5 Goals Marketers Should Make—and Keep—in 2011


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5 Goals Marketers Should Make—and Keep—in 2011

  1. 1. © ExactTarget All rights reserved
  2. 2. 2011 GOALS www.ExactTarget.co.ukEvery year, marketers continue to search for “the next big thing”—the industry-wide “hottopic” that will make or break the success of their interactive marketing programmes for thecoming year. As consumers around the globe continue to turn to email, mobile, Facebook,and Twitter more than ever before, it’s imperative that marketers strive to meet customerswhere they’re at in order to maximise customer engagement and opportunity.As you look at your 2011 marketing goals and labour over next year’s budget, we’ve compiledfive goals in order to help you stay current with consumer demands and maintain a successfulinteractive marketing programme the whole year through. But this year, we’re not justproviding you with goals to make—we’re helping you keep them too. While diets and exerciseprogrammes might taper off just months after the start of the new year, these initiatives are 5Goals Marketers Should Make—and Keep—in 2011.In this report, we’ll take a look at what’s coming in 2011 and how to prepare for the interactivemarketing trends awaiting us in the coming year. Get tips and insight on the year’s mostcritical aspects of interactive marketing, including the importance of data in the foundationof your interactive programmes, why 2011 is the “year of mobile,” and how automation notonly saves you time, but also helps you better meet customer needs. We’ll even provide youwith spaces to jot down your own marketing goals as you read. (After all, research shows thatthose who make goals are 10 times more likely to achieve them!)So before you lock down your 2011 budget and set your goals for the new year, find out whatgoals will give you the “edge” you need to start the year off right. Take our word for it—thesegoals will make your marketing programme better than it’s ever been. And when you need us,we’ll be here along the way to help you stick with it. 2
  3. 3. 2011 GOALS www.ExactTarget.co.uk1.This past year, you’ve probably heard a lot of industry buzz around “data.” You know that data isat the heart of relevancy, and you’ve even heard that Data is the New Creative. But, let’s be clear—the concept of collecting data isn’t new. Using it is.Marketers inherently known that data should fuel theirmarketing programmes and overall business decisions. Thus,collecting data from customers has never been a problem.But, achieving visibility—and usability—with that data has notalways been possible. Information has been stored in all sortsof ways, including data warehouses and databases across the DATA IS THE NEW CREATIVEorganisation that require tedious exporting in order to take anyaction on it whatsoever. At the same time, today’s interactive With 600 Tweets, 34,000 Google searches,outlets like email, text messaging, and social media (which are and 700 Facebook posts per second,constantly finding new and innovative ways to expand), make marketers are no longer in control of theirmanaging data at the same pace as the speed of technology brands. But that doesn’t mean marketerseven more difficult. In fact, marketers are missing out on have to accept defeat and succumb toopportunities to engage with customers because their these new challenges. By streamlining datainformation and processes have become outdated before processes and making data the foundationthe data is even aggregated and sorted. of any marketing programme, marketersHaving greater visibility into your subscriber data doesn’t just can meet their customers where they’rehelp you be more organised. Ask yourself: “How much of my at with relevant content. Find out more bywork week is devoted to sifting through data?” According downloading our latest report Real-Timeto some marketers, 40% of time at work is spent managing Marketing: Data is the New Creative of thedata and attempting to make it more usable for campaign Real-Time Web.purposes. But when data comes together in a single platform,efficient information flow actually frees up marketers’ time andresources, helping them be more strategic in their interactivemarketing programmes.REAL [ways] TO TAKE ACTIONYou’ve got data. Now what? Start implementing easy tactics to help you easily utilisesubscriber information:ASSESS YOUR DATA. Making a change to the way you currently use data starts with anassessment. What data do you have access to? Where is it coming from? Understand what toolsyou have to work with before you take action.IMPLEMENT A PROGRAMME. Decide how you’re going to use your data. What do youwant to accomplish? How often will you revisit the data? Taking action starts with intentionalityand specific goals.MEASURE OFTEN. After you’ve begun using your data, don’t forget to measure your programme’seffectiveness. Measure often, adjust often, and test, test, test. What’s “moving the needle?” What’simpacting your bottom line? If you’ve sent a communication to subscribers that doesn’t seem to beimpacting your business, discontinue it and try something new.INVESTIGATE. Use your data to work backwards. By understanding what information is drivingyour click-through rates, find out what it is your subscribers are clicking through to. From that point, 3
  4. 4. 2011 GOALS www.ExactTarget.co.ukdrive conversions using that content. Track how many of your customers are clicking through tocontent, browsing online, adding to their shopping cart, purchasing, etc. Use data to turns clicksinto money.Marketers have the potential to find more business opportunities. The key lies in taking the leg workout of using data. When your interactive marketing programme is built on data—instead of usingit as a simple afterthought—programmes are more effective, more targeted, and more successful. Companies like international online-based community t-shirt company, Threadless, use data to drive their interactive marketing programme to new heights. As part of its email revamp, the company launched a “WelcomeEmail” programme that introduces users to an optimised online preference center that allowscustomers to control and personalise the information they receive from Threadless. The preferencecenter allows subscribers to choose from four different languages to receive Threadless email,control the frequency of communications sent to them, and even choose which specific contentthey want to receive. The company also sends targeted coupons and product recommendationsbased on previous buying behaviour in order to encourage repeat purchases and collect customerinsights through ExactTarget-powered email customer satisfaction surveys. With such attention tosubscriber information and detail, it’s no wonder Threadless’ community of over 1.3 million membersengage with the company regularly to vote on their favourite design submissions with the best andcoolest designs selected for printing and sale by the Threadless online retail store.The most sophisticated messages in the world won’t resonate with your customers if you don’tunderstand their preferences and behaviours. The ExactTarget Interactive Marketing Hub™ easilyaggregates your data to help you understand how to communicate with your customers acrossEmail, Mobile, Social, and Sites—from a single platform. By merging the conversations that matterinto one intuitive dashboard, you’ll turn millions of data points into meaningful customer interactions.3 Ways I Will Incorporate Data: 4
  5. 5. 2011 GOALS www.ExactTarget.co.uk2.It seems every year we hear “this is the year of mobile.” Yet, as email and social mediabecome more and more sophisticated, mobile marketing is often left overshadowed. So whyis 2011 truly the year to make mobile a priority?As consumers begin to move more rapidly from “regular” phones to smartphones, theyincrease their expectation that everything (especially information) should be portable. In fact,17% of Americans now own smartphones, according to a report from Forrester Research1, and43% of all US adult cell phone users have mobile apps, according to a report from the PewResearch Center2. And the rates will only continue to rise.Consumers now expect the freedom to interact with their peers and their favourite brandsat any time. Additionally, brands are expected to meet their customers where they’re at—interacting with them whether they’re in front of their computer, shopping, or on-the-go.As consumers become more and more available no matter their location, it’s easy to see thatwe’ve become a “NOW generation.” And the best way to reach your subscribers NOW (and atany other point) is through their mobile phone. This year, pay special attention to: • Web usage vs. mobile web usage • Email vs. mobile email • Social usage vs. social via appsWhat does this mean for marketers? Mobile must be incorporated into your interactivemarketing plan. Not only should you resolve to “use mobile to connect with your customers,”but you should also “talk to your consumers through the channels they’re using.” In 2011, it’sno longer a choice.REAL [easy tips] TO BEGIN USING MOBILE MARKETINGADD TEXT. SMS messaging is the easiest—and most cost-effective—way to begin mobilemarketing. As 97% of mobile phones today are equipped with text messaging capabilities,creating text-in voting programmes, Q&A text response campaigns, and mobile coupons foryour subscribers is an easy way to engage customers.BE MOBILE-SPECIFIC. Content is often created with only email or social in mind. But howwill it render on mobile phones? Integrate your marketing channels by creating campaignsthat deliver the same messaging, but in various forms that work well with each interactiveoutlet. Remember to “design for the third screen” by creating short, easy-to-digest contentthat mobile users can engage with.CREATE YOUR MOBILE “VISION.” What does your mobile marketing plan look like in thelong-term? Don’t just stop at easy-to-implement mobile tactics. Consider how mobile willbecome a vital part of your interactive marketing strategy. This might include increasedtransactional messaging or even the creation of your company’s very own mobile app.1 http://mashable.com/2010/10/21/small-business-smartphones/2 http://pewinternet.org/Reports/2010/The-Rise-of-Apps-Culture/Overview.aspx 5
  6. 6. 2011 GOALS www.ExactTarget.co.uk Take it from Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) who uses ExactTarget Mobile to reach bus passengers through their “Text4Next” programme. Riders can now text a bus stop location and route number using OCTA’s text-in code (posted at every stop) to receive arrival times for the next three buses headed to that stop. As bus riders no longer have to call the Customer Information Center for route information, OCTA has cut customersupport costs from $2 per telephone call to $0.10 per text message. OCTA has also seentremendous satisfaction from their customers who prefer to be reached through the ease andimmediacy of mobile marketing.In today’s fast-paced world, consumers are more on-the-go than ever before. And youneed to fuel your real-time interaction with your busy customers via their mobile phones.With ExactTarget Mobile, you can achieve a dynamic user experience that helps youplan, monitor, and track mobile marketing campaigns using beneficial features suchas messaging templates, mobile tickets and coupons, global longcode and shortcodemanagement, and more.3 Ways I Will Incorporate Mobile:3.Consumers value customer service—not just from your client support centre, but from every singleinteraction they have with your brand. After all, they can either say positive things about your brandor negative things about your brand—solely based on how you treat them as a customer. While somecompanies today continue to tell their customers what products and services to purchase throughadvertising, the most effective marketers build a relationship with customers that provides value tothem beyond selling products or services.In 2011, not only should your SUBSCRIBERS RULE! by honouring their unique preferences, butyour marketing messages should provide more impact and value—rather than standard consumer“interruption” via irrelevant “one size fits all” ads. This year, effectively marketing to your customersshould be more about the level of customer service you provide—not necessarily the creativity ofyour advertising. 6
  7. 7. 2011 GOALS www.ExactTarget.co.ukREAL [ideas] FOR PUTTING SERVICE BEFORE SALESPREFERENCE CENTRES. Want to know more about your subscribers? Sometimes it’s as easyas just asking. Subscriber preference centres allow customers to identify their interests, preferredchannels, appropriate messaging frequency, and content that is applicable to their lives. Let yoursubscribers tell you about themselves and create trust by honouring those preferences instead ofimplementing irrelevant “batch and blast” campaigns.LISTEN VIA SOCIAL MEDIA. Consumers are in constant conversation about your brand. Listen.Be a part of it. With social tools like Twitter and Facebook, connecting with your customers andresponding to their questions and comments is easier than ever. And with CoTweet, managing theconversation on Twitter makes it easy for brands to see the conversation—right as it’s happening.BRING VALUE TO YOUR SUBSCRIBERS. Many marketers today will send out an email, post aTweet, or create a Facebook fan page—but they don’t know why. Utilising interactive marketing to itsfull potential is not about participating in channels just to participate. It’s about serving your customersthrough a particular channel because that’s where they’re most comfortable communicating with you.In order to bring value to your subscribers, you must first understand your unique value propositionand why it’s important to consumers. If no value exists in the eyes of the consumer, there’s no reasonfor them to stay engaged or subscribed. Email marketing success isn’t measured by the number of opens and click-throughs you have, but by the level of engagement subscribers have with your brand. Take it from online retailer, Motorcycle Superstore, who used rich behavioural data from Webtrends to deliver dynamic, one-to-one product offers to customers throughExactTarget email. By adding a “Your Picks” element to their standard weekly email that featured fourdynamic product offers, Motorcycle Superstore has not only seen increased customer engagement,but also a 24% email revenue lift.Let’s face it. There’s no point in having data unless you can use it. Through the Interactive MarketingHub, ExactTarget Audience Builder™ helps you segment your data instantly so you can join theconversation about your brand—in real-time. Filter data using specific audience criteria, or makedecisions based on your entire data set. Whether you’ve got CRM, web analytics, or survey data,Audience Builder™ helps you segment from any data source, allowing you to increase customerengagement—and boost ROI.3 Ways I Will Treat Customers as Individuals: 7
  8. 8. 2011 GOALS www.ExactTarget.co.uk4.For many, 2010 marked the year that social media became a reality instead of just a trend formarketers to watch out for. Communications have become more interactive with social icons at thebottom of emails, links to Facebook fan pages, and Twitter handles included in email copy. But that’sstill not enough. While including ShareThis icons in your communications is a simple and effectiveway to ease into social media, integrating it into your interactive marketing campaigns and overallstrategy is vital in 2011.REAL [quick wins ] TO GET THE MOST FROM SOCIALSOCIAL “SOUL SEARCHING.” Remember those social media icons you included at the bottomof your email? Don’t forget to go back and gather metrics about what’s resonating among yourSubscribers, Fans, & Followers. What content is being retweeted among your twitter followers?When are your Facebook friends clicking “like?” If you’ve discovered that content A is creating moreengagement than content B, it’s easy to see that increasing your promotion of content A will do moreto make your subscribers happy.GET LOCAL. With the onset of geolocation devices and mobile apps, it’s easy to meet yourcustomers where they’re at—literally. Apps like Four Square give you the opportunity to find outwhich subscribers are frequenting your store(s). Use this information to make special offers tofrequent visitors based on their individual purchase behaviour. Relevant messaging will help yourcustomers understand that meeting them where they’re at is not about spamming them—it’s aboutconnecting with them better.The bottom line? Conversations about your brand are happening whether you’re participatingin them or not. It’s up to you as a marketer to either contribute to the messaging about your brandor simply let your customers dictate it for you. Customers today now have megaphones to speakabout your company through interactive tools like Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets.In the past, customers who had a bad experience with your brand would share it with 5-10 of theirfriends. Today, a bad customer experience could lead to negative information about your brand sentout to 1,000 Twitter followers or more. It’s up to you to respond to those conversations andprove the value of your brand by how willingly you connect with the disgruntled customer tomake things right. As the world’s leading natural and organic foods supermarket, Whole Foods Market knows that “managing the conversation” (especially amidst some 1.75 million Twitter followers) is no easy task. But with CoTweet, Whole Foods Market was finally able to streamline work flow and manage social media communications from customers using tools like conversation threading,messaging archives and multiple accounts/users. With greater visibility into what customers aresaying, Whole Foods Market not only manages the conversation globally, but also empowerstheir local marketers to engage in Twitter conversations in their communities, creating increasedengagement and higher in-store traffic.Built for the unique needs of businesses, CoTweet helps marketers manage their day-to-day socialmedia conversations from a centralised, easy-to-use dashboard. And with the latest CoTweet 3.0Enterprise Edition, users can expand their social reach to Facebook, gain insight into richer socialmedia analytics, receive iPhone app support, and integrate more closely with top technology platformslike Salesforce.com and ExactTarget. Listening to what customers have to say about your brand is nosmall feat. But with CoTweet Enterprise and Standard Edition, interactive marketing teams can viewand respond to Tweets in seconds—making customer interaction that much stronger. 8
  9. 9. 2011 GOALS www.ExactTarget.co.uk3 Ways I Will Incorporate Social:5.Meeting customer needs is all about knowing who they are. In order to do that, you must knoweverything about them—their likes, dislikes, behaviours, purchasing history, browsing history, etc.But with all the information you’ve collected, the information they’ve volunteered, and the informationyou’ve inferred about them, you’re often left swimming in loads of information that are too vast tomanage. In order to access the data, you must perform various imports, exports, segmenting, andsearches to transform the information into a usable state. And at the end of the day, let’s face it—there’s simply no way you can manage all of your data with an Excel spreadsheet.AUTOMATE FOR EFFICIENCYWe promise—there’s light at the end of the tunnel. With automation, tasks like data movement,segmentation, and messaging programmes become easy through “set it and forget it” functionality.Automating birthday email campaigns and recurring newsletters is a simple way to free up timeand energy.But in 2011, automation can’t just stop there. With the onset of the “real-time web” and the“NOW generation” of consumers, it’s critical that subscriber preferences and new customer databecome integrated into each and every communication you send. When a subscriber changes theirpreferences (for instance, due to a change in lifestyle like starting university or getting married), it’simportant to pay attention to how the customer responds to your communications. If you’ve setautomations that only run once a month or once a week, there’s a possibility that your subscriber’sinterest—or disinterest—in a particular communication could be completely overlooked, resulting infrustrated customers who choose to opt out of your messages. Enter “Smart Automation.”REAL [smart ] WAYS TO AUTOMATESMART AUTOMATION. This year, engage in “smart automation.” Bring in social data, webanalytics data, and customer ratings and reviews—richer data that will help you better serveyour subscribers with more relevant messaging. Too complex, you say? Automating intelligentlyjust requires that you monitor the conversation about your brand across all channels. Monitorclick-through rates on email, Tweets on Twitter, likes on Facebook, text responses via mobile.As you collect data, maintain your databases so that information is always kept current andautomations don’t regulate communications that are irrelevant to your subscribers. 9
  10. 10. 2011 GOALS www.ExactTarget.co.ukTHE IMPORTANCE OF AUTOMATION IN 2011. Marketing budgets aren’t getting any bigger—so marketers must find a way to work smarter, not harder. After all, marketers must find away to manage the conversation about their brand over more than 60 interactive marketingchannels and the individual companies within each of those channels (Twitter, Facebook,YouTube, etc.) With so much data, automation is the only way to make it usable. AAA Ohio uses data brilliantly to help entice members to renew their membership after the first year. A critical piece of their retention programme is AAA’s data-driven welcome campaign, which utilises automation to send links to temporary membership cards, information on the AAA branch nearest the subscribers’ home, discount programmes in their area, and updates on the latest AAA services,coupons, and offers. Using rich subscriber data, AAA can personalise the email with graphicsthat indicate the subscriber’s membership coverage level. With automation, AAA’s emails don’tjust collect more information—they use it by making email personalisation quicker, easier, andmore valuable to the customer.In today’s digital world, you’re continually being asked to do more—with less. The last thingyou have time for is executing the same tedious tasks over and over again. ExactTarget’sautomation tools make it easier than ever to automate every aspect of your interactivemarketing programme—from welcome emails, test sends, simple sends, and AutomatedInteraction Management (AIM)—so you can spend time focusing on strategy and optimisationof your programme instead of sweating the small stuff.3 Ways I Will Incorporate Automation: 10
  11. 11. 2011 GOALS www.ExactTarget.co.ukEach new year offers a blank slate and a new outlook to start the year off right. And while you maynot stay as organised as you’d like or as in shape as you had hoped by mid-year, making goalsto improve your interactive marketing programme can be easy—especially if you have a little helpalong the way. This year, resolve to stay true to subscribers with goals like: 1. “I will make data the foundation of my marketing.” 2. “I will use mobile to connect with my customers.” 3. “I will market to my customers like the individuals they are.” 4. “I will make social media a real part of my marketing mix.” 5. “I will use automation to save time and to better meet my customers’ needs.”By pledging to improve your marketing programme with these five initiatives, yoursubscribers will see the difference—resulting in more satisfied customers, increasedengagement, and better ROI. And with those kinds of results, who knows? Your goalsmight just keep themselves. 11
  12. 12. www. ExactTarget.com