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Digital Jungle Credentials - Cross Cultural Digital Marketing Agency


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Digital Jungle is a cross cultural digital marketing Agency that works with Western organizations to market to a Chinese audience; living in China or abroad. This presentation outlines the Agency …

Digital Jungle is a cross cultural digital marketing Agency that works with Western organizations to market to a Chinese audience; living in China or abroad. This presentation outlines the Agency Credentials. A presentation that provides an overview of our Chinese focused digital marketing services including the digital channels used such as social, search, online media and email to amplify and echo key communication messages. Further, this presentation outlines the services, products and case studies.

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  • 1. DIGITAL JUNGLE Agency Credentials
  • 2. D/ 'g/ 'ta/ Jung/ e / s a cross cultural, d/ 'g/ 'ta/ mar/ <et/ ng Agency, connecting Western organ/ sat/ ans I/ I// tn a Chinese audience / /I/ /ng / 'n China or abroad
  • 3. Our Strengths We excel at providing our clients with integrated digital marketing programs that resonate with Chinese: ‘I: ‘I: We treat each client with full attention, no matter their brand; new or established. We provide integrated digital marketing solutions that leverages on our experiences in digital strategy, digital marketing and e—commerce, as well as an insight into the Chinese digital landscape. We work on multiple digital marketing channels ranging from search engines, relevant websites, forums and blogs with an emphasis on social media, PR and Online lnfluencers. We have strong local connections and collaborate with influential partners/ suppliers. We work will clients around the globe that want to reach a Chinese audience.
  • 4. What services do D/ 'g/ 'ta/ Jung/ e offer?
  • 5. Digital Jungle has developed sophisticated social media mining 8 data analysis technology for determining consumer insights, influencers and brand sentiment.
  • 6. Strategy Armed with a deep understanding of Chinese consumer behavior, we develop informed digital strategies that help brands achieve their objectives and prepare for the future. - Analysis of marketing and cultural data - Formulation of core digital strategy and tactics - Recommendation of creative direction - Production of brand messages — Ad/ PR - Establish promotions and databases Assessment on content placement in social, search, blog 8 PR Verification of message positioning, tone and topic
  • 7. Social, Search 8: Content We work with all major Chinese social 8 search platforms such as Sina Weibo, Tencent WeChat, Baidu and Oihoo 360. ‘Ir Digital Jungle help’s our clients set up and verify their social media accounts as well as providing management of your social media accounts. We provide full service content, social and search marketing; from content strategy, daily updates, customer service to monitoring and reporting. ‘Ir We help our clients promote their social media messages through the use of KOLs (Key Opinion Leader) and paid campaigns. ‘Ir We are experts in Chinese SEO and SEM, providing account setup and fu| |—service management of SEM on Baidu and Oihoo 360. ‘Ir We help our clients with content strategy, development and distribution. Our content team work with text, graphics and video content formats and are experts in creating attractive, interesting content assets that Chinese will respond too.
  • 8. ‘L r
  • 9. E-Commerce So/ utions Digital Jungle work's with all major e—commerce platforms and marketing channels to provide our clients with E—commerce solution and digital marketing. * We help our clients set up online store on major e—commerce platforms such as Tmall, Taobao, or 360Buy as well as on their own platforms using Magenta, OpenCart, WooCommerce, . * We help our clients promote their online store within the e—commerce platform (such as in Tmall) and through search optimization and paid campaigns. air We help our clients market their online store, their brands and products on multiple digital channels, such as Chinese search engines, social media, with online influencers (Key Opinion Leader), affiliate programs and paid media. * We can develop specific Chinese language landing pages or mini—sites to showcase products or offers outside your e—commerce platform.
  • 10. Design 8 Deve/ opment We provide years of experience and knowledge of the Chinese mobile market. This specialist area takes into consideration the UI and UX aspects that work with a Chinese user when engaging with a small screen device. MOBILE WEBSITES WECHAT APPS APPLICATIONS WeChat has a huge adoption among Chinese and organisations can engage their customers though a customized WeChat service account, We develop mobile applications for IOS and Android. We help our clients develop responsive websites, landing pages and mini—sites, along with Chinese translation.
  • 11. Take a look at some of our recent work
  • 12. h‘. AIRPORT .1.» ii. THE ASK; THE SOLUTION: Christchurch Airport engaged Digital We deVeI0Ped 0 C0mPrehen$IVe Chinese Jtingie to promote tourism into the social media and content marketing South | $|cind of New Zeg| Qnd_ program Oh SING Weibo, DOUbOh. YOUKU specifically targeting the Chinese as well as leveraging Chinese vertical inbound troVeier_ travel sites. Regularly conducted, online social competitions and outreach programs to ensure that Chinese travelers were encouraged to share their L (flit? -""""§outh island’ experiences. 1?. ‘-I .4-2”‘
  • 13. THE ASK: Bentley needed to develop a Chinese social media program and build mobile apps to allow for more convenient engagement with the brand. THE SOLUTION: 7-“ Digital Jungle created a comprehensive Chinese social media program A (WeChat, Weibo and variety of Chinese ' _ ' 4 BBS sites) that ran for over 2 years. '7 " ' ' Also designed many highly functional automotive apps (iOS 8 Android).
  • 14. THE ASK: Toro approached Digital Jungle to develop a digital marketing strategy with the aim to build brand awareness in China. THE SOLUTION: We developed a comprehensive Chinese social media, search marketing (Baidu 8 Qihoo 360) and content marketing program that all aligned to provide a consistent message and positioning for TORO.
  • 15. THE ASK: Q ATA R Qatar Airways wanted a Chinese social media activity AIRWAYS3_iiI: :.iil —— : o highlight and develop broad awareness for a new 'oute from Chengdu, China into the Middle East 8 zurope. THE SOLUTION: We developed a mini—site for a competition that was « ~ integrated into a Sina Weibo application. The game required people to find and count the hidden images of small ’panda bears’ in order to win trips to Europe. ¢"/ Also involved an offline program at the departure gates using OR codes to highlight the social activi: . K,
  • 16. THE ASK: Create an online store (durexjoy. com) where Durex can sell their products into international markets. THE SOLUTION: Developed an international ecommerce strategy to help Durex China establish an online sales platform initially targeting the UK 8 Australia but with an eye to additional markets over time. A Magento eCommerce platform was used and integrated into Salesforce, JDEdwa§ds‘an payments gateways as well as I " oggiistics Droviders. '~“'? _‘i 3?“ "A nu. Subsequently, providing multi-channel digital? ‘ ‘ marketing to promote the eshop.
  • 17. iilll I. i.i_iii. i_I. i iiiii, ‘M. 7' ill’ l A ““‘HWi_LLiii’ili'mm" miiiiiiii. _. .;. ll. ii. .Ii_, ,‘, . . iIliil; l.Ui‘l __ iii A . ;»_*. "’* ‘ * “ Wgstfieflf THE ASK: Promote to Chinese tourists before and when they visit Australia. THE SOLUTION: A paid media program leveraging Chinese online media in Australia, supported by a Sina Weibo program to connect with Chinese living in Sydney. Additionally, an eBook was written and distributed on travel BBS and forums in China to provide Chinese looking to travel to Sydney some useful information.
  • 18. G REA Group” THE ASK: Promote Australian rea| —estate via a Chinese language website (vvvvw. myfun. com). THE SOLUTION: Digital Jungle created a fully integrated, 380 digital program. The promotional channels included social media (supported with key influencers and paid media), search marketing (Baidu, Oihoo * —— g 380 and Sogou) , affiliate and A ~ content marketing. j .
  • 19. Recent Clients -3.2 LEXUS B E N T L E Y ‘ii: / A . Cover-More‘ Reckitt ‘ aw Travel Insurance Benckiser I: it“‘< a V] - I7 QATAR v '97‘ AIRWAYS a, .,i=3ii AIR NEW ZEALAND Global Blue . _.. . GCU - Grffina’ ( — .2 7 .1 Ieduniari Dairy for life “‘‘°‘‘ ' REA Group BEKD IT‘? B ‘ 1 ‘v ; *v DeVry University @ Hote1C1ub iiiasziiear See (hptau_1 Cook Chases“ London Business School
  • 20. If You Went To Market To A Chinese Audience Digital Jungle is the obvious choice!
  • 21. I; —i I www. digitc1|jung| e.c1gency BEIJING I SHANGHAI I SYDNEY I AUCKLAND