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Corporate Blogging - Vineet Rajan

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Corporate Blogging plays an integral

Corporate Blogging plays an integral

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  • 1. Corporate Blogging: Demystified Vineet  Rajan   Director  –  Strategy  and  Planning   IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 2. A blog is in many ways a continuing conversation IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 3. Also Remember… Your blog is YOUR unedited version of yourself. IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 4. Reality Check : 1 The Basics IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 5. Let’s ask ourselves   What is a blog?   Who is a blogger?   How is it different from a website/portal?   What makes a successful blog?   Why would you blog? IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 6. Do you BLOG? IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 7. The Business of Blogging!   Are the companies blogging or people?   What makes a blog - ‘Corporate’?   So who is doing it in India? IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 8. Reality Check : 2 Why you REALLY need it IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 9. What you were probably told   Blogging helps with Search Engine Optimization   Gives you another place to sell   Market yourself better   Get more visitors.   Breaks down corporate barriers. IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 10. They are all true BUT… IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 11. Why you really need it   Is a communication channel   Builds credibility   Cements relationships   Builds awareness   Helps you segment and target your market better IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 12. Why you really need it   Impacts visibility with customers   Speed and scale beat traditional marketing   People trust people, not your business IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 13. The Most Important Reason! There is no other option! IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 14. Reality Check : 3 Setting Objectives IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 15. Set Business Objectives   Increase awareness of your brand or agency   Increase positive / decrease negative mentions   Improve customer service   Drive traffic to a specific site for sales or downloads IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 16. Set Business Objectives   Collect feedback from stakeholders   Internally: improve knowledge management   Innovate through collaboration and crowdsourcing   Platform for thought leadership by senior managers IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 17. How do you measure SUCCESS? IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 18. The Right Way!   There are 3 dimensions   Message (Central, Peripheral)   Opinion (Critical, Uncritical)   Networking (Low, High) IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 19. Goals Success Status IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 20. ROI: A New Hope   What is the Investment ?   Engagement   Participation   Trust   Attention   Inspection   TIME! IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 21. Social Leads   Track web traffic breakdowns from all social media sources,   Chart the top few sources over time.   Measure Referrals as well IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 22. Bounce Rates   Are visitors quickly leaving?   Landing page needs better, more relevant copy.   Information they’re seeking should be easily found! IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 23. Your Network Size   Your followers   Your subscribers   How interactive you are IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 24. Loyalty   Are social members evangelizing?   How many members re-share?   How often do they re-share? IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 25. Conversions   Subscriptions, sales (direct or through affiliates)   Clicks to buy   Clicks on Know More   Ask for Quotes IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 26. One more thing.. The following are all UNTRUE! IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 27. Myth 1 Corporate Blogs are out. Facebook/Twitter are in. IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 28. Myth 2 You shouldn’t sell on your blog. IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 29. Myth 3 You always have to produce brilliant content IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 30. Myth 4 Measure success by number of RSS readers or email subscribers IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 31. Myth 5 Your blog will make you a though leader overnight IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 32. Myth 6 Your blog will ring in the sales IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 33. Trends in Corporate Blogging   Social Networking enabled blogs   Community blogging   A separate team and blog owner – Chief Blogger   Informal and also humorous   Making it a KRA IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 34. Reality Check : 4 Success Factors! IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 35. Critical Success Factors Management Support IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 36. Critical Success Factors The Champions IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 37. Critical Success Factors Education IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 38. Critical Success Factors Setting Clear Goals IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 39. Critical Success Factors Corporate Commitment IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 40. Critical Success Factors Establishing Guidelines IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 41. Critical Success Factors Dialogue! IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 42. Critical Success Factors Crystal Clear Call to Action IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 43. Sorry. I have a habit of saving the best for dialogue IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 44. ? ? Here to answer all questions for which we might have vague answers  IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 45. Have you thought about these?   Best Practices   Worst Possible Blunders   How Blogs Integrate into your Online Marketing Strategy   Why People fear Blogging   CEO Blogging! IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 46. Show of Hands!   How many would want to start their own blogs?   How many would initiate discussions within the company to start a blog?   Would you want to become the blog Champion? IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 47. We are India’s Only Blogger Centric Social Media Strategy Group IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.  
  • 48. Thank you Vineet Rajan   Director – Strategy and Planning   Call me +91 99875 59693   Send me an Email vineet@indiblogger.in   Visit us at http://indiblogger.in   I blog at http://vinni.co.in   I tweet on http://twitter.com/vineetrajan IndiBlogger.in   We  Blog,  Therefore  We  Are.