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LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation and Personal Branding


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LinkedIn is one of the most powerful and yet most under-leveraged Social Media Marketing tool especially when it comes to Professional Networking. Whether it’s about LinkedIn Answers, Groups, …

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful and yet most under-leveraged Social Media Marketing tool especially when it comes to Professional Networking. Whether it’s about LinkedIn Answers, Groups, Recommendations, Profile Punchline, Application Integration or any other opportunity offered by LinkedIn, you need to understand how you can be successful in using all of these. Moreover, how can you leverage LinkedIn to accelerate the results of other Social Media Marketing channels?

Check out this presentation and capitalize on the true opportunity available to you on the world’s best and the fastest growing Professional Network.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Social Media Workshop How to use LinkedIn for Networking?© Digital Vidya
  • 2. What’s in it for a Business?  Potential Vendors/Employee Evaluation Tool  Competitive Analysis Research Tool  Sales Pitch for Potential Customers  Engage and get relevant information  Direct Sales: Respond to appropriate service requests  Create Specialized Professional Groups  Generate Search Engine Traffic© Digital Vidya
  • 3. What to do on LinkedIn?  Increase Visibility  Build Credibility  Create Engagement – Be Relevant© Digital Vidya
  • 4. Increase Visibility© Digital Vidya
  • 5. How many people have you met in the last one year, Professionally?__________ To how many of them have you sent LinkedIn request?_____________© Digital Vidya
  • 6. Key The desire to “stay connected” We meet people every day, Professionally! Invite them to your LinkedIn Profile© Digital Vidya
  • 7. Access Existing Network Add all existing contacts to your network  Existing Email Accounts (Minimal time, Great Results)  Suggestions & Recommendation from Linkedin  Classmates (Time Consuming but highly relevant)© Digital Vidya
  • 8. Building Relationships© Digital Vidya
  • 9. Be Relevant and Build Credibility© Digital Vidya
  • 10. Professional "Headline"  “Your Personal Brand Statement” not “Your Title”© Digital Vidya
  • 11. Complete Your Profile© Digital Vidya
  • 12. Summary Keep it your summary: Small, Concise, Easily readable© Digital Vidya
  • 13. Give access to your articles© Digital Vidya
  • 14. Share your interest© Digital Vidya
  • 15. Link your blog© Digital Vidya
  • 16. Declare Accomplishments  Announce your new website, blog posts, Deals, Customers or products/services and drive readers© Digital Vidya
  • 17. Get Recommendations “Hit when it’s hot!”  Clients, Partners, Colleagues, Vendors, Friends and Associates.© Digital Vidya
  • 18. Participate in Q&A  Identify relevant Domain as per your personal branding Statement.  Participate “ONLY” in those Questions.  Get as many “Best Answers” as possible.  Direct Sales: Loosely connect your answer with your service - Drive highly relevant Visitors© Digital Vidya
  • 19. LinkedIn Company Pages© Digital Vidya
  • 20. Company Analytics© Digital Vidya
  • 21. Enhancing Value© Digital Vidya
  • 22. LinkedIn Ads© Digital Vidya
  • 23. Case Study:© Digital Vidya
  • 24. Background Evalueserve participated as the Knowledge Partner in Global Economic Summit which was held in Mumbai from Jan 20 – 22, 2010. For the same, Evalueserve wrote a research paper on Investment Opportunities within Indian Infrastructure – Roads, Ports & Telecom Link : ault.aspx© Digital Vidya
  • 25. Key Objectives  Feedback on the white paper so that the industry aspect could be included  Limited PR which the internal marketing communications could provide: Wanted to increase it  Generate more leads in terms of client engagements© Digital Vidya
  • 26. How LinkedIn was Useful?  Have various relevant groups on Infrastructure which were helpful  Global reach in terms of PR  Various experts availability under one platform© Digital Vidya
  • 27. What was done?  Joined the relevant LinkedIn Infrastructure Groups. Examples: India Infrastructure Group, India Infrastructure Forum, PPP/PF/PFI, Infrastructure Financing, Project Finance  Posted this small brief about the paper on various groups discussion pages - Hi All: Evalueserve was the knowledge partner of the Infrastructure session in the recently concluded Global Economic Summit. The event was held in Mumbai from 20 - 22 Jan, 2010. The team wrote a paper on the Investment Opportunities in Roads, Telecom and Ports Infrastructure in India. In case you wish to read it, please feel free to visit our website or drop an email on© Digital Vidya
  • 28. Lead Generated Through Social Media  Partner, PROLUSION BV  Manager, Infrastructure Finance at ICRA Management Consulting Services Ltd.  Manager Ports and Logistic Unit Spain & Portugal at BNP Paribas Fortis  Director PPP Solutions, Director of the Commonwealth Business School, Assoc. at Centre for Public Service Partnerships  Independent Consultant and ex EVP, Engineering of First Group America  Vice President, Asia at PEI Media  Independent Transport Planning & Management Consultant with over 20 years management experience  Transportation Planner at Transystems Corp with over a decade experience  AVP, SKIL Group  Managing Director at VAMED Healthcare Co. Ltd  Managing Partner, Veda Asset Management  Director at INEX Infrastructure Exchange Ltd  Economist at Generalitat de Catalunya  Ex- President, Land and Rehabilitation at Mumbai Special Economic Zone & Rewas Ports Limited  Associate Vice President at Grant Thornton© Digital Vidya
  • 29. Case: Looking for a suggestion for Email Marketing Product© Digital Vidya
  • 30. 15 Answers in 7 days© Digital Vidya
  • 31. Direct Sales Opportunity© Digital Vidya
  • 32. LinkedIn Exercise Step 1: Update your Profile and Company Profile (if required) Step 2: Ask 1 Question© Digital Vidya
  • 33. Thank You! Our upcoming Digital MarketingTrainings Delhi Mumbai Bangalore Social Media Marketing Jan 17-18 Feb 21-22 Social Media Marketing Course Dec 22 – Jan 30 (Instructor-led, Online Course) Digital Marketing for Lead Jan 24-25 Feb 14-15 Generation & Sales More details @ /MyDigitalVidya /digitalvidya© Digital Vidya