Performance Marketing Flipbook


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The Flipbook offers tips and best practices on demand generation, email marketing, marketing automation, technology and social media.

Implementing these best practices and tips is sure to increase the performance of your marketing campaigns and your Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI).

Coming soon to iOS and Android!!

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Performance Marketing Flipbook

  1. 1. Performance Marketing Flipbook Tips and Best Practices on Demand Generation Marketing Automation Email Marketing Technology Social Media Prefer a PDF Instead? Download it here:
  2. 2. Demand Generation
  3. 3. Increase PPC Relevancy with Custom LandingPages Increase the performance & relevancy of your PPC (Pay-per-Click) campaign by creating a set of Custom Landing Pages that offer relevant content featuring your targeted keywords. The more clickthroughs you generate, the better your PPC Ad will rank and perform.
  4. 4. Define leads using B.A.N.T. Clearly define your leads. Start with B.A.N.T. (Budget, Authority, Need and Timeframe). Then, identify events byasking questions that often drive need and timeframe and surface clues about your prospect’s interest and intent.
  5. 5. Focus on List Quality For a Better ROI Focus on list quality over list size. You may not have the largest marketing database in town, but effective targeting will deliver prospects with the highest intrinsic value. And, targeting those prospects will most certainly generatehigher response rates, greater success and a better ROI.
  6. 6. Optimize Your Audience List for Lead Nurture Define and segment your target audiencebased on facts, not fantasy. Use past saleshistory and models that will predict whichprospects are most likely to convert. Then, test other variables such as frequency, offer, messaging and channel to optimize your list for lead nurture.
  7. 7. Email Marketing
  8. 8. Ensure Email Client CompatibilityConstruct your email using valid markup, pay special attention to various email clients when using advanced CSS,background images, etc. and always offeryour users an option to view the email in abrowser. Check for any incompatibilities before you click SEND because once it’s gone, it’s gone!
  9. 9. Design for The Inbox Test your messages in different email clients Put your or your company’s name front and center Create a grabber subject line using 8-10 words Avoid SPAM subject lines Test your email with images disabled Use text, colors & images to create the most impact
  10. 10. Create Mobile-friendly and Text-Only Emails Consider offering a mobile-friendly version of your email depending on your target audience. And, don’t forget to include a text version. Data compressionservices like Onavo for mobile devices are programmed to display the text-onlyversion of the email and render the HTML on-demand.
  11. 11. Follow CAN-SPAMDon’t forget to include a physical addressfor your company and an unsubscribe link in your email. It’s the law!
  12. 12. Create a Killer Subject LineYour Subject line = Your Elevator PitchAn artisan subject line:Creates an emotional bond with your brandGenerates instant engagementEntices users to open the emailHelps you steer away from SPAM filters
  13. 13. Check Your Email Mechanics Some of the best designed email campaigns fail because simple items likeresponse links, the unsubscribe process andweb registration fail to link correctly or the images fail to load. Check and the double check your email before you hit SEND.
  14. 14. Marketing Automation
  15. 15. Engage Your Customers Through ContentCreate content that Educates, Engages and Entertains. Too often marketers use brochure-ware as content for their marketing automation an lead nurture initiatives. Remember, the goal is to engage, not enrage your customers.
  16. 16. Develop Customer Personas Keep your database healthy. Review customer data and lead information toensure it matches your customer personas. An integrated approach using Email andCustom Landing Pages will enable you to capture enough data points for effective audience segmentation.
  17. 17. Adapt Agile Processes and Workflows Think BIG but start small. Apply agile principles. Design your marketing automation campaigns and workflows in phases that can scale easily and adapt as your organization grows.
  18. 18. Technology
  19. 19. Use Smart Cloud-based Services Try cloud-based services like Dropbox or Kicksend to enable file sharing across multiple devices. Files are syncedautomatically across all devices. Althoughthe paid versions offer more functionality, their basic versions are available for free.
  20. 20. Flash vs HTML 5 While Flash is ubiquitous on web browsers, that isn’t the case with mobile devices that run iOS. Think of all theiPhones and iPads you’d miss out on with Flash! Also, HTML 5 is an emergingstandard. It works on the web and across mobile devices so its platform agnostic.
  21. 21. Strong Passwords passwords…When creating – A Necessary Evil Don’t use any variation of your name (first or last) Don’t match your username Don’t use your DOB as your password Don’t use your pet’s or a family member’s name Use at least 8 alpha-numeric characters Include at least 1 uppercase letter Include at least 1 special character (!, $, %, etc.)
  22. 22. Use Personalized URLs (PURLs) for Easy RecallURL shorteners like are a great way for your prospects and customers to remember and recall otherwise long campaign URLs. Customize shortened URLs for relevancy and easier recall. E.g.
  23. 23. Create an SPF RecordImprove email deliverability by creating aSender Policy Framework (SPF) record for your sending domain. You can create an SPF record for your domain in under 2 minutes. E.g.
  24. 24. Use Vanity URLs and PURLs Use Vanity URLs to build strong affinity, easy recall and relevancy of your campaigns. Include a targeted keyword(s)to make it unique, memorable and relevant. E.g.
  25. 25. Social Media
  26. 26. Claim Your Social Media Personas Define your social media personascarefully as they represent your personal & company brand. Remember, social media offers We (@BOSMarketer) and I (@nirmalp) personas. And remember to post content that’s appropriate to each persona.
  27. 27. It’s Never Too Late to Start A Blog Start small but start blogging. Blogging establishes you as a subject-matter expert and delivers fresh content that helps with SEO. A plethora of free platforms including Wordpress or Tumblr can get your started in under 10 minutes.
  28. 28. Put the You in YouTube! Studies show videos under 2 min is thebest way to keep your customers engaged! Give a demo, talk about an industry trendor a topic. Video also helps drive traffic &improve conversion rates. Consider using HTML 5 over Flash for greater accessibility on mobile devices.
  29. 29. Un-sanitize Your Content Create and share content that is fun and sharable, not sanitized. Share links, blog posts, pictures from a recent companyouting, Halloween party, presentations etc.
  30. 30. Pictures Talk Louder Than Words “Twitter is a link economy, whereas Facebook is a picture economy. So justabout every status update should include a picture. Ideas for pictures include customers, your product or service inaction, employees and events. There’s no such thing as a bad picture…” – Guy Kawasaki
  31. 31. The Facebook Dilemma: To Like or to Share? A Like implies passive engagement. It’s the equivalent of secretly loving someonebut not being vocal. Sharing implies active engagement. It’s the equivalent of beingvocal about something. Although both are desirable, Sharing beats Liking.
  32. 32. Use Chicklets to Encourage Content SharingEncourage content sharing on your website and blog through social media chicklets, small widgets that enable 1-click sharing across social media properties. Visitors may like your content but without the proper cues and prompting they may not consider sharing it.
  33. 33. Create Engaging Content For Social Media Sharing Be original. Use your own distinct voice and create content that’s educational, engaging and entertaining. More people will be encouraged to share your content and provide you with reach thereby increasing your influence.
  34. 34. Automate Parts of Your Social Life Use time-saving tools like TweetDeck or Hootsuite to automate your tweets, auto- follow messages, follow-backs, etc. butdon’t become a bot. Don’t forget to lendyour own voice. Remember, social media is all about having conversations and driving engagement.
  35. 35. FREE 1-hr Assessment of Your MarketingInitiatives Receive a FREE 1-hr Assessment of Your Marketing Initiatives. !Get Started Now! Call 781-229-5842 Visit: