I pad classroom expectations


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This presentation is a designed simulation for college and university instructors who are currently using 1to1 iPad initiatives. The presentation could also be used in for middle level to high school students. The simulation provides rules on using iPads in the classroom, iApp recommendations for student use and digital citizenship requirements for classroom participation.

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I pad classroom expectations

  1. 1.  Content for class will be Tweetedout in advanced.Assignments will also be postedon the class Wiki. PLN’s will be created for eachstudent for posting assignments. List of follows for PLN’s will beestablished for content enrichment
  2. 2.  I will periodically send outreminders for posting duedates for assignments Links to documents forassignments postings willalso be provided You can signup forclassroom reminder usingthe following information Signup information forreceiving reminders iscurrently posted on theclass Wiki Remind 101 is limited to 140 characters
  3. 3. 1. You can use your iPad to take notes, research material, access content using various iApp’s2. Do not text or e-Mail other students during a class session.3. I will queue you when to put your iPad into sleep mode. (Like Now)4. I will provide you with an assessment each day using Google Forms.5. I will queue you when it is appropriate to use Social Media in class.
  4. 4. 1. Keep your screen clean and when possible use a stylus.2. Keep your iPad away from water.3. You will be responsible for bring your fully charged iPad to class.
  5. 5.  Evernote or notes for note taking iBooks for storing digital content. Twitter for Social Networking Dropbox for storing Digital Documents Box for Storing Audio Content Boxee for Storing Video Content
  6. 6. SLIDE PRESENTATIONS Others will need to see yourwork as we create and sharedigital content. Approved presentationsoftware includes  Prezi  Slide Shark  Slide Rocket  Slide Share No PowerPoints unless youconvert it to a platform usable onthe provided list.
  7. 7. PUBLISHING TOOLS Google Docs eBook Formats are AcceptableCreative BookBuilder or onlineconverters All published documents mustbe converted to pdf or ebookformat for posting content Use Dropbox for accessing andsharing digital content Use Cloud On as a wordprocessor.
  8. 8.  Use your Symbaloo PLNto help you organize all ofyour applications Bookmark your symbalooaccount on you iPad foreasy access Tab your applicationsunder, publishing andpresentation tools Resource the class wikiand assignment page onyour symbaloo app
  9. 9. MLA Sourcing content must beaccurate and summarized in Styleyour own words Sight Material Using MLAStyle Use Easy Bib web tool forsighting digital Web contentCheck for Plagiarism usingWiki site.
  10. 10.  "Plagiarism is an act orinstance of using or closelyimitating the language andthoughts of anotherauthor withoutauthorization and therepresentation of thatauthors work as onesown, as by not creditingthe original author."1
  11. 11. The following classroom rules will apply to appropriatedigital citizenship when addressing plagiarism. Research conducted via the Internetshould be appropriately cited, givingcredit to the original author. Users should not take credit forthings they didn’t createthemselves, or misrepresentthemselves as an author or creator ofsomething found online Research conducted via the Internetshould be appropriately cited, givingcredit to the original author.
  12. 12. Make sure you complete the online class registrationinformation form by the end of this week.Remember to signup for remind 101Setup your symbaloo dashboard for next week usingsuggested tools for this class.Signup for Twitter and look forFollow my tweets @digitalsandbox1
  13. 13.  Bookmark the following classroom websites onevernoteStudent Workspace https://dc3ipad.pbworks.com/Information Resources and Class Activity http://epubgeneration.weebly.com/ipad-college.html#.