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Wake Up From Content Slump With Content Curation
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Wake Up From Content Slump With Content Curation


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Have you suffered from blogger burnout? Are you out of things to write for your website? Is your well basically empty? …

Have you suffered from blogger burnout? Are you out of things to write for your website? Is your well basically empty?

Content curation can fill that empty well full of fresh, engaging content while positioning your brand as a well-trusted expert in your niche. Content curation is nothing new, but many still don’t know how to take advantage of its many benefits.

With this presentation you will learn:

- The benefits of content curation
- How to supplement your content strategy
- Brands and bloggers that master content curation
- Tools to help you get started today

Published in: Marketing, Technology
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  • Posting content consistently is hardSome weeks you may find that the idea well has just run dryBut you have an audience that is expecting you
  • Put simply …. It’s a collection of content related to whatever topic you choose from multiple sourcesYou then share the content with your community and often add your own commentaryIt’s like whenever you find a new restaurant or maybe a local shop and you can’t help but tell all your friends that you know will love it just as much as you.
  • - Homemade vs. fast food?
  • Those numbers continue to grow each year.That’s an awful lot of content
  • The amount of information available across the web is intimidating … especially for consumers that are just beginning their researchWhy not help them sift through this sea of information by being a go-to resource for the best sources?Instead of constantly adding to the noise – why not embrace it?Here are a few benefits of content curation
  • Your audience wants to hear from their peers but they also crave information from reliable third-party sourcesProviding them with this information improves your brand’s credibilityMakes you a go-to source for more information
  • As you blog and create more content, your community will have greater trust in your brandThey will believe what you have to share because you have proven there are other trustworthy resources that believe the same thing
  • - Makes you a go-to source for more information
  • Not only your audience but yourself as wellI spent a lot of time reading industry articles to get up to speed on SEO, inbound marketing and content marketingI then began sharing some of the best resources and adding my own commentaryIt wasn’t long before I knewAlso challenges you to add your own commentary to the industryWhat do you think about certain topics?What was your experience like with x?How would you do something differently?
  • Gives you the chance to offer up your opinionYour audience will understand where you stand when it comes to industry tactics or best practicesMakes you more personable
  • Often times, when you’re sharing other blogs or brands … they will share your posts to thank you which puts your brand in front of their audienceShare trapit story: by Trapit, its founders and other employeesEven had a competing curation tool – that I did not feature – join in on the conversation
  • Inspire your customersDelight them with interesting content to engage withInspire yourself for future blog posts as you understand what your community craves most
  • Stop talking about yourselfWe follow rule of thirdsOne-third sharing our own contentOne-third engaging with followersOne-third sharing other people’s work
  • - You don’t have to look far to find brands and bloggers that have built a nice little community through content curation
  • Ruche scroll through their timeline and it’s obvious they’re following the rule of thirdsNot just sharing links about other brands that send traffic back to the Ruche website
  • -
  • - A Couple Cooks:
  • Product Roundup
  • How Sweet It IsUses her wrap-up to also recommend things she’s interested in beyond recipesFun voice – just a few words are all these recommendations need
  • Shares a list of her current favorite reading materialVaries from CookbooksPoemsIllustrations…Anything that she finds inspiring
  • Civilized Caveman does a round-up based on his favorite food – baconScours the web for all the best bacon recipesYou can center curated content around a single detailI’ve done hot industry topicsContent ShockApril Fools
  • What do people traditionally do while eating breakfast? Catch up with the news. I saw “traditionally” because everyone has such fast-paced routines that there aren’t many people that have the time to sit down with their cup of coffee in the morning and read the paper.The Skimm is setting out to change thatThey send out daily newsletters including all the top news that happened the day before.They quickly tell the story in a way that is easy to comsume, process and often entertaining and you’ll always find links to read a full story if you wish.-feels just like when one of your friends calls you up to tell you a story
  • Nosh On.ItRecipecurationDaily newsletter with recipes, tips and tricksThey don’t just send you a list of links with the hopes you’ll enjoy it, they include why they enjoy it too.
  • - Capper’s Grit often sends out newsletters with recipes featured on its site
  • And because it’s obvious that you’re interested in asparagus if you’re checking out a newsletter all about asparagus … below the recipes are recommended articles offering tips for asparagusTaking the time to educate subscribers beyond just sharing a recipe with them
  • Free & PremiumLists can be created, shared easily, altered quickly and embedded anywhereCurate, crowdsource, engage readersEven a WordPress pluginPerfect for any brand or business with a blog
  • is great for collecting articles across the web on a particular topic and organizing them into a listThis allows you to easily share with others, get feedback from trusted friends or the community before you share with your entire communityYou can browse other lists by topics to find new sources that real people – rather than an algorithm – find interesting
  • Just create a topic and give it a few related keywordsYou can then discover and collect great content from all over the web
  • You can then collect and organize that content into a topic feed with your own commentary - which has the look and feel of your very own newsletterI like to use this tool most for collecting articles that I want to share in my weekly Inbound Wrap-UpYou can share your topic feed to your blog or any social channels you connectGreat for individuals and businesses
  • When you connect Feedly with one of your social profiles, it presents recommended content based on articles you frequently shareSince the demise of Google Reader – Feedly has become the more popular choice for staying up-to-date with your favorite blogsYou can customize your content by adding other sites you love to frequent and feedly will insure you never miss a postYou can also browse by topic to discover someone newYou can mark articles as “Must Read” and return to your feed at a later time to read them so you never miss what’s important to you
  • Choose a topicFeedly serves up recommended sources that you can add to your feed
  • On the left, you can see all the categories you’d like to follow and how many articles are unreadFeedly automatically pulls the top 3 posts and puts them in the featured section so you never miss what’s most important
  •’ve long been a Klout skeptic – never understoon its purposeNow the platform has become incredibly usefulKlout now takes the content you’ve shared in the past and analyzes what types of content your community engaged with most and offers up content suggestions based on thatYou can add your own topics for what you’re interested inThe coolest part – if you enjoy geeking out over data and analytics – once you hover over an article, Klout lets you know how likely it is that your audience has already seen it or whether or not it’s trendingMost recently, they started to let you know what percentage of your audience is interested in a certain topicYou can also schedule social media shares within the platformRight now you cannot track reach, clicks or reactions within Klout but they are planning to release this feature in the near future which puts the platform up against other social sharing tools like Buffer
  • -
  • Just like with Klout, you can share articles from within in the platformYou can also check your analytics for each of your social sharesOffers content suggestions based on what your community often shares or what’s currently trending so you never miss out on a hot topicYou can also customize with your own topics
  • -Prismatic is like a newspaper for the digital ageIt’s a social news discovery appUses algorithms to filter the content that aligns with the interests of a specific readerGathers information from social profiles and suggests the most relevant stories to readYou can connect it with Facebook, Twitter and even Pocket
  • - You can view global news, articles that your social community is sharing and even explore by your followers that are on Prismatic, topics you’ve shared in the past and topics that are popular among your community
  • Web site’s down 
  • - Our posts average around 50-100 views the first day they are published
  • - And counting
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