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Science In Sl   Short
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Science In Sl Short


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See notes for this presentation called "Science in SL - short - notes" …

See notes for this presentation called "Science in SL - short - notes"

A shortened version of a previous presentation

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Learning Global Science Using Second Life Working with Global Kids at the High School for Global Citizenship, New York
  • 2. Variety of activities "I would recommend this style of learning to anyone who loves science and online games. It would appeal to what they like." – Eaon
  • 3. Assessment through daily blogging "I think that it was fun because we got to do something different instead of reading a regular text book." -- Zana
  • 4. Science at home "I never thought global science could be so fun to learn." – Naomi
  • 5. Waste Management in Naples "It was also educational because we learned science while we were having fun." -- Zana
  • 6. Non-renewable Resources "I got to learn science in a fun way and still get education." -- Rakeem
  • 7. Renewable Resources "I did not like science before I did this course. I wish I could have Second Life in each class." -- Andrysse
  • 8. Virtual Fieldtrip "I would recommend this program to other teachers and student because it shows science in a whole different way." – Shabede
  • 9. Researching with Google Earth "This class has changed my life, physically and mentally, as it has helped me learn about computers and other places around the world." -- Shaquile B.
  • 10. Final Project "I recommend this [class] to people all over the world because they would be able learn things about science and have fun at the same time." -- Asha
  • 11. Successes "One thing I learned about science in Second Life is that science is really not that hard. I always thought, "I can't do this," but now I have learned so much, like about sustainability and how I can help to make our earth better. I never knew I was this smart." – Egypt
  • 12. Sharing and collaboration "If I was to recommend it to anybody I would because it was a fun and exciting experience. I will miss it very much." -- Zana
  • 13. Engagement and Enjoyment "Learning science in Second Life keeps you interested in your work, which is normally very hard for me to do, except for in this class." -- Shaquille
  • 14. Attendance "This is the most amazing thing that I've experienced in high school so far." -- Andrysse