Social media successful strategies revealed by digital visitor at tte 2011


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As providers of social media solutions and strategies for the global travel and leisure industry, the team at Digital Visitor have been the secret ingredient behind some of the industry's most innovative social media and online community solutions.

Here is our presentation from the 2011 Travel Technology Europe forum where we revealed some essential tips and successful methods to help you maximise all the benefits of social media.

Using a twist that is having a huge impact across the industry, Anthony Rawlins Managing Director of Digital Visitor, illustrates how we put our clients brands and objectives at the heart of social media campaigns.

The session was titled "Social Media: Successful Strategies Revealed"

Established as Europe's leading forum for bringing together technology and marketing suppliers with the travel industry, TTE 2011 offers visitors an opportunity to stay up to date with the latest innovations in the sector.

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about how you can make the most of social media...

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Social media successful strategies revealed by digital visitor at tte 2011

  1. 1. Successful social media strategiesonsite and offsite Anthony Rawlins Managing Director Digital Visitor Travel Technology Europe 2011
  2. 2. Introduction Social media agency Social media and social networking solutions and services to global leisure and tourism industry Applying strategy to new industries We help our clients to gather and benefit from their own content Created 200+ social media solutions globally Deliver increased traffic, enquires, business, loyalty...
  3. 3. Agenda Introduction to us Our social media philosophy offsite and onsite Offsite social media best practices, FB, Twitter etc... More general Communities A few examples Community do’s and dont’s
  4. 4. Our Philosophy Successful social media strategies are made up of two elements Onsite Offsite Both need to be addressed with equal weighting Most companies are really just focussing on offsite social media
  5. 5. Onsite Offsite Your own content Facebook Your reviews Twitter Your own loyal community Youtube Should maintain traffic, drive Flickr bookings, build page ranking, drive Should be used to find new new traffic audiences, Drive people to your website – not take them away
  6. 6. Offsite social media Should primarily be to find new visitors and customers, Access to millions of new potential customers Some very successful Facebook groups Lonely planet grew by 80,000 ‘likes’ in 4 months. Overall they have limitations Facebook Competitions and ‘likes’ Led companies to ask how they can do it better...
  7. 7. Top tips for your offsite social media1. Choose your channels wisely. 500m+ on Facebook or 20m on WAYN – a travel specific site?2. Do not just create a Facebook group and call this your SM strategy3. Don’t publish everything – people will leave you4. Good content is imperative5. Genuine content is required – don’t just publish your offers6. Incentivise but obey the rules7. Use these channels to get people back to your website and your brand
  8. 8. Onsite Social Media Many companies are investing in their own communities – onsite social media. Strategically, this is better longer term.
  9. 9. What are the benefits of your own community?1. You control the interaction2. Maintaining and enhancing brand presence3. Organic search engine traffic4. Repeat business5. Long term loyalty6. Browsing time7. Data capture8. Deliver relevant content/ offers to them according to their interests9. Your community should have better functionality than a Facebook Group10. Future proof – your community can be applied to other offsite communities. Facebook connect now - what in future?
  10. 10. Voyages Jules Verne Group travel over 55s Communicate post tour and drive repeat bookings Share reviews, videos, albums online feedback and rating Earn points Direct to book another group tour Staff profiles Direct to booking pages
  11. 11. Results so far Shortlisted for ‘best community’ with CIMTG Live for 5 months 250 experiences 1300 photos 50 videos 650 members Browsing time of 3 minutes on community and 1-2 mins on website Over 55000 views of content
  12. 12. Another onsite strategy The National Social Media Initiative Visitor Review for Visit Britain Gather reviews, photos. Videos Drive organic search engine traffic Connecting independent solutions Almost 2000 reviews, 1000 photos, 50 videos
  13. 13. London Clubs International Casinos, owned by Harrahs – Caesars, best casinos and clubs in Las Vegas KPIs are repeat visits and visits to new venues in the group Staff Staff update FB twice a week – at 10 clubs 1 year = 1000 reviews = 15,000 new organic visitors p.a Content still goes on Facebook group – but indexed on their own site
  14. 14. No community is an island The ultimate social media strategy uses both onsite and offsite social media The next wave of communities that will be coming to the forefront will have significant social media integration Facebook connect, Twitter Add this – 335 sites!
  15. 15. Top tips for your own community1. Decide what you want to achieve and choose function around this – not the other way around2. Don’t overcomplicate it – do you need friends and groups?3. Incentivise to get the content you want – its worth it4. Make sure you get this content indexed under your brand and website – this will drive new organic traffic5. Use the content to capture visitors from other website such as FlickR, Facebook – good content drives these communities back to your website6. Get your staff to take part – they can add lots of content as well7. Find your super users – a little personal communication from you to them can go a long way
  16. 16. Thank youVisit us at Stand C11Anthony