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How to win fans and influence people

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Digital Now Australia 2010 …

Digital Now Australia 2010
Fregus Kibble's Presentation

The earned media landscape is evolving and our audience is demanding new standards of communication -- immediate, transparent and inclusive of their own voice. While PR has always focused on relationships, engagement and communications, the shifting dynamics of influence have had a significant impact on the role of PR and communications. In this session we will explore how social media has changed the way brands are perceived in the public domain and what this means for strategic communications and reputation management. Gain insights into local and international brand campaigns that are using digital opportunities to drive conversation, buzz and ultimately media coverage. You will know who's getting it right and how you can do it even better with an understanding of the keys to success.

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  • “we are living through the largest increase in human expressive capability in history.” or Rupert Murdoch famously put the biggest revolution since the printing press.We have a media landscape in which innovation is happening everywhere, and power is shifting from the few to the many.It has been another incredible year of adoption, of change and of rethinking how we communicate. There is now estimated to be 2 billion Internet users worldwide. Compare that to only 361M in 2000 (which is barely two-thirds the size of Facebook today)A large proportion of these users are connected to and using social media to create, edit and exchange ideas, opinions, likes (and dislikes), and experiences. Just 12 months ago many of us had never heard of twitter or got our heads around it. Now our major magazines,newspapers and TV shows (including news shows) integrate and quote Twitter on a regular basis. According to Bulldog Reporter 2010 Journalist Survey, nearly 50% of journalists said they used twitter to research stories. And even more – 73% use facebook for such research.We already knewhow influential blogs were, with an estimated 75% of journalists looking to blogs for story ideas of angles. News it seems is increasingly filtering UP from the social-sphere not DOWN as it used to – it is an entirely differnt model of information dissemination.It is this expressive capability which has created a platform for the influencers amongst us to find a massive audience once only reserved for advertisers and media. This is why from a PR point of view we are particularly interested in identifying and connecting with these new influencers, and they more than any other force are fundamentally challenging and changing what our profession does.I want to start by looking at one of the most influential icons of pop-culture at the moment.
  • Frankly if you don’t know who this is you have been living under a rock, and shame on you for calling yourself a marketer.Lady Gaga at 24 is a digital native.And it shows in how she manages her live performance, her videos, her product partnerships. She has built a global brand in record time, using social strategies to push herself into the mainstream very quickly.She has the no.1 celebrity fanbase on Twitter, with6,908,989 followers. And Number #2 on Facebook fans: 21, 690, 894 fans only 1M behind number one and closing fast. (any guesses who is no.1?) Michael Jackson with 22, 727, 589 She is a MASSIVE INFLUENCER – of popular culture.Perhaps why her recent telephone video was a marketing coup with 7 sponsoring brands. In itself this is a profound development for marketers – consider this: the video probably cost around $500,000 to make, which was funded entirely by the sponsoring brands. These were dollars originally destined for advertising. The video was posted on YouTube, in its entirety and gained over 30 million views in 5 days. So the brands reached an audience 3 times bigger than the number one show on US television, for less than the cost of spot in Idol. All with the added endorsement of the Lady herself....and in diet Cokes case roled up in her hair.
  • But what I think is really interesting about gaga she really understands the influence of the people she influences (her fans) and she feeds them relentlessly and they reciprocate with adoration – they are her raving fans and push her forward. She has created a community to promote inclusion, exclusivity, personal connection. Whether it is she or her minders that Tweet , they certainly feel personalSupports fans – incentives, special treatment, she inspires fans with calls to action She does not let professional photographers into her concerts, but allows fans to take photos and videos And most importantly she shares her fame. This is a great photo taken recently with one of her so-called Superfans.
  • She also integrates this content across her other channels like facebook.I mean look at these figures – each one of her posts is getting 10’s of thousands of people liking and thousands commenting.So bringing it back to the realm of brand marketing and PR – how can we break it down and start harnessing the power of our influencers?
  • Today, I want to explore a bit deeper on how to use digital & social media to turbo charge your PR and Communications efforts.How to identify and connect with influencersHow to start and maintain a conversationAnd briefly on what you should be measuring.
  • There are at least three reasons why I think you would want to connect with your influencers:1. So you can Market to them, to increase awareness of your brand or product within the influencer community2. So you can Market through them, using influencers to increase market awareness of your brand or product amongst their audience who happen to be your target markets3. So you can Market with  yourinfluencers, turning them into advocates of your brand or product and using them to drive greater brand preference and conversion.Given the increasing scepticism that consumers have towards marketing & advertising working with your influencers can be a VERY effective way to get your message across.
  • LET ME GIVE YOU A REALLY BASIC BUT POWERFUL EXAMPLE.Although from 2007 – this is perfectly illustrates the role and power of influencers in driving WOM and publicity.Rather than go mainstream with the announcement of a the new Harry Potter Wizarding World in Orlando, Florida Warner Bros identified a very small group of power fans. In fact only Seven. These seven people were handpicked from top fan sites such as Mugglenet and even JK Rowling herself provided input on the choices. They were not journalists. They were ordinary people. But extraordinary fans.The seven were invited to a top-secret webcast held at midnight on May 31, 2007. This strategy of including the fans first was designed to get their buyin, as an ‘insider,’ but also designed to get their recommendation and advocacy via their own networks and audiences. The webcast gave themaccess to exclusive artwork and the chance to pose questions in real-time via a purpose-built microsite. The influencers who attended seeded it out through their networks through podcasts, interactive games, sharing high res images. A push to traditional media sites followed. The first ripple of the influence reached other enthusiastic fans who contribute and participate in Harry Potter specific communities, discussion boards and forums. The second ripple came from these fans sharing the news on their wider networks (Facebook, Myspace etc) to reach a much wider audience. More than 1,000 pieces of coverage were generated across international press and broadcast media within 24 hours of the announcement. Coverage appeared on BBC Breakfast, GMTV, Sky News, across national radio and in most national daily newspapers.Online coverage by The Times ranked it as the most-read story for more than 24 hours. Yahoo and Google listed more than 6.5 million searches. More than 18,000 blog posts were made ­expressing positive sentiments towards the announcement – roughly 0.3 per cent of all global blog posts that day. The exclusive artwork was ­reproduced online more than 8,000 times.CLICKFrom just 7 to Approximately 175 million people who read, saw, heard or talked online about the themeparkin the week after the announcement. Magic? No it is just the power of harnessing influencers.
  • PR has always been about influencing the influencers. But today this is much more than reaching out to journalists and high profile stakeholders and celebrity spokespeople. Increasingly we are going directly to the source of influence, as the Harry Potter example just showed.But how do you identify those key people?What is the difference between true influence and just popularity?At Hill & Knowlton we use a number of core metrics to analyse the individuals reach, their content and their audience impact to determine if they are truly influential.
  • 1. Audience: AlthoughInfluence is not just about reach – traffic is important obviously a good indicator that they have an audience who are prepared to follow them or read their blog.2Search ranking: in addition to audience size you want to know how well they rank on Google or a social search site is an indication of how many people are linking back to them. 3. Relevance: ensuring that the content of posts or blogs are actually relevant. They may be the perfect advocate for your brand but are they really relevant to you?4. Engagement: Is the audience engaged, to they re-tweet or reply to posts? Are they vocal? For some blogs people go to read the comments as much as the blog.5. Community: Does the influencer you have identified participate in their community? Eg do they comment on other blogs, retweet other comments. We think this a pre-requisite for influence.Finally 6. Leadership: Does this person really inspire people into action? Are they contagious? Or just a broadcaster? (if their just a broadcaster, perhaps reconsider advertising).You may do this analysis by gut feel, or by the numbers. The key thing is that you have looked at the content and the community around the influencer as well as their absolute reach.This is not static analysis – you should definitely follow and monitor your influencers and get to know them over time.
  • BEFORE YOU CONTACT YOUR INFLUENCERS we strongly recommend you have a good base of knowledge about them.A simple discipline we would recommend setting up an influencer register – tracking the whole market is time consuming and frankly now really very productive. Start tracking useful things about your influencer, like the frequency of their posts, when they post and obviously what their recent posts are and posts relevant to you and your brand. One of the nice things about being in Australia is that the overall blogger population is smaller so it is relatively easier to develop relationships with them – although remember a blogger can and may have influence overseas as well.Free tools like socialmention.com or blogpulse.com help you find conversations around topics of interest for your brand. And then track these blogs and tweets and set up alerts that may be relevant for example your brand and that of your competitors. Also subscribe to blogs and read them as often as you can – especially for your top 5-10 influencersThis register can be housed in a database or just on a spreadsheet. The key thing is to keep it updated at least one a month – or adhoc depending on new blog posts etc think of it as a media list on steriods.Most importantly – once you have identified your influencers, follow them. Read their blogs and tweets.CLICK SLIDESocial Mention: set up alerts for social media specific content. It allows you to easily track and measure what people are saying about you, your company, a new product, or any topic across the web's social media landscape in real-time. Social Mention monitors 100+ social media properties directly including: Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, YouTube, Digg, Google etc.BlogPulse: gives you an opportunity to track the conversationBlogGrader: looks at number of comments, tweets, facebook etc number of posts, what day of the week do they post. etc
  • NOW YOU KNOW WHO THEY ARE, HOW DO YOU ACTUALLY REACH OUT TO THEM?Well that depends – there is no easy answer to this question but I have a few suggestions.Be upfront. Say who you are. Be honest. Be direct. But don’t be pushy. Be polite. Most importantly don’t badger them or harrass them. The way you choose to connect with your influencers will prove how well you know them.A really important thing to understand and create is a value exchange. If you are asking the blogger or tweeter to comment on your campaign or review your product what are you going to give them? Could be product to review, exclusive content, insights or an interview (for some of my tourism clients it may even be a trip overseas to review an entire country!) Remember from their point of view they will be wanting to produce engaging, witty, insightful, or educational, intelligent commentary. Ask yourself, How can you help them do that?These are not journalists – and for most of them they are amateurs – but they are not idiots, they know they value. Have a think about the WIIFM factor? – or the “What’s in it for me?” factor.Remember overall you want to build and sustain a long term relationship with these guys – so threat the relationship the way you would treat any. With respect.And if you must send out a press-release – at least send them a Social Media release that has rich video and images, links and other content they may want to embed or share with their audience. Make it as easy as possible!
  • I want to start by looking at the role of influencers at a recent POP-Up restaurant we produced for Wellington NZ – at the old Bays Water Brasserie, which was derelict after 25 yearsWellington is the cullinary heart of NZ but not very well known in Sydney. We were targeting the young sinks and dinks of Sydney's affluent inner east and inner west. The surry hills set that was hanging out on crown street and potts point.For a small Regional Tourism Office, this was a huge undertaking – so we needed to ensure that the two event was a smash hit on multiple levels.Key Challenges:Ensuring that the event was a sell-out ($$)Ensuring that we engaged with travel/foodies to get the Wellington message acrossEstablished a community of Fans that could be marketed to later.
  • First challenge was building pre-launch hype and buzz in order to sell tickets.We turned to Timeout. Timeout not only had the reach, with a database of dinners of around 30,000 people, it they are also one of the most influential commentators on the restaurant and bar scene in the cityFirst we sent a email invitation to their database, and followed it up with a email a few days later.CLICKThey featured it in an article in the September issues.CLICKAnd they obviously put it on their events pages and we had them tweet and post on twitter and facebook.Importantly they also hosted a booking engine for us.This was the fastest selling event ever on Timeout with over 3,000 booking for dinner over two weeks.So given attendance wasn’t going to be an issue we now could focus on the next challenge – engaging the foodies to review the event and spread the news about wellington’s fabulous food scene.
  • We decided not to do a big launch as you might normally do, instead deciding to do grass roots engagement with bloggers.CLICKWe hosted 10 bloggers, and we know of 10 more who came. And infact in the first week over 24 blog posts had been written. Many featuring our food and venue photography.As the campaign unfolded – weturned traditional media relations on its head, using the power of social media and blogs to drive interest in traditional media and TV.CLICKTHIS IS GREAT EXAMPLE OF WHERE SOMETIMES YOUR GREATEST INFLUENCERS/ADVOCATES are ONLINE. We only ended up with 3 or 4 ‘traditional’ news pieces and on one piece of TV in australia –
  • But that is not all.We really wanted to tap into the buzz created by the 3000 people who came to the restaurant over the two weeks. So we used Foursquare facebook and Twitter. Using a promotion offer from Air New Zealand in incentivise them to follow us, check in or like us.CLICKAs you can see we got some great comments – that drove buzz considerably. In fact from 303 tweets about WLG, we reach around 63, 627 peopleFINAL RESULT? The event was sold out. Over 3,000 people attended WLG in two weeks, Fastest selling out restaurant event on TimeoutSydney.com.au, ever.60 pieces of coverage, 4+ million people reached in four weeks with message about Wellington.But the proof will be in the pudding when we analyse travel data and arrivals in the next quarter.
  • DO’sSet up an influencer register – combine online & offlineFollow and read your influencers blogs, tweets – it will improve your approach but also may hint at extended opportunitiesOffer a value exchange – If you’re about to proposition a blogger stop for a moment and ask yourself – how well do you understand their personal definition of value?DON’T’sSend out blanket press releasesPresume influencers want or need your offer – these people are doing pretty well on their own without your commercial push. Can you see any evidence of a previous endorsement or sponsored partnership? If not, this may be your indicator that your approach will not be welcomedMistake popularity for influence – Kyle Sandilands is popular (somehow). That doesn’t make him a thought leader. Fake a personal approach – The fastest way to comprehend the power of your influencers is to piss them off with your approach. Respect the relationship and keep it real.
  • SO YOU HAVE NOW FOUND YOUR INFLUENCERS – WHAT NEXT?EVERYONE IS TAKING ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT.....BUT WHAT IS IT? It will totally depend on your brand and your objectivesBranded content is simply any digital asset created to help boost the brand story : EXAMPLES…..WHAT ARE THE BEST OF EACK OF THESE:USEFUL:EDUCATIONAL:FUNNY:INTRIGUING:Plan your content - what have you got to say? For 52 weeks or 2 weeks?How do you create buzz when you’ve got nothing to say?Writing for social media – how to get likes, comments, shares, replies, mentions At the heart of any good campaign is something that engages the consumer and provides them with an experience, either by enjoying great entertaining content or discovering something immediately useful to their lives. We must remember that even in the online space, the heart of what we do is telling stories. You can’t do that if you’re sending stiff, corporate messages into a dynamic social environment.Identifying a story for a project or brand is the first step in determining how content should be distributedAudit a brand’s digital assetsThink about content in terms of audience (both broad and specific)Map out upcoming events (physical and campaign related)Key PointsConsider tone of voiceUGC vs branded content – what are the benefits ExamplesWebinars – content legacy, global audience, smart investmentCommunications schedule
  • Possibly the best example this year of a brand that has created exceptional content and seeded it successfully using social media and PR in a two way conversation with their audience – took the social web by storm. And I am pleased in your pre-questionnaires many of you mentioned it as one of the best.Developed Old Spice’s marketing agency Wieden + Kennedy. The original commercial was aired during the super bowl in February of this year. LETS TAKE A LOOK.Click.Following the massive success of the first and an a second one, the agency came up with the bold idea of creating a real time conversation between the hunky actor in the Ads, Isaiah Mustafa, and all his fans.The agency seeded various social networks with an invitation to ask questions of Mustafa’s character. Then all the responses were tracked and users who contributed interesting questions and/or were high-profile on social networks were responded to directly and by name in short, funny You-Tube videos. It felt really personalised, even if it wasn’t directed at you. Lets have a look at one: CLICK SECOND VIDEO.What was interesting and probably a breakthrough for this campaign was the complete and seemless integration between Social Media & creative and brilliantly clever and funny writing and it was done in real time.
  • Possibly the best example this year of a brand that has created exceptional content and seeded it successfully using social media and PR in a two way conversation with their audience – took the social web by storm. And I am pleased in your pre-questionnaires many of you mentioned it as one of the best.Developed Old Spice’s marketing agency Wieden + Kennedy. The original commercial was aired during the super bowl in February of this year. LETS TAKE A LOOK.Click.Following the massive success of the first and an a second one, the agency came up with the bold idea of creating a real time conversation between the hunky actor in the Ads, Isaiah Mustafa, and all his fans.The agency seeded various social networks with an invitation to ask questions of Mustafa’s character. Then all the responses were tracked and users who contributed interesting questions and/or were high-profile on social networks were responded to directly and by name in short, funny You-Tube videos. It felt really personalised, even if it wasn’t directed at you. Lets have a look at one: CLICK SECOND VIDEO.What was interesting and probably a breakthrough for this campaign was the complete and seemless integration between Social Media & creative and brilliantly clever and funny writing and it was done in real time.
  • What does real time mean in this context? Within three days they sent over 188 tweets. That’s almost 4 tweets an hour non-stop for 50 hours. And here’s the stunning thing:Of those 188 tweets, 178 included a You Tube link with a video response to someone who had interacted with the brand in those two days. The replies included a marriage proposal, a Gillette promo, Iain Tait had the Global Interactive Creative Director said that Old Spice’s parent company P&G exhibited incredible bravery in allowing his team to write marketing content in real time with little to no supervision.They had a set of guidelines and if they got close to the edges they would contact the client. Can you imagine – no script sign-off. This trust is really important – they were operating in internet time. Remember when a 30 second TV ad would be in development for months, qual researched, storyboarded, link tested, signed off by legal several times, then to the production company, and probably in post production for weeks........ Not that these were perfectly polished TVcs – but isn’t that the beauty of them?
  • Going the social media route puts the brand in contention with teen faveAxe (or Lynx) from Unilever . Its parent company’s touting Axe as the world’s most popular male grooming brand and has developed a hefty presence on YouTube with over 4 million viewers — since 2005. Old Spice Man’s racked up over 4 million views in under 24 hours, and counting. This beat even Obama’s victory speech and the much shared Susan Boyle’s smash hit from britains got talent.By day 2 they had 8 out of the top 11 videos, and by 1 week post they had 40M views. And is still the #1 all-time most viewed branded channel on YouTube. That smells like success is just around the corner.Yes, but what about “sales” I hear you ask?According to Nielsen, Sales for three months to July jumped 55 percent and for the month of July rose 107 percent. And for the 12 months up 11% overall.Not a bad result = especially from daggy Old Spice. Definitely reinvented for a new generation.
  • A final word on this case study: you have really made it when you are imitated by other brands as well as your fans. And this is definitely part of the success of this campaign.As a post script, Interestingly,Mustafa was paid just $2400 for his four days' work, but for a struggling actor in Los Angeles the exposure was priceless. So it was good to see him cashing in on his new found fame recently in Sydney, and I read the other day that he has landed a role in a new Jennifer Anniston movie. Good on him.
  • What can we learn from Old-Spice?Well I am pretty sure they didn’t just rock up at a film studio and start tweeting. A lot of preparation and planning when in to the campaign.Whether you are planning something of this scale or something more modest, we would recommend developing a social media schedule, conversation plan, and if you probably also a conversation gudieline (as P&G did for Old spice)
  • Without telling you how the watch is made – this is essentially a plan that shows what channels you are planning to use, how often, how they link to each other, what sorts of content or offers you will make, how it integrates to your other marketing and PR efforts, and how it links to other topical things (for example yesterday perhaps something about melbourne cup for instance)Consider your own internal approval process and the impact that might have on your comms calendar. Especially if this is new to your business as it may take much longer to get approvals as stakeholders are getting comfortable with the idea of social media. You can either map an overview of activity or write up specific copy for posting at a later date. Our recommendation would be to create guidelines rather than strict scripts – but that will depend on your appetite for the unknown and your legal eagles (although if P&G can do it, I bet you can too)Just remember this is only a plan.CLICK
  • AND YOUR PLAN WILL CHANGE.One of the great greatgreat things about the social web is we don’t need to wait months to see if what we are doing is working – we get feedback very quickly and can adjust the offer, message, tone or whole idea very fast. And can you real-time. This is not set and forget. This is set and tweak. This is set and review constantly. I think PRs have always been fairly light-footed and able to think on the fly – they have to in dealing with journalists in interviews and handling crises...... And those skills are being further home in the social web which has moved us to a 24/7 news cycle.
  • So a few do’s a don’tDO’sAgile mindset – strategy & executionHave guidlines and empower you social media folk to go.Have a tone of voice that reflects your brandDevelop a conversation calendar: multichannel social mediaIntegrate all elements of the marketing mix – socialise everythingAllow others to create content too Be nimble and be ready to think on your feetBe Responsive – React to daily events, reply to your audience.DON’T’s Be too rigid Be a perfectionist. Grittiness can be good.
  • I promised I wasn’t going to scare anyone this year with the darkside of social media. And I wont.All I am going to say is don’t forget your crisis plan, should things go off the rails you will want to be prepared.If you want to know please give us a call.
  • We all love big ideas, but they need to have a reason – as with any marketing step back and ask yourself how this will help your business objectives, your brand objectives and your communication objectives.It may even be that you need to define new objectives for a new age or at least new KPIs.
  • We tend to focus on the OUTPUTS. What actually happened. The number of articles, blogs, tweets. The total reach of those, the number of forwards and retweets.What our SOV was and what the content and tone of all that content was.This makes us feel good. It is easy to understand. And relatively easy to collect. And here size does matter.But does it? Are numbers the most important thing?Would you rather reach 1000 of your customers with a fairly run of the mill communication, or 100 from a really influential source that convinced them all to go buy your product? Obviously the later.The harder part is linking these to OUTCOMESWhat was the impact on consumers attitudes & beliefs – and ultimately their behaviour. Did that influencer we spent all that time trying to reach out to actually INFLUENCE? Did they actually buy anything? Have we created a greater bond with the brand.This might sound like 101 – but believe me this is not easy to do – unless you have very deep reserarch pockets – and even then drawing a direct correlation can be difficult.I think this is where we are heading and where we need to go – but as a profession and as a wider industry.Perhaps Justin from Google will have some more insight for us after the break.
  • DO’sHave a strategy & clearly articulate your objectivesRemember to align your social media goals to your business goals.Put in place KPIs before you beginIf you can link your activity to OUTCOMES not just OUTPUTSDON’T’sDon’t just measure reach – measure influenceDon’t ask your agency for a Facebook campaign or iPhone app just becauseCopy OldSpice. Just because it worked for them.........


  • 1. how to win fans and influence people
  • 2.
  • 3.
  • 4. 3
  • 5. 4
  • 6. Identify and CONNECTwith influencers
    Start and maintain a CONVERSATION
  • 7.
    • Connect with your INFLUENCERS
    Identify, connect, engage and leverage
  • 8. To 175 Million
    From 7
    Idea post ratio
    Search & Social engine ranking
    Ratio of posts on relevant client topic
    (c) H&K Influence Scope
    Name, social accounts, contact details
    Blog tags (eg Food, Restaurants, Sydney)
    Estimated traffic
    SEO authority
    Publisher profile
    Frequency of posts
    Preferred day of the week
    Average length
    Recent activity
    Titles/subjects of recent posts
    Number of recent comments
    Number of recent social shares
  • 12. WIIFM?
  • 13.
    Online booking engine was essential
    Event page
    Timeout Facebook
    23rd august
    Email to 28,680 people
    26rd august
    Newsletter to 28,680 people
    September Issue
    Circulation 33,000 people
    Booking Engine
  • 17. Connecting with your influencers - SUMMARY
    • Set up an influencer register – combine online & offline
    Follow and read your influencers blogs, tweets.
    Offer a value exchange, and be relevant!
    R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Think long term!
    Send out blanket press releases or lots of attachments.
    Presume influencers want or need your offer
    Fake a personal approach
  • 18.
    • It’s all about CONVERSATION
    Conversation planning
    Good Content drives conversation
    Get ready to improvise
    Don’t forget your crisis and issues plan
  • 19. Original Superbowl TV Ad
  • 20. YouTube – “Response” campaign
  • 21. “We’re looking at who’s written those comments, what their influence is and what comments have the most potential for helping us create content. The social media guys and script writers are collaborating to make the call in real time”
    Iain Tait, Global Interactive Creative Director at Weiden
  • 22.
    • Day 1: 5.9M Views
    • 23. Day 2: 8 out Top 11 videos
    • 24. Day 3: 20M Views
    • 25. 1 week Post Launch: 40M views
    • 26. #1 All-time most viewed branded channel on YouTube
    Within 6 months had generated 1.4B media impressions for the brand
  • 27. Imitation is the highest form of flattery
  • 28. Plan to be Spontaneous?
  • 30. Get ready to improvise
  • 31. It’s all about the Conversation - SUMMARY
    Agile mindset – strategy & execution
    Have guidlines and empower you social media folk to go.
    Have a tone of voice that reflects your brand
    Develop a conversation calendar: multichannel social media
    Integrate all elements of the marketing mix – socialise everything
    Allow others to create content too
    Be nimble and be ready to think on your feet
    Be Responsive – React to daily events, reply to your audience.
    Be too rigid
    Be a perfectionist. Grittiness can be good.
  • 32. 27
    Don’t forget your crisis plan
  • 33.
    • Measure Outputs & Outcomes
    Strategic direction
    What outcomes do you want to achieve?
    Optimise for success
  • 34. 25
    Number of articles/
    (NOT A ONE
  • 35. Outputs & outcomes - SUMMARY
    Have a strategy & clearly articulate your objectives
    Remember to align your social media goals to your business goals.
    Put in place KPIs before you begin
    If you can link your activity to OUTCOMES not just OUTPUTS
    Don’t just measure reach – measure influence
    Don’t ask your agency for a Facebook campaign or iPhone app just because
    Copy OldSpice. Just because it worked for them.........
  • 36. To Summarise.......
  • 37. 32
    Connect with your influencers
    Find who they are, how they interact and the best way to connect with them
    Use influencers to generate buzz and create strong brand advocates
  • 38. 33
    It’s all about Conversation
    Conversation planningcreates a roadmap of social interactions
    But be flexible and be prepared to adapt and respond
  • 39. 34
    Measure Outputs & Outcomes
    Create a campaign that helps you achieve your objectives
    Evaluateyour campaign by looking at Outcomes as well as Outputs
  • 40. THANK YOU!