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Presentation: Can your consumer find you


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A presentation given by our CEO, Dr. Mathew McDougall at the 5th Annual Evolution of Digital Marketing APAC Summit (July 23rd, 2014)

A presentation given by our CEO, Dr. Mathew McDougall at the 5th Annual Evolution of Digital Marketing APAC Summit (July 23rd, 2014)

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  • 1. CAN YOUR CONSUMERS FIND YOU? Social | Search | Content Dr. Mathew McDougall, Founder & CEO, Digital Jungle WeChat: jarrahbear
  • 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS The Era of Mineable Data The Channels1 2 3 The Consumers
  • 3. Search | Social | Content THE CHANNELS
  • 4. Social is the authentic face of a Brand.
  • 5. Surface Area of a Sphere = 4 pi r^2
  • 6. It turns out the bag of marbles has roughly 300% more surface area.
  • 7. Social Advocacy gives your organization authentic reach SOCIAL
  • 8. If Social is discovery. Search is validation
  • 9. SOCIAL SIGNALS ARE DRIVING SEO Backlinks Useablility Stats Keywords Age of Domain Social Signals
  • 10. SOCIAL SEARCH #ShanghaiLife#
  • 11. Content Marketing is the engine that drives search rank and brand engagement
  • 12. BUILDING A CONTENT HUB Create relevant, findable, shareable content experiences
  • 13. THE ‘RIGHT’ CONSUMER The ideal person who would most likely given the right message purchase or move towards purchase of a good and service offered by the Brand.
  • 14. ARE YOU REACHING THE RIGHT CONSUMER? PERSONA DEVELOPMENT   i.e., age, gender, social class, educational background, job, location
  • 15. TARGET YOUR CONSUMERS Customer Pain Points •  No time to clean •  Small child that is demanding & makes mess •  Can not afford an cleaner (aiye) •  Husband works long hours Dandan: Tech Savvy Mother   Buying Cycle   Keywords   Social Topics   Content Type Awareness   Housekeeping tips   Time saving housekeeping, naptime cleaning Blog post, articles in relevant magazines/ BBS Interest   Robot cleaners, automatic cleaning   What types of automated cleaners are there? Demo videos Consideration   Robot cleaner reviews What are the best robot cleaners? Product features/ benefits list. Competitor comparison Purchase   Robot, Samsung, how to buy, Roomba Where can I buy a Roomba? Store locator, Tmall pages Retention   Roomba cleaning tips How to get more users from your Roomba? Blog posts, guest posts, videos Advocacy   Roomba fans, Roomba accessories Roomba mothers, Roomba user group, Q&A, Tips WeChat group, Weibo page, Roomba newsletter
  • 16. BUILD A CONVERSATION Low Engagement / Quick Hit Intermediate / Building Engagement High Engagement • Social Posts • Content snippets – quotes, statistics •  Photos • Content previews • Free chapter promotions • Short videos • Social discussions • Fan-gating • Interviews with content author Content “Snacks” Long-Form & Social Conversation Low Engagement / Quick Hit Intermediate / Building Engagement High Engagement
  • 17. Types of Content Videos WebCasts Decks Audio Podcasts Whitepapers, Case Studies Solution Overviews Rank in Vertical Search Engines 2 Posting to Multiple Content Sharing Sites According to Format 1 Web- Casts Video Youku Audio PodNova Rank in Universal Search Engines MaximizeExposuretoContent 3 TudouYouku Bing Video Google Video Baidu Qihoo Bing Weibo WeChat LinkedIn Achieve Goals Comprehensive Metadata Treatment & Format Optimization = Make it findable, sharable & beautiful “Paid” Media Distribution & Activation = Spray fuel on the fire Rudimentary “Earned” Activation Plan: Travelers, Aspiring Travelers', Influencer = Ignite passion More Aggressive Influencer Outreach Program = Gas on the fire Decks SlideShare .PDF/Text Scribd Content Audit DRIVE ENGAGEMENT
  • 18. PAID, EARNED, OWNED, SHARED I’m a great lover Owned Media Earned Media Paid Media Shared Media Trust me, he’s a great lover I’m a great lover I understand you are a great lover I’m a great lover I’m a great lover
  • 21. Content Marketing builds brand equity & drives engagement CONTENT
  • 22. Search, Social & Content are the fuel of your marketing engine.
  • 23. THE ERA OF MINEABLE DATA Social media technologies allow us to mine online content and conversations to the extent we know audience perception, preference social status and many more social triggers.
  • 24. Social Media Network & Content Analysis are critical in a digital program INSIGHT
  • 25. BUZZ VOLUME An example of the volume of online conversations being discussed in relation to Hawaii.
  • 26. SENTIMENT MAP Vertical : positive mention ratio Horizontal : positive and negative mentions ratio aka non-neutral mentions Bubble size : number of mentions An example of a comparison of sentiment and volume.
  • 27. GEO- SEGMENTATION City Mentions Beijing 152 Shanghai 454 Guangzhou 485 Shenzhen 874 Urumqi 123
  • 28. GEO- SEGMENTATION Sentiment within key populations.
  • 29. CONVERSATION TOPICS ANALYSIS An example of the topics being discussed online in relation to Hawaii. hotels   beach   shopping   volcano   snorkeling   sports   cruise   kayak   landscape   culture   nature   flights   food   -­‐3   -­‐2   -­‐1   0   1   2   3   4   5   40%   50%   60%   70%   80%   90%   Sen%ment  Score   Sen%mental  Men%ons   Vertical : sentiment score Horizontal : positive & negative mentions ratio aka non-neutral mentions Bubble size : number of mentions