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Google Earth is a virtual globe. Once downloaded user can access geographical map information through a built-in search. The program maps the Earth by superimposing satellite imagery, and aerial photography of geographical information. The Google Earth free version provides multiple functions such as capturing 3D building image sketch ups, and surfaces are available. Users can create and save KMZ files for pinning locations on a map. When using Google Earth in Digital Learning Design the KML files (keyhole markup language) can be specified to specific spots on the globe. It’s similar to bookmarking a location and it allows teachers to produce links for points of interest.

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Guide to Google Earth

  1. 1. by Mike King
  2. 2. Google Earth Defined  Google Earth is a virtual globe program that maps the earth by the superimposition of images obtained from satellite imagery, aerial photography and GIS 3D globe.1  Google Earth combines satellite imagery, maps and the power of Google Search to put the world's geographic information at your fingertips. View exotic locations like Maui and Paris as well as points of interest such as local restaurants, hospitals, schools, and more. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 1
  3. 3. Google Earth       Google Earth several features. You can draw paths and polygons icons for placemarks, fast loading 3D models, improved lighting for 3D models and printing of driving directions and folders. See Google's new page
  4. 4. Quick Start Guide 1. Search Panel- Use to find places and directions 2. Overview Map- Use for an additional perspective 3. Hide/Show sidebar- Click to conceal or display side bar 4. Placemark- Click to add a placemark 5. Polygon- Click to add a polygon 6. Path- Click to add a path 7. Image Overlay- Click to add an image 8. Measure- Click to measure distance 9. Email- Click to email view or image 10. Print- Click to print current view 11. Navigation Controls- Use to tilt, zoom and move 12. Layers Panel- Use to display points of interests 13. Places Panel- Use to locate, save, and organize placemarks 14. 3D Viewer- View the globe and terrain 15. Status Bar- View streaming status 4
  5. 5. Google Earth Navigation The navigation compass allows you to manipulate the view in multiple ways. Drag the right slider up and down to zoom in and out. Drag the top slider left and right to tilt the view. To rotate the image, spin the navigator’s on-screen wheel.   Click On Navigation Compass To See Video Guide
  6. 6. Search The Globe Select Search Type Address Play Video Whether you are looking for a specific address,  the intersection of two streets, a city, a state, a zip code, or a country, just type it into the "Fly To" box and hit Search.
  7. 7. Select Directions Tab Find Directions Type From Address Type To Address Driving Directions Appear in Panel and on Google Map
  8. 8. Google Earth Measuring Tools Select Ruler The ruler allows you to measure distances from one given point to another using different units of measure. First select the unit of measure then click on two reference points on the map. Select Unit of Measure Distance Measuring Line The distance between the two points will appear next to the unit of measure box.
  9. 9. Google Earth Layers Use the Layers panel to select from a wide variety of information that will appear as images on Google Earth. The layers options allows users to view world geographical features from roads, geographic boundaries, and parks. Select from 1 to 21 different categories by clicking on the geographical feature of interest. Select Parks & Recreation
  10. 10. Creating A Google Earth Tour  Step One: Write A Short Script  Step Two: Do A Web Search To Locate A Video or Narration Reference (Copy & paste the URL into the script)  Step Three: Locate “A Creative Commons Picture” URL (Copy & Paste the URL into the script)
  11. 11. Creating A Script  Scripts can include video and reference links. The script along with hyperlinks can be copied and pasted into the place mark window. The hyperlinks can then be opened or viewed for additional information about the location.
  12. 12. Example Script Welcome to the Washington Monument the worlds tallest masonry structures, standing 555 feet. The structure was designed by Robert Mills in the 1840’s and is built from marble, granite and sandstone. The construction of the monument began in 1884 and was completed in 1884, thirty years after Robert Mills death. The reason for the construction delay was in part from lack of funding and the start of the American Civil War.  For more information on the Washington Monument vist Wikipedia at Reference Link .  You can also see a video about the Washington Monument at Video Link  Picture Reference: g Use Layered Picture Link
  13. 13. Conduct A Search Search by Typing Place or Address Image Appears In Google Earth Window
  14. 14. Create A Project Tour Folder Select Add From Google Earth Menu Bar Select Add A Folder Example: Ctrl + Shift + N Creating a folder will identify the contents of the project and allows the tour to be sequenced by event.
  15. 15. Describe A Project Create A Title Example: Historical Places In America Describe Contents of Folder This folder contains a link to a flyby tour of Historical places to visit in America. Each placemark on you journey will include video links, audio files and information on each of the historical sites you visit. At the end of your journey you will be able to download a short quiz on place Historical Places in America.
  16. 16. Creating A Place mark Add a placemark by selecting Add in the Google menu bar then select Placemark or Ctrl + Shift + P A place mark allows viewers to travel to places in Google Earth as they are assigned in the project folder.
  17. 17. Adding Content To A Place mark You can add a title and content to a place mark window. Add A Title Copy & Paste Script From Word File Active Reference URL’s Select OK Scripts can include links to audio and video files.
  18. 18. Select An Icon An Icon is an active Google Earth reference point and can be opened to reveal a content window. Click Icon To Choose Options Menu Select An Icon Click Icon To Open Select an icon that fits the reference url, such as video or picture
  19. 19. Overlay Image Search To locate an overlay for the project & conduct a Washington Monument Creative Commons image search. Picture Reference Links: http:/ / pictures/ public/ 04-views/ 45%2 Photo is posted under a creative commons licences agreement and has been provided by Anders Brownworth at
  20. 20. Creative Commons Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization Hyper Link providing free legal mechanisms for learners inside and outside schools to share and remix content. A creative commons environment allows for an expanded range of creative work to be available for others to legally build upon and share.
  21. 21. Adding An Overlay To add an overlay image click on the project folder under My Places. To add an Image Overlay select Add from the Google Earth Menu and click on Image Overlay Or press (Ctrl+Shift+O) an overlay window will
  22. 22. Adding An Image Link & Content Add Title Copy & paste the image url into the link line Add creative commons credits to information window Use Green Corner to Size Use Crosshair To Move Image Overlay Image Appears
  23. 23. First Stop Washington Monument Overlay Place mark
  24. 24. Saving A kmz Project Go To File Save Save As When someone opens the .kmz file, Google Earth will automatically be launched or users will be encouraged to download the program. When you are ready to save your file. Highlight your folder, then click on “File” “Save” “Save Place as…”This will save it as a .kmz. This small file can be hyperlinked into a presentation.
  25. 25. Take A kmz Hyperlink Tour Click on Selected Image Select Inset Select Hyperlink Click On kmz Select OK
  26. 26. Take A Round Trip Ticket Click on hyperlink Image Select Historical Places Play Tour To take a round trip ticket to the place marks, highlight the “Historical Places In America” folder and click the play button.
  27. 27. The Google sky feature allows users to get close to over 100 million galaxies and 200 million star. star, on your window, download To view the the recent version Google earth software, launch application, go to view and select to ‘switch to sky’, zoom in to see the blazing star, black hole, constellation.
  28. 28. Click on icon for Google Sky Link Open Google Earth Select View Select Layer Switch to Sky
  29. 29. Google Sky Tools Select “Sky View” Play Motion Bar Select “The Planets
  30. 30. Take A Planet Tour Click on photo above to launch kmz planet tour.
  31. 31. Google Tours Forbidden City
  32. 32. Google Literature
  33. 33. Google Earth Resources Tour