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Targeting Audience on Digital Media


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  • 1. Ways to reach potential buyers
  • 2. Ways to reach potential buyers
  • 3. Ways to reach potential buyers
  • 4. Brain Shake: In how many ways can you reach potential buyers today?
  • 5. Repeat: Explosion in ways to reach buyers
  • 6. Message: The rise of online persuasion
  • 7. Targeting Audience on Digital Media
  • 8. Referral SEO Paid Adverts. Marketing Email ContentMarketing MarketingSocial Media Viral Different Methods to make yourself Discoverable Marketing Marketing
  • 9. Different Methods, Channels offersDifferent ways to Target Audience
  • 10. 2 ways to Target audience Interest Demographics Targeting Targeting Type of content Personal & published, Professional Profile consumed or specified by the engaged Users
  • 11. Keywords Tools to Assess Search Interest Interest Targeting Targeting People based on the “Search Queries”
  • 12. Exercise Interest Targeting• Search “Digital Marketing” using the following tools – Google Keyword Suggestion Tool – Search Volume Analysis • – Google Trends - Focus on growing trends • – Soovle - Get trends across platforms •
  • 13. Tools to Understand Online Behavior Interest Targeting
  • 14. Example: Amazon Interest Targeting Targeting Website users based on Past Behavior
  • 15. Example: 42inception Interest Targeting Integrating Sales with Users’ Online Behavior
  • 16. Remarketing: Targeting your Visitors Interest Targeting Targeting Website Visitors on other website
  • 17. Remarketing Example: Interest Targeting
  • 18. Remarketing Example: Interest Targeting
  • 19. Targeting Website Visitors on Facebook Interest Targeting Retargeting Visitors on Facebook
  • 20. Targeting Existing Contacts through FB Ads Interest Targeting
  • 21. Targeting engaging audience of FB Page Interest Targeting
  • 22. Target Fans of Particular Pages Interest Targeting
  • 23. Targeting FB Users based on Participation Interest Targeting
  • 24. Target Facebook Users based on Profile Interest Targeting
  • 25. Hashtag Targeting through Twitter Ads Interest Targeting
  • 26. Targeting Influencers through #tag Targeting Influencers around an Interest
  • 27. Discovering Influencers on Twitters Targeting Influencers of a #Tags
  • 28. Discovering Influencers through Klout Targeting Influencers for a given Interest
  • 29. Demographics Targeting on Facebook Demographic Targeting• Location• Age• Sexual orientation, Marital Status & Language• Education & Workplace• Friends of connections on your presence
  • 30. Facebook Location Targeting Demographic Targeting
  • 31. Age Targeting Demographic Targeting
  • 32. Education Targeting Demographic Targeting
  • 33. Sexual orientation, Marital Status & Language Demographic Targeting
  • 34. Workplace Targeting Demographic Targeting
  • 35. Exercise – Targeting Users on FB• Requirements: – You are running a campaign for a fortune 500 company to target married Women techies in India with child older than 16 years• Steps to find Solution: – Go to – Keep destination URL as – Suggest Targeting options
  • 36. Professional Profile Targeting on LinkedIn Demographic Targeting
  • 37. Summary Interest Demographics Targeting Targeting Type of content Personal & published, Professional Profile consumed or specified by the engaged Users