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  • Hopefully zoos make sure that the cheetahs have LOTS of space.
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  • 1. Cheetahs The greatest book on “How to lure your cheetahs back to the zoo and keep them happy!” Written and published by: Maeve, Jeshlyn, Lucy and Oceanic
  • 2. Content
    • Introduction
    • About cheetahs
    • Habitat
    • What are their surroundings like?
    • What are their needs?
    • Cubs
    • Hot tips
    • How to keep your cheetah in the zoo
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  • 3. Introduction
    • The cheetah has been around for 4,000,000 years, long before other big cats.
    • Cheetahs were common throughout Asia, Africa, Europe and north America until the end of the last ice age, when the huge climate changes caused big numbers of mammals to disappear and most of the cheetahs in Asia, Africa, North America and Europe vanished.
    • To experts, all cheetahs alive today appear to be closely related as identical twins.
  • 4. About Cheetahs
    • Cheetahs will grow up to 30-39 inches high and 4-5 feet in length.
    • Cheetahs are born with a weight of 8 ounces. Adult cheetahs weigh between 77-140 pounds.
    • Cheetahs will live up to 10-12 years.
    • The cheetah’s scientific name is Acinoyx Juatus.
  • 5. Habitat
    • The cheetah lives in grasslands in Africa and Asia.
    • They live in savannas, mountainous terrain and in thick bushes.
  • 6. What are their surroundings like?
    • Cheetah’s surroundings have long grass with thick bushes.
    • Cheetahs like to be cool in hot summer weather so their surroundings have lots of cool dust and dirt.
  • 7. What are their needs?
    • Cheetahs need a lot of space.
    • They also need lots of exercise, otherwise they will become fat.
    • Cheetahs will need the right amount of food because they will become fat and unhealthy.
  • 8. How do cheetah mothers look after their cubs?
    • Mother cheetahs nurse their cubs for about 4 months and care for them for another year.
    • Mother cheetahs spend a lot of time scaring off the predators.
    • She shares much of her catch with her cubs because they (the cubs) are very poor hunters.
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  • 9. Hot tips
    • How to make their enclosure as natural as possible?
    • To make a cheetahs enclosure like their natural home is to paint the walls with pictures like bushes and long grass. Have dirt as well on the ground of their enclosure.
    • How to make exercise fun?
    • Put as many toys and ropes in their enclosure and take them for a walk around the zoo.
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  • 10. How to keep your cheetah happy in the zoo
    • The conditions in the enclosure need to be exactly like in their natural habitat ie, average temperature of 15 degrees in winter and 28 in summer.
    • Have plenty of fun play time and give them attention.
    • Walk them daily.
    • Need lots of love and care.
    • A friend like a brother or sister.
    • Make sure they have horse meat, beef, rabbits, chicks, and small hoofed animals for food and fresh water everyday.
    • Make sure they have lots of space, at least an average size school classroom and an outside area.
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  • 11. Do you want to keep your cheetahs happy and safe in the zoo? Well here’s a guide about how to.