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SEO Trends for 2014 - Smart Insights Digital Marketing Priorities
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SEO Trends for 2014 - Smart Insights Digital Marketing Priorities


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This is a presentation I gave for the Smart Insights Digital Marketing priorities webinar series on why SEO is still important in 2014 and key trends to look out for.

This is a presentation I gave for the Smart Insights Digital Marketing priorities webinar series on why SEO is still important in 2014 and key trends to look out for.

Published in: Technology, Design
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  • 1. SEO…..Is Alive! James Gurd Owner Digital Juggler James will outline the context for effective SEO in 2014 Digital Marketing Priorities 2014 Brought to you by: #PlanToSucceed
  • 2. Agenda         SEO has evolved Technical SEO is king Mobile & local shine on Author influence Value of content Social currency Penguin: link quality vs. quantity Don’t forget on-page 2
  • 3. About me  James Gurd      Owner & Lead Consultant, Digital Juggler Co-founder #EcomChat Guest blogger for Smart Insights, Postcode Anywhere & Econsultancy Shameless consultant @jamesgurd 3
  • 4. SEO has evolved   Consumer search patterns are more sophisticated. The long tail is magical world of discovery.   Search engines have reacted to increase contextual understanding > Hummingbird. Beware the super long tail e.g. voice activated contextual search. 4
  • 5. SEO – still evolving!     For some queries, organic is down the page. Increasing variety of paid ads changing the face of SERPs. Need to analyse data at device level. If you’re CTR and traffic is low for specific devices, test paid campaigns alongside SEO. Figure: iPad search for “dishwashers” 5
  • 6. SEO – devolved?   Google is protecting its revenue > (not provided) The data blind spot of (np) – what can you do? 1. 2. Customise analytics tools to get ‘some’ data Focus on page level optimisation 6
  • 7. Technical SEO is king  Not sexy but critical for SEO  Ensure website is properly structured:       Information architecture (IA) Internal linking Page load speed Duplicate content e.g. canonical tag URL parameters Indexation issues  Complexity increases with sub-domains, international etc. 7
  • 8. Mobile & local shine on     More searches are being conducted on mobile devices. 40% of mobile searches have local intent* and 3 out of 4 mobile searches trigger follow-up actions e.g. store visit/call/purchase. Hummingbird is one move to recognise this > finding the context in a search (object orientated search models – patents already filed). If your mobile site doesn’t display well, will be a big FAIL for SEO. * Source: Google’s Mobile Search Moments Study 8
  • 9. Don’t kill the mobile star  Poorly optimised mobile sites drive 46% customers to competitors (and kills your mobile SEO). 9
  • 10. Vote: mobile SEO  Do you measure your mobile SEO results? 1. Yes 2. No 3. I don’t know  Please only select one answer. 10
  • 11. Going local, down in…  Chart source – Moz 2013 Local Search Ranking Factors 11
  • 12. Author influence  Search engines can associate content with people People can influence others – reputation can impact value of content Early days but expect trusted authors to benefit in SERPs Tips:    1. Set-up G+ profiles for authors and link to web profile 2. Add mark-up to blogs/articles 3. Use the structured data testing tool 4. Consider guest blogging (on reputable, quality sites) 5. Employ writers who have an established, quality profile 12
  • 13. Vote: authorship  What do you think the key benefit of author markup will be in the future? 1. Authors of quality content will be rewarded with better ranking 2. Authors can maintain their reputation regardless of where they work 3. Authors can monetise their reputation by charging for content 4. I don’t know  Please only select one answer. 13
  • 14. Value of content  $118.4bn spend on content marketing in 2013 according to eMarketer 27m pieces of content shared daily* Algorithm update > Panda Example SEO benefit – blogs**:       55% more visitors 97% more inbound links 434% more indexed pages *Source: Content+ infographic, March 2013 ** Source: AOL and Nielsen 14
  • 15. Vote: content marketing  How do you measure the impact of your content marketing for SEO? 1. 2. 3. 4. Inbound links Traffic to website Social shares All of the above  Please only select one answer. 15
  • 16. Social currency Image source: Beyond 16
  • 17. Social for SEO: key tips      Make sure key content/product pages can be shared Integrate visitor comments Share your content via social channels Give people a reason to RT/G+/Like Identify key influencers and build relationships:  Motivate them to share your links (but don’t pay!) 17
  • 18. UGC: build it and they will come? 18
  • 19. Penguin: link quality vs. quantity 19
  • 20. Don’t forget on-page        Still a vital part of SEO – simply getting this right can give you high visibility for non competitive keywords Do your keyword research (Google keyword tool, Wordstrea, Ubersuggest, Soovle etc) Focus on most relevant keywords for page title, meta description and H tags Optimise at page level – avoid site wide Optimise image assets e.g. alt tags Make sure copy is relevant and well written And don’t be afraid to be different – engagement helps with SEO 20
  • 21. Vote: on-page SEO  What is the most important on-page signal for SEO? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Meta keywords Meta description Page title H1 tag I don’t know  Please only select one answer. 21
  • 22. Summary – questions please! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. SEO is very much alive! You need to understand the changes Mobile optimisation is critical Content is the marketing fuel Don’t forget the need to get basics right  Follow me on Twitter @jamesgurd Please check out #EcomChat (Mondays)   Recommended Smart Insights resources:   SEO Hub page SEO 7 Steps to Success ebook 22