Wordpress as an Economic Development Tool for Armenia


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It’s no secret that WordPress is the fastest growing content management system (CMS) platform on the web. WordPress has a 54% market share of all websites that use a CMS. As users continue to flock to WordPress, there is a massive demand for WordPress’ products and services and potential or Armenian developers.

In this slidedeck we would like to present the reasons of how and why Wordpress can be used as an economic development tool for Armenia. Various business models that have proved successful around the world and hold great potential for the Armenian tech sector. We’ll look at the mechanics of each model and how they differ in terms of craft, operation and benefits.

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Wordpress as an Economic Development Tool for Armenia

  1. WordPress as anEconomic Development Tool for Armenia
  2. Who Uses Wordpress?The World’s largest companies!
  3. How popular is WP?The World’s #1 CMS by a HUGE margin!
  4. Where is WP used most? Most popular in the developing world Wordpress.com is ranked as one of the top web sites in many countries 8th in Romania 11th in India, Singapore 12th in Greece, Bangladesh,10th in Indonesia, Philippines Mexico, Thailand and Belgium
  5. Why Use Wordpress?Open, Free and Community Support Being free and open source along with millions of developers around the world, Worpress is a perfect solution for web development in Armenian.
  6. What is the CurrentSituation in Armenia?
  7. Current situation in Armenia? First, Armenia is a land locked country, with little trade ‣ Fragile cease fire with Azerbaijan ‣ Border with Turkey closed ‣ Iran is to the south ‣ Expensive to Export
  8. Current situation in Armenia? Second, it was ranked #2 Worst Econmoy by Forbes ‣ Per capita GDP $3,032 ‣ $282 Avg. Monthly Salary ‣ Business is dominated by oligarchs ‣ 31.2% of the population lives below the poverty line
  9. Current situation in Armenia? Third, the heart of the country is in villages ‣ They are educated, with 98% literacy but... ‣ 40% of men leave villages for work ‣ Agriculture is 90% of the village economy
  10. Current situation in Armenia? Fourth, major gaps in Women Equality exist * * all statistics according to the 2012 World Economic Forum “Global Gender Gap Report” ‣ Armenia ranked 92nd out of 135 ‣ 25th in educational attainment ‣ 76th in economic participation ‣ 114th in political empowerment Demonstrators taking part in a protest on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
  11. What canArmenians do inWordpress?
  12. #1 Design & DevelopmentOffer web design services specializing in WordPress $6,926,477 Wordpress Services sold on Freelancer.com Most common way for a web designer/developer to build a business around WordPress. Job Finding Resources for Web Designers
  13. #2 Theme SalesSell WordPress Themes on the Global Marketplace 16,414 Number of people who sell over $20,000 per year on Themeforest.net Theme Forest, Mojo Themes, and Theme Garden, are all thriving and reputable WordPress theme marketplaces worth consideration.
  14. #3 Plugin DevelopmentWordpress Plugin Development $27,000 Average Yearly Income for Plugin developers on codecanyon.net Plugin development offers higher income with less competition. Online markets already exist - CodeCanyon and WP Plugins
  15. How to begin tomake a change?
  16. Focus onPeople
  17. Where to focuson Wordpress?
  18. Online Education There must be FREE online education in Armenia to EVERYONE to learn Wordpress.
  19. Tech Education There needs to be more practical tech education like the Gyumri Information Technologies Center
  20. Foster Ideas There needs to be places where people can share and learn ideas from like iTechnology.am
  21. Marketing There must be greater focus on marketing to help Armenia reach world markets.
  22. Network Getting tech people to network with each other and potential clients around the world
  23. Acknowledgement Continue to encourage and develop Awards like armnet
  24. Visit iTechnology.amto learn more