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Positive online presence






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  • Allie Osmarpublishes a blog on the transition from college into life in the big city, looking at how students can prepare for the ever-changing roles in communications, marketing and public relations. To make sure she is findable she invites other ways of connecting to her by posting her Twitter feed and publishing a feed to her blog. When she writes, she makes a point of linking to others (who will know she has done this and likely visit her blog) and responds to comments. She takes care of her networks by sharing what she knows in the content of her posts!
  • Important to consider how an image, message or video may be taken out of context…
  • Taking things a step further…This may also help in instances when people have unfavorable information about them on the web, that they are unable to take down.

Positive online presence Positive online presence Presentation Transcript

  • Positive Online Presence
  • Positive Online Presence: Outline How easy is it to find me on the web? How can I increase hits on my name? How do employers use the web to find out about applicants? Can my digital tattoo affect my chances of getting a job? If someone Googles my name, what will they find? How can I market myself on the web?
  • Positive Online Presence:Allie Osmar (Click to view)
  • Positive Online PresenceDid you know?• 83% of employers look up job applicants online before deciding on whether or not to hire them Execunet, 2007
  • Positive Online PresenceDid you know?• Almost half of those employers decided against certain candidates based purely upon their online reputation Execunet, 2007
  • Positive Online Presence: StrategiesWhat can you do? Ensure a professional email address  suga_lipz@hotmail.com  bigtime_slacker@gmail.com  juliemitchell@yahoo.ca
  • Positive Online Presence: StrategiesWhat can you do? Search your name frequently and delete unwanted content • Google (and Google images) • Pipl.com • Spezify • Personas
  • Positive Online Presence: StrategiesWhat can you do? Remove or restrict access to any pictures, messages or videos that may leave an unfavorable impression of you Image courtesy of buba69 (Flickr)
  • Positive Online Presence: Strategies How easy is it to find me on the web? How can I increase hits on my name? Are my various blogs, websites and networking accounts linked to each other?
  • Positive Online Presence: StrategiesWhat can you do? Update Facebook profile (and privacy settings) LinkedIn Twitter Profile Splash page
  • Positive Online Presence: Strategies Consider developing a e- portfolio – include your resume and showcase any impressive projects you’ve worked on
  • Positive Online Presence: Strategies Create a thoughtful, well-written blog (or microblog) about your goals or interests. Comment on recent news in your field of interest. Post comments on others’ blogs and use your full name
  • Create a Google Alert Google has released tools to protect users online reputation. Erasing personal identity information from the web How to contact a sites Webmaster Personal data alerts
  • What’s your digital tattoo?
  • Resources Osmar, Allie. “Home” The Creative Career. n.p., 2007-2009. Web. 30 July 2012. Broadcast Interview Source., Inc. “Human Trend Alert: Digital Dirt Hurts Candidates “ Expert Click. N,d. Web. 14 July 2012. The perp. (c) buba69 (http://www.flickr.com/photos/buba69/2434183957/in/photostream/). CC BY 2.0 The Golden Rule (c) Burkazoid (http://www.flickr.com/photos/djburkey/4360903186/in/photostream/). CC BY-NC 2.0 tr