl have sold more
  • We were the only ones in the UK <br /> probably at the time one of the cheapest Marcel Wanders you could buy <br /> Holland Electro didnt understand the target audience <br /> quality better, price higher <br /> could have sold more
  • what does it do? <br /> How do you sell a new concept? <br /> no place in Dixon&#x2019;s nor Hamley&#x2019;s <br /> first sold at Design Museum <br /> installation by Digital Plumbers
  • what does it do? <br /> no place in Dixon&#x2019;s nor Hamley&#x2019;s <br /> first sold at Design Museum <br /> installation by Digital Plumbers
  • management buyout after bankruptcy filed
  • at &#xA3;50 we had the best Margin on this product
  • CEO John Browett <br /> doesn&#x2019;t match lifestyle requirements <br /> across communication, entertainment and utility / tools / application 7 it&#x2019;s horrible
  • advertisement business models consumer electronics design digital lifestyle digital signage dwb features kiosk marketing mobile product development retail appstore business models consumer electronics design digital lifestyle digital signage kiosk marketing mobile product development retail rfid semantic services shopping mall social networks social objects usability usb virtual rfid semantic services social networks social objects usability
  • problem
  • browse > switch channel > compare > purchase
  • Apple owns <br /> Hardware - Software - <br /> store & distribution <br /> consumables - music / film / iApps

Digital Wellbeing Showroom 2006 Digital Wellbeing Showroom 2006 Presentation Transcript

  • We tune technology to create harmony in your life. Case study of the Digital Wellbeing Showroom . A digital lifestyle pilot store in London during autumn-winter 2006 © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • hello Alexander Grünsteidl says © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • I hate shopping .... I love it ! © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • this happened ... this week ... three years ago
  • I used to design actually I still do © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • I’ve been inv olved in vari ous roles developing p roducts like ... Vodafone Simply Olivetti MY_WAY Indesit Moon IDEO IDEO Giugiaro © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • ...something’s not quite right Vodafone Simply Olivetti MY_WAY Indesit Moon IDEO IDEO Giugiaro © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • inventors early early late laggards adopters majority majority ... product aim ed at people that h ad not yet been convinc ed to acquire a mo bile phone. •Large Fonts •Simplified Menus Vodafone •Hard buttons inst ead of Simply soft functions © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • ... explained t hat the phone had no t “enough” fea tures like a camera etc. my his the Vodafone father friend salesman... Simply © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • Vodafone Simply © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009 ?... is this the r place to sell t products and services? ight hese
  • Relaunch of brand ... evoking leg acy design qu ... positioning alities. the brand hig market to avo h in the id direct com with the large petition established companies ... Olivetti MY_WAY © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • ... difficult to sell outside common high street locatio ns ... exclusive d eal with Argo contradicts b s rand aspiratio n © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • ... aspirationa l product aim young marke ed at t segment. key features: •contemporary sty •only 4 washing pr ling •build-in automate ograms d soap dispen ser Simplified reduced functionality Indesit Moon © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • ... This produc t is hard to se environment, ll in this amongst feat driven produ ure cts sold on co price points. mpetitive © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • We tune technology to create harmony in your life. Digital Wellbeing Labs founded 2005 to address the last mile between the producer and consumer of digital lifestyle products and service. © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • ... founded by Priya Prakash Alexander G and rünsteidl © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • A pilot store Digital Wellbeing Showroom autumn - winter 2006 The Shop at Bluebird, London © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • Shoreditch London Chelsea King’s Road © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • ... thanks to Belle Robinson and Simon Willis to believe that this experiment could work. ... Schizoporotica music box, by Troika Fashion lifestyle environment © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • The Black & White collection
  • Conversations Music Memories Fashion 1 platform - 4 Zones © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009 Entrance
  • curating products & services
  • customized & one-offs ... Intempo D AB radios design Colin Burns & Dur covers: Sam H rell Bishop echt, Marsha Paul Bowman Mihotich, , R.Robinson, K.Barac ... © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • ... Introducing the Nabaztag by Violet demonstrating complex products © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • 5 events with 300+ visitors © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • widely covered in media © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • s” ... “With out Bounderie dwb okdeluxe, M ikkel Kosser & n Extrem e customizatio dynamic anim ation program rs project ed on Wallpape ners By Singles T apete, sb 2desig 17,000 customers © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • s. ... and product sticker By Shufflesome lip,Studio Wolfe Miawold iPod C £ 50,000 turnover © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • £ 15,000 own investment ” by Endfile, Kate ... “SMS stitched Pemberton Customized Nokia 5110 by Malcom Goldie e Samsung Mobil © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • Applied Art & One Offs ... Cable Jewellery ... Custom by Bless ized Hul ger Phon es © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • launch of Marcel Wanders wireless loudspeakers © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • anything digital ... y ... Je Joue Vibrator b G.Hollington are inclu ding Pleasurew e prog raming softwar © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • market acceptance feedback h nk Book Launc ... iRex, iLiad eI for the UK n files: drawing ... demonstratio from RCA animation department © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • prototypes placement stat us indicator for abot, presence ... Avail s, by Schulze Webb social networking site © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • music interface sic, on th e history of mu ... inte ractive poster b y Osmotronic, © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • “Into the Woods ... “ ... Holz Ko ntor Wood ... Hulger w pc ooden pho peripherals ne © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • unique products ... iLogs, electronic s ampling music instruments by the Owl project © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • ... Tree Grow th, prints and software, by interactive Jeremy Thorp ... Interactive projections b y Bitforms mobile phones & interactive art © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • product demonstrations ... Brio RFID enabled toys, making sounds or changing train direction when passing over track © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • Vahakan’s Table ian by Vahakn Matoss ... M icroscopy Table interactive furniture © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • t ... Roomba, iRobo clock by kouji iwas aki ... TO:C A 'wood' LED ... Multip ot by Rotaliana robots © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • Christmas presents rphones adana PE-117 high end ea ... Am © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • Eco - Awareness ... Launch of Wattson wireless energy meter, with ambient usage feedback. by DIY Kyoto © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • entertainment ... Laughing Swing by Michal Rinott & Michal Rothschild with Leor Weinstein2006 © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • What we learnt © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • case example Philips Digital Photo Frame ... sold as many as Peter Jones road ... down the ... to people wh o switched to years ago and digital only few noticed that th their pictures a ey didn’t see nymore. ... to people wh o don’t climb u floor technolo p to the fourth gy department ... to people wh o refuse to wa Curry’s, Pc Wo lk into a rld etc ... how do you demonstrate t photo-frame o he quality of a nline ... © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • case example Philips Digital Photo Frame ... from barely u sable to difficult to exp lain on the shop floor. innovative UI Modal Joystick UI instant use multiple steps to start viewing © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • case example Marcel Wander | Holland Electro ... these are probably so me of the cheapest Marc Wanders products on th el e market. We could hav sold for double the pric e e if the quality would ha been better... ve Theatre WaveTV © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • case example Marcel Wander | Holland Electro ... battery compartment lids broke in many cases on first use . ... the WiFi signal conflic ted with other devices plastic engineering ... many unsatisfied cust WiFi - conflict omers ... uncooperative manufa cturer © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • case example Nabaztag ; internet appliance £ 80.- © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • case example Nabaztag ; internet appliance ... relative complex pro duct but with an easy to appeal. use ... some customers requ ired installation service our IT partner Digital P s by lumbers who have a bett margin on the product er that our retail margin. £ 80.- © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009 £ 95.-
  • case example Nabaztag ; internet appliance ... unfortunately the com pany went Bankrupt. Not surprisingly, when w e noticed how difficult the product is o n the shop floor. ... needed many small usa bility improvements to increase user appeal. ... required product diffe rentiation on same platform to appeal to d ifferent market segments. © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • case example Visual Thesaurus ; Software ThinkMap, Mark Tinkler ... One of our commerc ially most successful products. Wh en this sits on a shelf in a shop nobody will pay attention. Each time we did a 30 sec demo we would sell a c opy at 50% margins. © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • case example art & commercial products ... the value perception of art pieces and produ within the same environ cts ment changes noticeable . Hard Wired Devices Multipot Roger Ibars Rotaliana © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • If we want to continue producing innovative products and services, we will need to innovate the customer touch points. © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • shopping is not anymore what it used to be ... © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • consumer electronics retail on the high street is failing and ... l. ..” ” O u r s t o re s a re d re a d f u we t t CEO DS G i Jo h n B ro © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • department stores face competition from online price comparison sites © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • manufacturers increasingly sell directly to the end-consumer © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • many products are only available online Ludwig Gatzke http://flickr.com/photos/stabilo-boss/ © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • new business models are emerging ... ...x00,000 “apps” and counting © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • margin pressure doesn’t allow offering the required customer services . fashion books furniture consumer digital electronics media 50 - 75 % 30 - 60 % 25 - 50% 10 - 30 % ?-5% 10 - 30 % 10 - 30 % © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • traditional retail © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • internet retail economy © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • the last click a whole valu e chain of events can lead up to a transaction, but only the last click receives a share of the revenue, and all others miss out. © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • Genius bar iPhone Apple Apple increasin gly owns, within Care iPod its brand, mos t aspects creating .me iTunes a complete ly integrated, 360 store Macs user experience Apple online Apple iLife iMovie iPhoto Garage band iWeb iWork brand owned Pages © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • Digital Olivetti Bless Cables wood pc Multi show- iRex pot rooms Je Joue eBook photo online Diy store Kyoto Sonos Hulger Sharp website Singels visual cards box tapete We are interested to curate and mediate a Troika Art multi-brand, integrated Ibars curated multi brand Koser lifestyle user experience mediated Somethin g vironment. en Owl iLog © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • thank you ! ag@digitalwellbeinglabs.com © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009
  • ot desu I ngised www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com © www.digitalwellbeinglabs.com 2009