5th Grade Parent Night 2014


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Orientation activities are designed to acquaint students and their parents with a new school environment. These activities will be held toward the end of the school year to help the students and their parents make a satisfactory transition into a new school campus. During these transitions, parents and students will have an opportunity to hear firsthand how the school is organized, to meet the principal and faculty, to tour the facility and learn about the programs the school offers. Pre-enrollment information will also be provided as part of the orientation.

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5th Grade Parent Night 2014

  1. 1. District Improvement Advisory Council The educational journey of a school is an ever changing path.
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONS Sixth Grade Teachers
  3. 3. DodgeCityMiddleSchool Special Organizations
  4. 4. INTRODUCING  PTO President Mrs. Sara Stateler
  5. 5.  Booster Club President Michelle Ybarra
  6. 6. National Junior Honor Society Mrs. Herter Dodge City Middle School 2014-15 School Year
  7. 7. What is the National Junior Honor Society? Objectives of Chapter:  create an enthusiasm for scholarship,  to stimulate a desire to render service,  to promote worthy leadership,  and to encourage the development of character  Membership in the NJHS is a privilege.  It is not automatic for those with a high GPA – service/character/leadership are also a part of the selection. It is membership in an organization dedicated to service and nurturing the future leaders and citizens of our community.
  8. 8. Who is Eligible for Membership? 6th 7th & 8th Grade students who:  Have a 3.5 cumulative GPA from previous school year & a 3.5 GPA from 1st Semester What’s a 3.5 average? 3.5 is a B+ average
  9. 9.  6th 7th & 8th Graders with a 3.5 cum GPA and 3.5 GPA from 1st semester will receive application packets from Mrs. Herter.  The completed packets and other input will be reviewed by a Teacher Council.The Council will evaluate the candidate’s leadership, service, citizenship, and character.  Those candidates receiving a majority vote of the Faculty Council will be inducted into NJHS What is the Selection Process?
  10. 10. Suppose a Sixth Grader is not selected, can they try again next year? Yes! All students who are academically eligible are encouraged to pursue the selection process. If your behavior and discipline is a concern, there is time to improve it. However, if selected and behavior, academics, and character is an issue, you can be removed from NJHS.
  11. 11.  December 2014 – NJHS packets will be available from Mrs. Herter  January 2015 – ALL NJHS packets are due to Mrs. Herter.  (Late packets will be considered, but also considered a part of responsibility in selection process.)  Middle of January – Students will be informed if they are selected or not for NJHS.
  12. 12. 2013-14 Inductee Stats  Over 243 students qualified with 3.5 or higher GPA  Over 150 took packets and informational material  47 returned packets to be considered  Out of those 47:  848.5 total community service hours  18.25 hours/student on average  3.81 GPA  10 TOTAL disciplines out of 47 students
  13. 13. Students selected will find out in January with a letter and white rose – the flower of NJHS.
  14. 14. National Junior Honor Society  To create enthusiasm for Scholarship  To stimulate a desire to render Service  To promote Leadership  To develop Character  To encourage Citizenship
  15. 15. Mrs. Sellens Dodge City Middle School 2014-15 School Year
  16. 16. DCMS Student Council  The Student Council plays a very important role in every school. They help share students’ ideas, interests, and concerns with the teachers and principals.
  17. 17. School Wide Projects  Red Ribbon Week  Fund Raisers:  Pennies for Patients,  Oklahoma for tornado victims  Food Drive for Mana House  Concession stand
  18. 18.  Spirit Week  Teachers’ Appreciation Week  School dances  School beautification projects –  plant trees and flowers, clean school grounds  Give tours for 5th grade orientation  Give tours to newcomers to the school School Events Community Service
  19. 19. Democratic Principles • All students have the opportunity to be elected to office. • All teams are represented on the Student Council
  20. 20. DodgeCityMiddleSchool DCMS A Specialized School Mr. King
  21. 21. •Lexile Scores will be mailed home to every student •Personalized reading summer reading recommendation •Summer Reading information posted on school Website Students who do not read at least 20 minutes a day over the summer break will lose an average of seven months Help Prevent Summer Reading Loss
  22. 22. Dodge City Middle School  is a very specialized school that understands  the physical, intellectual, ethical, psychological and emotional development of the  young adolescent and  addresses those needs through a carefully planned school structure. Cardinals
  23. 23. Transitions  Dodge City Middle School is a place for transition.  Our goal is to ensure that every student is ready for high school.
  24. 24. Classrooms Sanctuaries for Learning  Every child has the right to learn and no one has the right to disrupt learning.
  25. 25. How We Communicate  Parent Academy Nights  Remind 101  Student Led Conferences  DCMS Website  Teacher Contacts
  26. 26. DodgeCityMiddleSchool What We Believe
  27. 27. The Top Five Things We Believe Ms. Holman Speech Class Set Personal Goals Staying Organized Caring for Others Looking Sharp Getting Involved
  28. 28. ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Mrs. Wells Dodge City Middle School 2014-15 School Year
  29. 29.  Building Opens (7:30 A.M.)  Breakfast & South Gym (7:30 – 8:00 A.M.)  Advisory (8:05 – 8:27 A.M.)  Check Out iPads  Core Subjects (8:30 – 10:42 A.M.)  Electives & Team (10:45 – 12:15)  Lunch (12:15 – 12:57 P.M.)  Core Subjects (1:00 – 3:14 P.M.)  Check In iPads SixthGradeSchedule
  30. 30. Core Course Selections  Math or Pre- Algebra (64 Minutes)  English Language Arts (64 Minutes)  Science (42 Minutes)  Social Studies (42 Minutes)  Computers & PE (Every Other Day) (42 Minutes)
  31. 31. One Full Year Elective  Required to take the following elective courses,  Creative Writing,  World Problem Solving,  Health  Life Skills/Technology Education Full Year Electives Include: • Band, & Orchestra
  32. 32. Eight (8) Elective Courses  Students who do not enroll in a full year elective will be enrolled in the following eight electives, General Music, Art, Drama, Technology Ed, Creative Writing, Problem Solving, Health, Life Skills,
  33. 33. Activities/Sports  Sports Managers  After School Speech & Drama  Honor Choir  Quiz Bowl  A.M. Weight Training  Intramurals
  34. 34. Student Uniform Skits Black Sweatshirt White Sweatshirt White Polo Red Polo
  35. 35. What is Team’s Consistency  Inter disciplinary teaming  Team leader communication  Based on the same educational standards  Professional Learning communities (PLC)
  36. 36. What is Advisory  Called Advisory  Student and family advocates  Small group of students..(12-15 students)  Attached to one caring adult  Keeping track of progress  Communication with staff and family  Accountability
  37. 37. How Teams are Schools within a School  Large student populations do not reflect the whole picture  Population divided into 6 smaller groups (teams of 215)  That smaller group is shared by a core group of teachers  During the majority of the day they do not leave that small school…team  Even the Exploratory classes are blocked during the same time  So your student is in a school of 215 students…a very effective, small school
  38. 38. What are Safety Nets  Every student receives the education they deserve  Individual academic needs are identified early  Programs are available to fill the gaps.
  39. 39. Dominoes are bad
  40. 40. “We Are Champions”